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Contemporary Courage, Modern Action

Sunday, 12 September 2010



The fundamental difference between creating and problem solving is simple.

In problem solving we seek to make something we do not like go away.

In creating, we seek to make what we truly care about exist.

            --Peter Senge (1947-     )

Could a greater miracle take place than for us

to look through each other's eyes for an instant?"

            -- Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Contemporary Courage
"Dialogue demands more courage than war," says Haider Al-Mosawi, a Muslim Arab blogger and social activist.
     The Muslim Arab exhorts everyone to listen and learn from the "other" in ongoing Dialogue in our own neighborhoods and campuses.
     Al-Mosawi asks if we cannot successfully communicate with diverse others where we live,
     "What makes us think it's easier for politicians to sit at a table with their adversaries?" Al-Mosawi asks of citizens who cannot successfully communicate with diverse "others" in their own communities?

     He rejects the common rhetoric: "It's time for action, not time to talk" that can worsen conflicts and further divide.
     The Middle Easterner appeals for respectful citizen engagement to finally foster understanding and model cooperation.
     Civil face-to-face contact strengthens familiarity and social ties that demonstrate one's respect of other people's points of view.
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Dialogue demands more courage than war

by Haider Al-Mosawi

Common Ground News -- 13 July 2010



     Today's required Listening begins with the will to be silent -- to listen, hear,learn more.
     "More than money, power, and even happiness, silence has become the most precious and dwindling commodity of our modern world,"
     Yet healing ourselves, relationships and planet depends on it.
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In Pursuit of Silence:

Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise

by George Prochnik

Random House, 2010, 352 pages


Modern Action
     SOCCER FOR PEACE -- http://soccerforpeace.com/ -- is a youth-example of what the future will look like.
     It is a living example of just how change begins successfully:

        *  Small
        *  Volunteer-based
        *  Bi-lingual Arabic and Hebrew
        *  Fun, including sports
        *  Social, learning excellent listening and communication skills

     July 9-12, 2010, the annual Soccer for Peace Summer Camp was again hosted by Soccer for Peace and the Maccabim Association.
     Both Hebrew and Arabic could be heard as youth experienced coexistence and began important new friendships.
     Eighty girls and boys -- 40 Palestinian children from Jenin, and 40 children 40 Jewish and Arab children from Israel -- met for a week of football, coexistence activities, and of course, fun.

     The camp was part of a year-long program -- Barkai-Jenin -- of the Maccabim Association.
     The children in the program include 40 from Jenin and 40 from Kibbutz Barkai who meet once every two months to share conversations and games.
     In honor of the World Cup, this year's soccer camp was for a full week..  
     As part of the program, many of the Jenin children visited the seashore for the first time in their lives.
     While at camp, they slept at the Jewish children's homes -- another first.
     Expect more firsts and breakthroughs, as the citizen-to-citizen public peace process expands while instructing and empowering the government process.
     For more information, write to Ori@soccerforpeace.com .
     PHOTOS are at:


Soccer for Peace



Cross-border Coexistence Summer Camp

July 9-12, 2010


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