Filming successes for the Middle East

Thursday, 18 August 2011


"People become the stories they hear and the stories they tell."

            -- Elie Wiesel

"You can't make peace with your enemy, without your enemy."

            -- Reena Lazar, Director

                Peace It Together, Canada

     Summer 2011 -- relationships flowered, growing more human success stories especially among young adults.
     North America continued hosting numerous camp-like programs for increased engagement and concrete creativity among Israelis and Palestinians -- Muslims, Christians, Jews, and supportive others --  for the Middle East citizen-to-citizen public peace process.
     The tradition began in 1979 with Global Youth Village of Legacy International in Virginia.
     READ the history at

     Increasingly, the youth are becoming artisans of telling their stories in film.
     Living and picturing their preferred future.
    Not waiting for "things" to change.

British Columbia, Canada

     The month-long program of PEACE IT TOGETHER -- --  engages students in 10 days of trust-building exercises before dividing them into trios that will make 10 short films about the Holy Land.
     Beyond themselves, they foster relationships with journalists in search of what's truly new.


Filmmaking program in B.C. brings together young Palestinians, Israelis

The Record -- 22 July 2011


     SEE six, short powerful films that document the youth dialogue and film making activities -- an inside look at how "enemies" build trust and create together.


A look into Peace it Together 2011


     VIEW this year's 10 original, youth-inspired films now online:


The Ten 2011 Films of Peace It Together

Hands of Peace
Illinois, USA

     HANDS OF PEACE -- -- is an interfaith organization developing peace-building and leadership skills in Israeli, Palestinian, and American teens through the power of dialogue and personal relationships. 
     Throughout July 2011, their in-depth living together had great impact on these young women and men of excellence.
     VIEW videos they created during their summer:


1. The Reality of Peace

2. Piece of Peace

3. Together Peace

4. Give Peace A Chance

Football for Peace
Holy Land

     FOOTBALL FOR PEACE (F4P) -- --  is an activity-based community-building and reconciliation initiative.
     Sports coaches, community leaders, and volunteers work alongside each other bringing differing communities together through football and outdoor education. 
     In 2001, the project began by bringing together two communities and 100 Jewish and Palestinian youth. 
     In 2011, today the program involves 37 mixed communities with over 1,000 youth, partnered to form 14 Cross Community Sports Partnerships (CCSP) --
     READ AND SEE more:


Peace on the Pitch

Jewish and Arab children in Israel take part in

a football festival with UK and German coaches

Jews and Arabs Partner for Football 4 Peace

By Nathan Jeffay

01 July 2011

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