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Monday, 08 February 2010


Aesop's fable "Androcles and the Lion" tells the story of Androcles, who

removed a thorn from a lions paw, and was subsequently rescued by the very same lion.

Kindness -- curing, not killing -- can sometimes turn a dangerous enemy into a great friend.

                                    Hugh Mann, MD

                                    Eagle Rock, Missouri, USA


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     For teachers and students of:

Communication Technology

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     New at are historic, inspiring videos -- eight years of the Beyond War Award (1983-1990) ceremonies honoring great examples of individuals, groups, and nations as humankind moves to build a world beyond war.
     They include pioneer broadcasting using TV satellite "spacebridges."
     VIEW the 1989 Awards honoring Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam in the Holy Land, and Koinonia Southern Africa -- two early citizen-models for today's 17-year-old Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue in California.

for Situation Awareness

     The Beyond War Award honorees are "great examples" of inclusiveness -- people and groups who succeeded by including and listening to others for the common good.
     Failure -- as in the Middle East -- is predictable when anyone is excluded, not brought to the table, not listened-to for needed situational awareness.

     Situation Awareness (SA) -- -- is the perception and understanding of all environmental influences that will influence events in the near and distant future.
     Complete SA can maximize success, and its lack can lead to catastrophe.
     SA requires total presence to be be aware of what is happening all around, to understand how information, events, and one's own actions will impact desired outcomes.
     Incomplete SA has been identified as one of the primary factors of tragic outcomes attributed to human error, especially in aviation, medical practice, and other human activities requiring coordination and cooperation.
     Having complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute SA is the foundation for successful decision-making for desired social, political, and technological outcomes.
     SA insists on considering all relevant information resources, personal narratives, and human and technical experiences.
     In the Middle East or any relationship, success demands that no one be excluded -- everyone be at the table, heard, with listening-to-learn. . .no exceptions.
     If anyone is excluded, failure is likely.

     MORE SOCIAL SCIENCE tells us how engaging, understanding, and empathizing, and acts of goodwill help the "other" feel safe and evoke more desirable social behavior.


NEUROCEPTION:A Subconscious System for Detecting Threats and Safety

by Stephen W. Porges

University of Illinois at Chicago -- May 2004


     Excluded, threatened, or attacked, our primitive, defensive behaviors and neuro-physiologic mechanisms reflexively organize us to mobilize or immobilize -- fight, flee, or freeze -- before we are consciously aware of what is happening.
     When fearful, we attack, build physical and psychological walls, and find "reasons" not to engage -- all primitive.
     In contrast, defense mechanisms are dis-enabled when neuroception tells us that an environment is safe and the people are trustworthy.
     "Social Engagement: The Preamble to a Social Bond" is the next chapter.
     To develop a social bond, it is not enough to inhibit defense systems.
     People must also be physically close to each other.

in the Holy Land

     The Institute for Circlework supports the use of Circlework as a tool for fostering inner and outer peace including among Israeli and Palestinian women.
     Circlework creates a field of love powerful enough to heal individuals and communities, awaken us to our oneness, and help us become embodiments and agents of peace


The Institute for Circlework

Using Circles to Heal Ourselves and Our World

Community. Compassion. Communion. Communication.

     Voices of Eden -- http://www.voicesofeden -- began as an informal healing music project in an Israeli neonatal intensive care unit during the beginning of the second Intifada in 2000.
     It has evolved into a healing music endeavor providing alternative means of communication that effectively bring together a culturally diverse population and enable cross-cultural encounters in an intensive care setting.
     The healing music project has brought together Jews, Christians and Muslims in a rebirth of the ancient healing arts common to both cultures -- one way in which harmony can grow.
     To learn more, communicate with Eliana Gilad ( ).


Israeli and Palestinian mothers birth a new

generation of peace with healing lullaby music

by Eliana Gilad

Common Ground News --  28 January 2010

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