Music, theater arts give Middle East youth

"windows" for communication

Sunday, 06 September 2009



"Music will save the world." 

        --Pablo Casals

"The path to greatness is along with others." 

        --Baltasar Gracian


    International Day of Peace is Monday, September 21, 2009.

     Each citizen - young and old - has the power to help Liight Up The World.

     Where we live, diverse adults will be Crossing Lines: Sharing Stories, Creating Community. 

     For us, connecting at the heart is only a start.
     The beginning of the end of war.
     Since "peace" is about People and Relationships.
     And every day must become an international day of peace.
     Successful communication.
     Unprecedented cooperation and creativity.
   Illustrated at
     Modeled in real life by more and more people.
     Every day.

                - L&L

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Peace Child Israel

     PEACE CHILD ISRAEL , founded in 1988, is one of the great Holy Land examples of Jewish and Palestinian youth of Israel modeling engagement, communication, and artistic creativity.
     The graduates have now decided they want to have an alumni association to continue their lives together.
     September 3, 2009, former PCI participants convened at the Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa to begin making Peace Child Israel a household name and putting on "center stage" the work it does for a better shared society. 
     With a great turnout from Qalansua, Jaffa, Sakhnin, Nazareth, Kfar Qassem and East Jerusalem, brainstorming was driven mainly by graduates from the Arab cities and towns where PCI is active.
     Plans are in motion to launch their "alumni association" on December 31st to ring in 2010 with a bang.
     The Jewish and Arab young women and men hope is that the earth will shake, with so much activity all on the same day at the same hour.
     SEE  PHOTOS of their exciting Jaffa meeting:

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WINDOWS: Channels for Communication

     WINDOWS: Channels for Communication - - since 1991 continues bringing together Israeli and Palestinian teens.
     They get to know each other then are able create projects together.
     SEE and HEAR the Jewish and Palestinian youth of WINDOWS  tell more about their insights and experiences in October, 2008:

     June 18th 2009 a group of nineteen young Israelis and Palestinians of WINDOWS came together in Tel Aviv to show that music can overcome conflict by creating relationships and musical art.
     SEE them  creating together --
     VIEW and HEAR their new song, A Step for Peace --
     The project was in collaboration the pioneering London-based music college, Point Blank - .


Jews and Arabs in point blank range

Published by - June 23, 2009

Teens bridge Middle East divide with song for peace

London Evening Standard - 13 July 2009


A Step for Peace

We are angry, we're afraid, we are sad
We want to bring back the dead
We have to let go of hatred
We need to overcome fear
We are tired of revenge
We want the future to be clear

We want peace, we need peace
We can live together in this land
We may all be wrong, we may all be right
But the best way is to stop the fight

We can make the future bright
We should all have equal rights
No racism
No discrimination
Together we can change the situation

Although we can't forget
We can do our best
And if we forgive
In a better future we'll live

Put your egos on the side
Give up hatred and false pride
Together we can make peace
In the Middle East


"Music will save the world." 

        --Pablo Casals

"The path to greatness is along with others." 

        --Baltasar Gracian