Muslim-Jewish Food Truck, and more

06 February 2013


"I want to extoll the crucial importance of imagination.

Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not,

and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation.

In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity,

it is the power that enables us to empathise with

humans whose experiences we have never shared."

            -- J.K. Rowling

            British Author: Harry Potter books

     PEACE JOURNALISM is rising up, being created.
     Solution-oriented and balanced, it is moving beyond preoccupation with human failures. sensation, taking sides, and lazy. superficial reporting.
     It searches for root causes and sustainable solutions, and is also know as Conflict Sensitive Journalism --
     "Peace Journalism," introduced in the 1960s, is now championed by an Australian couple,  BBC journalists  Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick.
     In 2005 they co-wrote and published PEACE JOURNALISM --

     See their Media for Peacebuilding model at
     Jake Lynch is at and Annabel McGoldrick is at

     The Center for Global Peace Journalism is at Park University in Missouri, USA --
     Steven Youngblood -- -- provides formal education and tools for peace journalists.

     One of his brilliant practitioners and thought leaders is Lebanese Vanessa Bassil.
     She can be reached at
     WATCH and HEAR Vanessa inspire others:     


Peace Journalism

Vanessa Bassil - Lebanon

Arabic with English subtitles

TedXLAU - 14-min video - 07 Jan 2013


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Lebanese journalist rejects war journalism

By Vanessa Bassil

the Peace Journalist - October 2012 -- p. 18-19


     Here are three examples of Peace Journalism about real people.
     Imagining, making a difference.
     Creating stories worth telling
     Let them ignite you to do. . .the unimaginable.

                        -  L&L

Kosher-Halal Food Truck
     Beginning in Washington, DC, Moustafa M. Soliman, a 76-year-old Egyptian American author and activist, wants to spread the message of attainable peace between Arabs and Jews with a food truck that serves kosher eats from one window and halal treats from another.
     His creativity was awakened as her was finishing his 2012 book, An Arab, A Jew, and A Truck --

     I have spent years and had numerous meetings trying to get energy projects to work with Israeli and Arab officials, then a government minister leaves or Hamas fires a rocket or Israel launches an attack and the whole thing becomes hostage to whos in power, said the Muslim entrepreneur-in-the-making," he said.
    When political structures are shaky, its the grass roots that can really make a difference.
     "I started to think, lets literally take it to the streets," said the Muslim entrepreneur-in-the-making.
     Moustafa receives e-mail at
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Food truck will deliver message of Mideast peace

By Emily Wax,

The Washington Post -- Friday, 25 January 2013

"Enemies" Hearting One Another
     In March 2012 when war between Israel and Iran seemed imminent, Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry shared on Facebook a poster  of himself and his daughter
     It's bold message was: "Iranians ... we [heart] you."
     Other Israelis quickly created their own posters with the same message.
     Iranians responded in kind.

     The simple act of communication inspired surprising Facebook communities.
     The whole world saw "Israel loves Iran," "Iran loves Israel" and even "Palestine loves Israel."
     This is the needed communication, the new "courage," the contemporary "bomb," says Ronny Edry.


Israel and Iran: A love story?

TEDTalk -- 21 December  2012  -- 15 min video

West Bank Partnerships
     Yes, there are Israeli-owned industries in the militarily-occupied West Bank.
     And among some citizens it is urgent to roundly discredit and boycott these businesses on land still to be officially negotiated.

     A lesser-told story is of the potential of such financial enterprises to model Jewish owners and Palestinian supervisors and employees living, manufacturing, communicating, and profiting as one.
     Real day-to-day partners and neighbors.
     One living example is SodaStream.


SodaStream - Building Bridges, Not Walls

8-1/2 min video

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