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Middle East and global life beyond war

Sunday, 28 October 2012


"In the 20th century man murdered over 160 million of his fellow human beings. . .for all kinds of reasons."

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"You can't want hell for other people without being in hell yourself."

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"The ones who find it hardest to love need love the most."

        ~ from ADMISSIONS (2012)

Contemporary Examples of People Ending Wars

     New this October 2012 week, ADMISSIONS -- -- in 21 minutes paints a magnificent picture of what divides us and what can heal our relationships.
     Paths to hell and to heaven on Earth -- each person's choice -- are  made crystal-clear with powerful cinematic genius that goes straight to the heart and intelligence.

     Academy Award nominee James Cromwell stars with an Israeli couple and a Palestinian who personalize this modern parable set in the Admissions Room for the Afterlife.
     With great difficulty, they start a conversation that heals.
     This short film is a foundation-piece for school or home -- for any person or collective looking for keys to life together beyond war.



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An Imam, Pastor, & Rabbi
     INTERFAITH AMIGOS -- -- since 9/11 are Pastor Don Mackenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon and Imam Jamal Rahman in Seattle, Washington.
     Their blend of spiritual wisdom and humor has touched the souls and relationships of audiences in the US, Canada, Palestine-Israel, and Japan.
     Their lives are dedicated to supporting more effective interfaith dialogue that can bring greater collaboration to the major social and economic issues of our time.
     "Exuberant and courageous" has described their new book, Religion Gone Astray: What We Found at the Heart of Interfaith, "an inspiration and example for all of us in these sadly polarized times."
     Their first book was Getting to the Heart of Interfaith (2009).
     WATCH their inspiring video:



January 2012 -- 13 min video

Muslims & Christians in Dialogue
     In Lebanon, a new quality of communication skills among adversaries is appearing in formal education.
     A professor says: We want to help graduates understand the values that need to be applied.
     "Theres a lot in common between Muslims and Christians.
     "How do we get students to engage in dialogue?
     It starts here at a university like ours, having dialogue internalized in the minds of learners, says Dr. Assaad Eid.
     READ and SEE more:


Where Dialogue Is on the Curriculum (in Lebanon)

by Brooke Anderson

Published in ONE -- July 2012


Torah of Reconciliation
     "A Greeting of Peace to Another Takes Precedence over Praise of God" heads a chapter of TORAH OF RECONCILIATION --
     This is congruent with ADMISSIONS (to heaven on Earth) and the experience of author Sheldon Lewis.
     The Conservative rabbi's epoch spiritual, scholarly resource comes from Lewis' personal, passionate search for wisdom on peacemaking recorded in Jewish tradition.
     Beginning after the grief surrounding 9/11, he was determined to locate the pathway described in Jewish texts towards reconciliation.
     Amidst contradictory messages of self-importance, revenge, even righteous slaughter in the tradition, Lewis uncovers an obsession with overcoming conflict and avoiding violence in the service of a world at peace.
     The rabbi says peacemaking is arguably the key pillar among Jewish values.
     READ the book:


Torah of Reconciliation

Sheldon Lewis

2012, Gefen Publishing, 350 pages

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