Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue

touches Singapore, travels to Nigeria

05 November 2010


Sometimes, I know only this:

We are one family. 

We are children of God. 

Fruit on the tree of life.

With Earth and each other. 

With Earth and each other.

- from With Earth and Each Other

  Music & Lyrics by  Dan Bern (2010)

     The new visionary song is at
     It was composed for the worldwide Internet TV event that will demonstrate that "there is more to the Middle East than conflict."


With Earth and Each Other: 

A Virtual Rally for a Better Middle East

Sunday, November 14, 2010

            Pre-Show     12 noon Eastern

            Broadcast    1:00-2:00 pm Eastern

            Learn more at


     "Earth and each other" increasingly describes the widening scope of face-to-face, sustained Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue.
     Past weeks saw Dialogue action touch citizens in Asia and Africa.
     Courageous youth and adults continue to engage and not avoid one another.
     They reassure us that the principles of successful human connection and communication are dependably universal.
     You and we can proceed with that faith.


Dialogue Travels
to Nigeria
     October 22-24, 2010 In Nigeria, 200 eager, intelligent, courageous Muslims and Christians from all over their green nation gathered in search of Dialogue tools for successful interfaith communication and healing.
     On the high plateau in Jos, central Nigeria, facilitation was by invited participants of the 18-year-old Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue of San Mateo, California, USA.
     Many of the best-practices were derived from the five successful years of the Palestinian-Jewish Peacemakers Camp in California --
     The inspiring coming-together in Africa will be increasingly documented on the Web.
     This forward step might instruct and encourage other distanced citizens and nations worldwide.


Building Bridges

through Interfaith Dialogue and

Youth Participation

2nd Annual International Conference

 on Youth & Interfaith Communication

22-24 October 2010 -- Jos, Nigeria


Large Group Dialogue
in Singapore
    November 01, 2010 in Singapore, 100 diverse educators and practitioners of Service-Learning gathered at Republic Polytechnic for the Inaugural Experiential Learning Forum "Step Out For A Change."
     They chose to launch their conference with a face-to-face Dialogue experience of sharing personal narratives in dyads, with a new quality of listening-to-learn while becoming closer.
     The one-hour of skill and community building was guided from overseas via Skype by facilitators from the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue in California.
     It was another example of the value of communication technology and creative educators to provide experiences and tools for citizens to build a true campus, local, and global community.



Large Group

Singapore Dialogue

November 01, 2010 - Republic Polytechnic


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