Honoring those who search for common ground

20 November 2010


This is now.  Now is all there is. 

Don't wait for Then; strike the spark, light the fire." 

            -- Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)

" Every player plays

from his or her competencies,

not from a sense of deficiency.

There is no such thing as good enough for any team member."

            -- Carol Ann Tomlinson

               Virginia Teacher of the Year

"Dreams come a size too big

so that we can grow into them."

            -- Josie Bissett

     November 2010, diverse global women and men social innovators were honored for acting on dreams to build bridges between individuals and communities -- overcoming barbed wire, darkness, or ignorance that had divided people.
     For leading by example and teamwork, they were acknowledged in Washington, DC, by the non-profit Search for Common Ground -- http://www.sfcg.org/
     PLEASE READ this inspiring review of great citizen-leaders and teams, captured with an economy of words by writer Naazish YarKhan ( NaazishYarKhan@gmail.com ).


Honouring those who search for common ground

by Naazish YarKhan

Common Ground News Service -- 16 November 2010




    Three television and radio stories below offer more past and present examples of brave citizen innovators who follow dreams, strike sparks.
     They fire up relationships to dignify and protect one another.
     Shining light on what is so possible and closer at hand than we once imagined.

Muslims Who
Saved Jews

     A little known fact of history is that Muslims did not allow a single Jew in Albania to be handed over to the Nazis during WW2.
     Opening one's door to strangers is entrenched in their ancient code of honor -- Besa.
     Their word for "stranger" translates as "guest" -- living Earth's universal Golden rule -- http://www.scarboromissions.ca/Golden_rule/
     In their ancient tradition: "The house of an Albanian belongs to God and to the guest."
     This story is also about Jews returning the favor and bravery.
     If you listen to one radio program this year, choose this one.
     Let us hear hese stories and decide how we diverse human beings on Earth are going to treat one another.


Albania's BESA

CBC Radio -- The Current -- 17 November 2010

24 minute audio



Mothers and Daughters
Together in Jerusalem

     Since 2007, Jewish and Muslim mothers and daughters meet regularly to learn about their own and the other's faith tradition, and about each other.
     Interfaith dialogue was established in Israel in the late 1950s by a small group of visionaries which included Martin Buber. 
     Despite decades of commendable interfaith activities in the country, only an extremely limited circle of individuals have recognized that religious faith and commitment without dialogue threatens the stability of society.
     More about the successful, ongoing Interfaith Encounter Association is at http://www.interfaith-encounter.org
     SEE and HEAR them.


Mothers and Daughters:

Jerusalem Interfaith Encounter

SABC-TV South Africa -- "The Future" -- August 2010

4-minute video


Jews and Muslims
Meet Successfully
Near Boston

      A small group of Muslims and Jews near Boston is vowing to close the distance between them.
     Thirteen members of the Muslim American Civic and Cultural Association in Malden and Temple Hillel B'nai Torah in West Roxbury have started a series of conversations about politics, stereotypes and the conflicts that have divided Muslims and Jews.
     Jewish Leslie Belay:  What more urgent reason is there for Americans, Muslims and Jews to talk to one another?
     We cant allow these things to happen either as victims or as perpetrators, in our names.
     Muslim Mohamed Brahimi:  I think it would be naive to say we don't carry our own stereotypes."
     The usefulness of these dialogues is that we all get together and kick these things around and check their validity."
     "This is the place where authenticity is being checked.
     SEE photo and HEAR how natural -- even joyful -- it can be for Jews and Muslim to meet, clarify stereotypes, and become closer.


A Conversation With Muslims And Jews

6-minute audio

WBUR-FM Boston  -- 05 November 2010

6-minute audio


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These and hundreds of other success stories are preserved at http://traubman.igc.org/messages.htm