Creating Human Security in Asia, Africa, Middle East

13 August 2013



"There are some things only governments can do,

such as negotiating binding agreements.

But  there are some things that only citizens outside government can do,

such as changing human relationships."

            ~ Dr. Harold Saunders

                 Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, and

                 Negotiator of the Camp David Accords

     Disappearing -- person-by-person -- are citizens' old-fashioned dependencies on "experts" and governments alone to heal humankind's relationships and invent our new life together.
     The evidence is everywhere that heart-to-heart, cross-border, inter-cultural civic communication are the new power on the road to life beyond war, beyond rankism.

     Garden-variety citizens' are becoming today's powerful diplomats and bridge-builders.
     Sustained Dialogue is providing the new Human Security --
     This is the new "action" of peacebuilding.


Why triplomacy is the new diplomacy

Deborah Winslow Nutter

Special to CNN World - 08 August 2013

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in Myanmar (Burma)
     One citizen in Myanmar is Hla Myo Naing.
     He calls himself an edu-learner -- always learning, always uniting and educating the new, young artisans of communication.

     Naing facilitates PEACE -- Practicing English And Civic Engagement.
     He receives e-mail at
     SEE Naing's Myanmar youth and adults he successfully brings together to master language and community-building --

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in Cote d'Ivoire (West Africa)
     Offuh James Offuh is one one, deeply-motivated citizen in West Africa.
     This 2013 summer he and a small team from Abidjan travelled 400 kilometers to heal tribal conflicts in ways government, the U.N., and other institutions didn't imagine.

     His step-by-step learning and real-life public peace process is illustrated at
     Offuh receives e-mail at
     VIEW ONLINE his roughly-edited 64-minute, how-to documentary film:


Dozos-Guerre Tribal Reconciliation in Cote d'Ivoire  (June 2013)

64-mn documentary video

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in Korea
     During July 2013 was the 5th International Conference on History and Peace Civil Society's Contribution to Promoting a Peaceful East Asian Community.
     The women, men, and youth demonstrated how to correct old, one-sided, partial views of history and heal historic wounds.
     The pan-Asian conference was a shining model to humankind of citizen diplomacy, human security, and  building regional community.

     Extensive TV news coverage emphasized the Seoul, Korea model that defined citizen-to-citizen engagement as the foundation of any viable government agreements.
     Statement after statement from Seoul defined the requirement of citizens to cross borders and build relationships.
     This may be the clearest, most powerful news declaration of the supreme important of people-to-people civic engagement and human security in these 2000s --The Citizens' Century.
     WATCH that news report and more described in the story of a successful, pre-conference, cross-border youth encounter:


Korean-Japanese Skype-Facilitated Youth Reconciliation Dialogue

Seoul, Korea -- 22 July 2013

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in Palestine and Israel
     Some Palestinian and Israeli citizens communicate with excellence and grow closer, even if their family members have been killed.
     This is true in the exemplary community of Parents Circle ~ Families Forum --

     Their communication skills and perpetual relationships are evidence that "an enemy is one whose story we have not heard."
     They listen to one another, understanding that everyone has a story the longs to be heard and dignified.


Two sided Story

2012 video trailer -- 5 min

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