OUR SHARED PLANET-STORY:  The disarming, new power

Wednesday, 30 October2013


"A story is the shortest distance between people."

                Pat Speight 

"Storytelling is a shared experience, and

shared experiences are the basis of all relationships."

                J.G. "Paw-paw" Pinkerton

"Stories simultaneously celebrate what is unique about us

and provide bridges to what is common among us."

                fThe Storyweavers, Lucinda Flodin & Dennis Frederick

"Storytelling can change a room.

It can change lives. It can change the world."

                Gwenda LedBetter

"Storytelling creates a pathway toward true 'civilization.'"

                The Storycrafters, Jeri Burns & Barry Marshall

     We are one human family -- neighbors forever -- with our shared story of Earth and us.
     "The society of the planet" must get going, said educator Joseph Campbell (1904-1987), or "you don't have anything."
     Individual survival is an illusion.

     Campbell says that the only vision, myth, or story "that's going to be worth thinking about in the immediate future is one that's talking about the planet.
     "Not the city, not (particular) people, but the planet and everybody on it."


Our Myth - Our Planet'

Joseph Campbell

2-min video



     Human success stories of life together surround us, if we seek them.

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Middle East (fiction)

     UNDER THE SAME SUN is the first full-length film by Search for Common Ground -- http://www.sfcg.org
     Early October, 2013, was the first film broadcast on the same day to large audiences on both Israeli and Palestinian television.

     The film tells the story of two businessmen a Palestinian Muslim and an Israeli Jew who set out to make money, and who end up forwarding peace.
     Their joint venture, a solar energy company, provokes profound hostility from members of their respective families and communities.

     Understanding that the business will have little chance of success without peaceful, popular support, they mount a Facebook campaign that results in a groundswell of popular encouragement in both communities, for both their joint venture and for better coexistence..
     Crowds of people awaken, express themselves, and insist on a political agreements that serve and dignify both peoples.

     Beginning with face-to-face relationships, cooperation, and creativity between two, courageous individual citizens, the film shows what is possible, what can be.
     Watch for upcoming screenings worldwide.


Under The Same Sun

Trailer --  1-1/2 min



     For information about obtaining DVDs on a limited basis, write to Karen Zehr at KZehr@sfcg.org
     Learn more about this historic film event:


Israeli, Palestinian TV to simultaneously air film about conflict

The docu-drama was shot in the West Bank and in east Jerusalem and stars actors from both Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

by Felice Friedson & Diana Atallah -- The Media Line

The Jerusalem Post -- 03 October 2013



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Middle East (non-fiction)

     Israeli Shaul David Judelman and Palestinian Ziad Abed Sabateen plan to open an organic farm together.
     The rabbi and the Palestinian farmer are neighbors, partners and increasingly, friends.
     They will sell vegetables and support both Palestinian and Jewish families in need.


Difference Maker

A rabbi and a Palestinian farmer are neighbors, partners and friends

By Margarida Santos Lopes

The Christian Science Monitor -- October 4, 2013



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Nigeria, West Africa (non-fiction)

     SEEDS FOR PEACE was the first day convened last Sunday, 28 October 2013, for eager Christian and Muslim farmers in northern Nigeria.
     Visionary Maijama'a Usman Mohammed Inuwa asked the women and men -- sometimes feared, mistrusted adversaries -- to bring their best, native, open pollinated seeds to exchange with one another.
     His Hausa name means "man of the people."
     The Muslim peacebuilder hopes to (1) coach citizens in sustainable, biointensive farming and (2) build cooperative relationships.
     His new Seeds for Peace Innovation and Application Center promises to re-direct history -- food growing and human relations -- in Nigeria and beyond.

     Usman receives e-mail at Usman.Inuwa@gmail.com
     HIS STORY will continue to be told at:


Dialogue for Relationships & Sustainable Farming

Bauchi State, Nigeria


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Middle East (non-fiction)

     HAND IN HAND SCHOOLS -- http://www.handinhandk12.org -- in Arab and Jewish towns, is where teachers, parents, and students are partnering --building peace and equality one school, one community at a time.
     In early October, 2013, a new Haifa campus opened for 44 Palestinian and Jewish children -- citizens of Israel -- in three different age groups beginning their bilingual journey together.

     The Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education -- with an Israeli Palestinian and a Jewish teacher at the head of each classroom -- is creating a growing network of integrated, bilingual schools and shared communities of children, youth and adults throughout Israel.
     Founded in 1997, Hand in Hand's success and longevity demonstrate that children, families and entire communities of Jews and Arabs in Israel and beyond can live and work together with mutual respect and friendship.

     "Jews and Arabs learning together, living together and changing the world together" is their theme.
     SEE their inspiring video:


Hand in Hand Schools

August 2013 -- 10 min. video


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These and hundreds of other success stories are preserved at http://traubman.igc.org/messages.htm