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living beyond war

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


"Either war is finished or we are."

        in War and Remembrance (1978)

        Herman Wouk

"I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask,

'Mother, what was war?'" 

        Eve Merriam

                in Living Beyond War (2009)

                Winslow Myers


    OBSOLETE:  outmoded, no longer current, regarded as out-of-date whether in use or not, replaced by something better.

     It is time to replace obsolete war with something better.
     We know what life beyond war looks like
and how to live it.

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Muslim Palestinian Family
Models Spirit Beyond War

     Palestinian obstetrician Izzeldin Abuelaish, M.D., delivered Muslim babies in Gaza, then drove across the border to Israel and also brought Jewish newborns into the world.
     In January 2009 three of his daughters and a niece were killed inside their Gaza family home by shells from an Israeli tank.
     In 2010, out of this unspeakable pain Izzeldin has published the story of his distinctive journey to becoming an exemplary human being.


I Shall Not Hate

Random House Canada - April 2010 - 224 pages


     Last week, Izzeldin Abuelaish and two surviving daughters said "yes" to an intimate interview by Canadian broadcasters.
     Both Dalaal and Shatha are past participants of Creativity for Peace -- - nurturing the next generation of female leaders and peacemakers in Israel and Palestine.
     WATCH INSPIRING VIDEO of these extraordinary people define the citizen public peace process, in words and by example.


Izzeldin, Dalaal and Shatha Abuelaish

Interviewed for The Current -- by Ann Maria Tremonti

CBC (Canada) -- 28 min -- 07 May 2010

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Concert Music
As Metaphor for
Life Beyond War

     THE SONAD PROJECT-- -- of Eric and Kathy Stumacher ( ) demonstrates that performing arts can create a worldwide transformational personal connection that transcend political, economic, racial, cultural, ethnic, gender, education, and generational divides.
     Since 2008, in Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Ramallah, as well as Iraq in March, 2010, THE SONAD PROJECT has continued offering concerts and created artistic, participatory performances and learning environments to profoundly touch Middle East youth and adults.
     For thirty-five years, Eric Stumacher served as Founder, Pianist, and Executive and Artistic Director of the Apple Hill Chamber Players, and the Apple Hill Playing for Peace Project.
     A powerful social outcome was the 1992 Middle East Peace Tour embarked upon by six American musicians of those New Hampshire based musicians.
     In Israel and its Arab neighbors, they gave concerts, taught master classes, and auditioned young musicians of whom eleven were selected for full scholarships to study that August at the Apple Hill Center.
     Those five Jewish Israelis and six Arabs found that music can bridge cultural gaps where politics and government diplomacy fail.
     WATCH this ageless archival film documenting music as a metaphor for the public peace process.


Playing For Peace

58 min video -- 1993

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Israeli Town
With Divisive Past
Begin Living Beyond War

     Lod, Israel -- Lydda, before 1948 -- has a Triangle of Peace where a church, synagogue, and mosque share walls.
     An inspiring, citizen-powered movement is now restoring Lod's past dignity to its diverse residents, and community responsibility and pride.
     Shoulder-to-shoulder they are returning Lod to its historic multi-cultural splendor.
     THE LOD COMMUNITY FOUNDATION -- -- is widening the circle of citizen-participants who think and act for the sake of everyone.
     More information is available from the co-founders, Aviv and Ruth Land Wasserman ( ).
     SEE VIDEOS at:


Lod Community Cooperation

CNN World Report - February 2009

3-1/2 min video

Lod Community Foundation

The Media Line - - 25 Nov 2009

4-1/2 min video

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Jews, Palestinians
In A California Living Room
Moving Beyond War

     In San Diego, California, an exceptional gathering of Palestinian and Jewish women and men devotedly met for many years.
     Month after month, they helped one another master improved communication and compassion among themselves.
     Part of their valuable legacy is a Web site with wonderfully-instructional audio archives --
     Additionally, a fine documentary film by Mark Freeman ( ) recorded their poignant personal narratives and stories of personal growth together.


Talking Peace

Palestinian-Jewish Living Room Dialogue - San Diego, CA - 28 min video

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