Holy Land teachers and families help "Kids Creating Peace"

14 August 2009



"Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves,

regret for the past and fear of the future." 

                --Bodie Thoene


     Our human spirit does not have to be enslaved by regret and fear.
     Each of us is fully able -- best, in relationship -- to free ourselves from arrogantly judging and keeping each other in physical bondage or emotional fear.


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,

but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

                --Maria Robinson


     HEAR music, Amazing Grace, written to help us along -- created by a man who profited from slave trade then rejected slavery.

     Freedom comes from knowledge that all is one -- we're neighbors forever, totally interconnected, with only a common future.


"One of the central issues of the 21st century is that

'we' will rise or fall on 'them' rising or falling."  

                --Eboo Patel, Muslim American

                   Executive Director, Interfaith Youth Core

     Beginning with spirit and with youth, SPIRITUALITY FOR KIDS is bringing people and the world together by reaching the hearts of at-risk children and teens -- including their teachers and families.


Spirituality for Kids (SFK)

One World.  Every Child.



     SFK already unites the hearts and lives of citizens in the Holy Land, Russia, the UK and USA, Brazil, Malawi, Mexico, and Panama.
     Beginning with face-to-face engagement and shoulder-to-shoulder learning, they nurture in diverse people a spirituality that gives meaning to life through purpose serving the well-being, human condition, and future of all humankind.
     SFK provides children with the universal tools to help them make wise choices and realize their potential.
     Free courses are offered to public school system curricula to teach life-skills -- lessons of cause and effect, responsibility for their actions and tolerance towards others.
     Educators, parents and community leaders are all included to ensure that children are empowered to overcome challenges, helping to end cycles of conflict for themselves and future generations.

     In the Holy Land, KIDS CREATING PEACE is the Peace Program created by Spirituality for Kids to address the unique needs of children in war-torn areas of the world.


Kids Creating Peace (KCP)



     The (1) Arabic Program and (2) Hebrew Program experiences lead to a (3) Family Program and then (4) Dialogue Program.
their inspiring, instructional 10-minute video:


     The successful KCP pilot program in the Middle East recognizes that a crucial first step towards achieving sustainable peace in the region lies in changing the too-common attitude of fear and disengagement to one of engagement, dialogue, and unity.
     KCP has brought together thousands of Arab and Jewish children for special programs, events, and summer camp experiences, with the purpose - and result- of bonds of friendship that give the opportunity to connect and grow.
     These programs welcome all families, regardless of ethnic, religious or socio-economic background, to build a peaceful and prosperous future for themselves by embracing the values of tolerance, proactive behavior, and living with human dignity.
     This is achieved by offering a wide variety of extracurricular activities within the existing frameworks of after-school and children's outreach programs.
     Children together to learn life-changing skills while having fun.
     Working simultaneously with the children in Jewish and Palestinian communities is planting seeds of understanding, acceptance, and human dignity that will produce mutual respect and a lasting peace.
     Teenagers who experience this program will become leaders and teachers for younger children, live examples of change.