Youth "show" way

for Middle East, global life beyond war

10 July 2009



Manipulated and paralyzed by anxiety and doubt, "we have become human self-fulfilling prophecies, which further entrap us in the vicious cycle of fear, hatred and war."
     In Chapter One of NO GOING BACK: Letters to Pope Benedict XVI (May 2009, Quill Press), Dr. Julia Chaitlin ( ) asks:


"How do we move from distrusting all others, who are not 'us,' to viewing them as potential co-creators of this future?"

From prophecies of war to possibilities of peace:

Building bridges between Jewish-Israelis and Palestinians

Julia Chaitin, Ph.D.

        In "NO GOING BACK: Letters to Pope Benedict XVI..."


     Chaitlin then prescribes how to begin moving beyond war.


"The answer is through dialogical communication; people-to-people processes rooted in justice and equality; and tenacity, especially during the darkest of times."


     She paints a picture of vast citizen engagement.


"For such dialogue to succeed. . .it needs to occur in widespread, long-term people-to-people grassroots endeavors. . .to engage as many people as possible: old and young, men and women, religious and secular, right wing and left wing, professionals and laborers, rural and urban dwellers, everyone. . .to bring people together in endeavors that speak to their needs, promise full involvement, and. . .to work together, and to offer counter solutions to the military 'solution' that has so miserably failed us."


     A new bravery is called for.


"Finally, in order to put our pasts to rest, and to co-create this new reality, we need tenacity and inner strength not to give up, even during military operations and terror attacks. . ."


     Educator Julia Chaitlin assures us.


"The key to this change is rooted in the human mind, spirit and soul.

All people possess innate needs and drive to create community and

to be part of a larger collective that gives meaning and purpose to life."


     Below are three stories of brave, principled youth creating relationships, theater, community.
Answering Julia Chaitlin's call.
     Moving from "war to possibilities of peace."
     Building bridges.


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= =  1  = =
West Bank Story
Rockville, Maryland story of youth

     In 2006, WEST BANK STORY - - was the Academy Award winning film that captured the absurdity of social and political failures of Palestinians and Jews with no skill or will to engage and communicate.
     The sme, brilliant movie by Ari Sandel showed how close at hand is human heart-engagement and creative cooperation.
     This 18-minute Oscar winner for short action films steams on the Web at:

     In Spring, 2009, inspired students at Rockville's Wootton High School wrote and performed their own, historic first stage adaptation of Sandel's masterpiece.
     Attracting audiences of hundreds from greater Washington, DC, a handful of creative young men and women showed the power of youth to harness the arts and inspire a community.
     Co-creators and recent graduates Mattia DAffuso ( ) and Salah Czapary ( ) are available to answer questions.
     SEE how well they dedicated themselves with the intelligence, cooperation, imagination, energy, and courage to invent change that works.
     Other schools could do the same, and do a lot of good.


West Bank Story

"a little singing, a little dancing, a lot of hummus"

T.S. Wootton High School

Rockville, MD USA

June 4 and 5, 2009


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Peace Behind the Masks
Holy Land story of youth

     PACE OF PEACE - - is an 8-minute animated video about human contact and the profound change that follows.
     It was created by Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian youth, with the generosity and skill of citizens in Italy.
     In that tradition, Edna Angelica Calo Livne ( ) an Israeli citizen from Italy, has shepherded theatrical Arab and Jewish youth of her Arcobaleno~Rainbow Theater.
     It is part of the greater vision of  Beresheet LaShalom -
     VIEW TV NEWS of Edna and her inspiring artists:


Peace Behind the Masks

Rainbow Theater - Arcobaleno Teatro

New Tang Dynasty Television (Israel) - 05 November 2008



     Even in times of violence, this Community Theater Group of boys and girls from the many communities in Galilee stick together.
     They come from towns and villages, kibbutzim and moshavim; they are Arabs and Jews, Druze and Circassians, religious and secular.
     Their performances are living dances of their own human successes of connection, change, and artistic creativity.


"I felt a voice inside me that said:

It's time to change! To go to another direction!

And I understood how the difference between us is something so special !    

I took off my mask. . .

If I could, everyone can! "

Moussa Michail, 18, Arab participant from Pkiyin

"In all our differences, in this theatre I feel that we are all equal.

It's not important in which God we believe, or where we live

because we are all human beings."

The strong connection between us is convincing me more and more of

the fact that many in the world should understand:

it's possible that . . . religious and secular can speak without offending each other

and that all creatures can live peacefully together."

Tamar Ben Lulu, 16, Jewish participant from Safed


= =  3  = =
Making their move for a better world
Italian story of 500 global youth 

     In June, 2009, 500 youth from 149 countries at the third International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRC) world youth meeting Solferino in Italy this week are planning their next move for humanity.
     Youth on the Move provided workshops, cultural exchanges and meetings were to inspire concrete actions of volunteer-participants from every part of the world.
     Aaron Turner, a youth search and rescue leader and emergency response team in the New Zealand Red Cross, said he was impressed with the role of youth in other countries.
     Its just fantastic to see the energy and vitality these countries bring. And its a lot to learn from.
     He said he would try to take home the spirit of enthusiasm and communication.
     Hadhya Al Zawm, a volunteer co-ordinator in the Yemen Red Crescent Society, said she was inspired by the Red Cross Red Crescents global values of humanity, independence, neutrality, impartiality, voluntary action, universality and unity.
     I am here to meet our other brothers and sisters in the Movement.
     "It was my dream to be here and to participate with other youth.
     "And not to see not only in Yemen but all over the world that we all believe in the same fundamental principles and we do the same volunteering work and the same activities.
     VIEW the full report and VIDEO:


Solferino: Making their move for a better world

by Rosemarie North

June 26, 2009

"How do we move from distrusting all others, who are not 'us,'
to viewing them as potential co-creators of this future?
The answer is through dialogical communication;
people-to-people processes rooted in justice and equality;
and tenacity, especially during the darkest of times."
                --Julia Chaitlin, Ph.D.