"If you don't communicate, you don't exist."

 Examples of communication excellence

29 February 2012



"We build too many walls and not enough bridges."

            ~ Isaac Newton (1642-1727),

                English Mathematician and Physicist

"If you cross the bridge,

I'll tell you my story."

            ~ Max von Sydow

                in 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'  (2011)

"I went into your room and

I tried to think like you did."

            ~Sandra Bullock

               in 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'  (2011)

     "If you don't communicate, you don't exist," said a participant at the 2011 Alexandria, Egypt, conference "Medias Role for Changing Society and Democracy."
     Egypt's traditional and new social media participants agreed on the urgency to keep people talking and listening, and the predictable failure from disengaging.
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Muslims and Christians:

If you don't communicate, you don't exist

by Safia Aoude

Common Ground News -- 25 October 2011



in the HOLY LAND
     Disengagement makes life worse, according to new social science related to adversary relationships and long-term health.
     Everyone loses, regardless of who feels threatened, abused, attacked, or victimized.
     Especially the one who withdraws feels weaker and more hopeless.
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Stress levels peak by avoiding the boss

January 05, 2012



     There is a basic, required quality among artisans of circus art: Trust -- total faith in one's partner.
     Only intimately together can dependable trust be created.
     This principle drives the Israel Circus School to create a peaceful space where Jewish and Palestinian youth can begin knowing one another and building intimacy.
     Their theme Climbing Walls suggests that walls between cultures and nations can more easily be climbed than broken.
     I think there is no coexistence, only one existence," says Director Hanita-Caroline Hendelman.
     "I like to think about it as something very natural and mundane.
     "So this is our project for the future: to create situations through which it becomes so natural just being together, thats its not a big deal.
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Circus School Leads Jews And Arabs To Climb Walls Of Separation

By Hanna Szekeres

NoCamels.com -- November 2, 2011



     DIALOGUE IN NIGERIA: Muslims & Christians Creating Their Future is a new 65-minute film on DVD -- http://traubman.igc.org/vidnigeria.htm
     The 200 courageous Africans in the how-to documentary are exquisite exemplars of  communication excellence -- so close at hand for humankind.
     Released January 2012, the cost-free DVDs have already been requested from 35 nations, 12 in Africa, including many military bases.
     READ early viewer responses at http://traubman.igc.org/vidnigeriaresponse.htm

     Several youth participants are initiating their own 2012 African conferences for relationship-builders and the new breed of social media artisans who help citizens reunite.
     March 20th DIALOGUE IN NIGERIA will screen for the first time in New York -- http://traubman.igc.org/harlemnight.pdf
     DVDs are gifted to educators and cross-cultural communicators upon request from the film's Web page, from where it also streams online around Earth.



Muslims & Christians Creating Their Future

Jan 2012 ~  DVD ~  65 min


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