Real "adults" help U.S., Middle East youth

 engage successfully

Monday, 05 April 2010


"Communication works for those who work at it" 

            -- John Powell

Act as if you were separate from nothing, and no one,

and you will heal your world tomorrow.

Understand that it is about power with, not power over.

            -- Neale Donald Walsch

                from Conversations with God - Book 3

     Many boys and girls live with a poverty of adults to help them through fires of growing up.
     In times of conflict, guidance from elders often fans in students the flames of "power over" or against.
     Too, some exceptional adults inspire them and us, modeling how to help young people live and engage successfully.

An adult
for youth

     George Anthony -- one teacher, one person -- is different and exemplary for adults everywhere.
     The 2007 Educator of the Year instructs at Susan E. Wagner High School, Staten Island, NY, from where he graduated in 1977.    
     Anthony has an ongoing program for at-risk youth deeply interested in working with him, beginning with deep personal engagement with one another.
     He passes on his skills and best-practices to other educators, students, administrators, and community organizations.




     George Anthony ( ) is one citizen, one adult who moves students and schools toward a culture of dignity that embraces community and cooperation.
     He clarifies exactly the best response to campus and international violence -- face-to-face engagement -- the beginning of the end of war anywhere.



Students connecting with students

is best way to promote tolerance

by George S. Anthony

Young adults
for youth

     SUSTAINED DIALOGUE CAMPUS NETWORK (SDCN) helps students on university campuses to begin and perpetuate intentional relationship building to bridge across old lines of identity -- race, class, nationality, sexuality.
     Student-driven campus groups are mentored by experienced young adults of the SDCN offices in Washington, DC.




     Last weekend, over 150 students, administrators and alumni from 13 schools gathered on the Princeton University campus for a SDCN Summit celebrating the movement's 10th anniversary.
     They shared communication techniques and leadership strategies from their decade of campus experiences, ready to fuel more, better student engagement worldwide.


Sustained Dialogue marks decade

The Princetonian (Princeton Univ) -- Monday, March 29th, 2010


     YOU CAN HELP SDCN from your computer today, writes youth mentor Chris Wagner ( ) from Washington.
     SDCN is competing in the Pepsi Challenge. 
     Supporters of this type of community-building campus activity can visit to repeatedly vote for SDCN each day throughout April.


GO to


for youth


     Giving voice to young students of excellence, in Cleveland, Ohio, adults of the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage invited boys and girls to their 2010 essay contest -- STOP THE HATE.
     They attracted 1,800 young entrants eager to be heard.
     Awarded 2nd place, 11th grader Amnon Carmi, Beachwood High, stood up for respecting Palestinians and Jews equally, as did Tamar Kodish, a senior at Shaker Heights High.
     READ these winning 500-word essays of today's youth who choose to act -- to "do the right thing"  to dignify others and themselves.


STOP THE HATE: Youth Speak Out

for Middle East youth

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     The SEEDS OF PEACE Delegation Leaders Program -- -- harbors little recognized, generous adults in the Middle East public peace process.
     Every summer about 20 courageous educators from Jordan, Palestine, Israel, and Egypt travel all the way from their home countries to the Maine rural campsite to help youth reduce distances between them and build a bridge to the other side.
    This exemplary handful of women and men deepen themselves to be the leaders, the needed "adults" for the 300 Middle East and other global youth who gather at the Seeds of Peace Camp to themselves consider being leaders for guiding the world into relationship and beyond war.
     The Delegation Leaders Program is overseen by Daniel Moses ( ).


Seeds of Peace " Delegation Leaders Program"

Seeds of Peace "Teacher's Guides" (valuable resources for facilitating youth engagement)

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     Adult Jewish and Palestinian organizers bravely and skillfully facilitated a life-changing gathering for Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian youth brought across borders to live together in the Negev Desert.
     See PHOTOS and inspiring YOUTH RESPONSES:


The story of young Leaders who meet despite the walls of fear

Leadership Training Seminar for Young Leaders

IsraelPalestineJordan  --  March 17-21 2010


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     Ms. Melisse Lewine-Boskovitch ( ) continues parenting Palestinian and Jewish young teens to successfully meet, eat, and create in the Holy Land today.
     PEACE CHILD ISRAEL -- -- and Melissa bring leaders-in-training into a safe space to co-create theatrical productions that give meaning to the challenges of their own lives and creation of a cooperative future that benefits everyone.


Jews and Palestinians

Creating Pochantas in the Holy Land

6-minute video -- 28 March 2010


     Teens from Tira (Palestinian) and Kfar Saba (Jewish) met the challenges of last-minute changes and drop-out to make their leadership skills, talent  and commitment felt by everyone at the March 22, 2010 three opening performances to begin their season.
     "Dont be fooled," says Melisse.
     "This wasn't a picnic. 
     "They are heroes."

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