Middle East youth dissolving walls,

"Peacing It Together" in life and film

11 November 2009


     TOMORROW in history, Thursday, November 12, 2009, the CHARTER FOR COMPASSION -- http://charterforcompassion.org/-- calls youth and adults on Earth to animate The Golden Rule in every situation, every day.
     Scholar Joanna Macy says we are part of The Great Turning - http://www.joannamacy.net/html/great.html - first realizing we are not separate from each other and Earth, and from the larger context of our dynamic Universe.
     The Great Turning requires citizen-driven regenerative actions that "dissolve walls" -- helps us  draw an ever-expanding circle around our own home until we include everyone and all life. . .together.

     SEE and HEAR Earth's youth beckoning, singing:  "It's up to me and you. . .Together, we will find a way through. . .I believe in you. . .We'll never be apart."



Music video  (4 min)


Peacing It Together
New film & educational package

     SEE and HEAR Israeli and Palestinian youth of PEACE  IT TOGETHER -- http://www.peacittogether.ca - expand their summer Dialogue that helped discover their personal strengths to create inspiring films including the new 30-minute behind-the scenes documentary:


Peacing It Together

Trailer  (3 min)



     A new education package -- http://www.peacingittogether.ca/films.html -- is now available including the 30-minute Peacing It Together, all the youth-made videos, and more:
     This package is suitable for classes in history, conflict resolution, Middle-East politics, current affairs, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, social studies, peace studies, media literacy, communication, and film studies.
     The teaching resource will:

- broaden students understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli relationship

- help students identify with their peers in the region

- inspire students to participate in peace building in general

- encourage them to make a difference in their communities and in the world

     More information is available from Reena Lazar ( RLazar@peaceittogether.ca ) or Melanie Hamael ( MHamael@peaceittogether.ca )

Givat Haviva
Model of engagement for 60 years

     GIVAT HAVIVA -- http://www.givathaviva.org.il/english/ -- in Israel on November 19, 2009, celebrates 60 years of gathering Muslim, Christian, and Jewish youth and adults to engage and experience principles of equality and human dignity.
     This 2009 year, their FACE TO FACE ENCOUNTER program has steeply raised its annual goal to include 30,000 Arab and Jewish high school students (11-12 grades) in two-day, face-to-face seminars. 
     Arab-Jewish co-facilitation that includes educational staffs of the involved schools is co-directed by Farhat Agbariya and Ro'ee Peled.


A Face to Face encounter

October 25, 2009



     The 2009  HAVIVA REIK PEACE AWARD honors singers and musicians Ahinoam (Noa) Nini and Mira Awad
     The two women -- courageous Jewish and Palestinian artists -- separately and together have championed and modeled Israeli-Palestinian dialogue while building bridges between people through music even in difficult times of violent conflict.
     Their strong relationship continues to prove that the human spirit and free thought can overcome physical and psychological boundaries to create a dialogue based on notes and words instead of weapons while building together a better future for the Middle East.
     Through their music and example, they have together inspired tens of thousands of people in the spirit of possible cooperation and joint activity.
     SEE and HEAR Noa and Mira Awad perform as they did side by side at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, showing the entire world that there must be another way.


There  Must Be Another Way

Noa and Mira Awad


Dissolving walls
Closing the social distance

     We are "dissolving walls" as Joanna Macy says we must and can.
     Educator and youth advocate Cheryl Duckworth, Ph.D. ( Cheryl.Duckworth@gmail.com ) talks about  "closing the social distance."
     She joins growing bands of teachers and citizen-leaders helping others learn to bring down those barriers we use to divide ourselves from others -- age, class, nationality, language, race, religion.
     Cheryl Duckworth's blog is http://teachforpeace.blogspot.com .

     Successful and civil civic engagement was demonstrated one October night In the San Joaquin Valley of California.
     Eighty diverse citizens of Fresno gathered in a circle for successful Dialogue with its new quality of listening.
     SEE photos and WATCH local television coverage.


CROSSING LINES: Story As Entry to Relationship and Change

October, 2009 -- Fresno, California, USA



     As we continue "dissolving walls" and "closing social distances" -- living the new life of communicating and cooperating -- old fears and ways atrophy and become irrelevant, obsolete.
     The emergence of Sustained Dialogue, as well as outmoded means of walls, distance, and violence are described well by author Winslow Myers in his 2009 book -- LIVING BEYOND WAR: A Citizen's Guide -- and again in his recent editorial article.

The Middle East: Victory Is Obsolete

by Winslow Myers

Monday 26 October 2009 -- TruthOut.org