Humankind's Calling:

Returning home to each other

22 August 2015


"The Call of This Moment and of all moments

is to seek the light and to face the darkness

within and without, with unflinching honesty

and unswerving devotion to journey at least a little each day

toward enlightenment living in love, fearless, joyous and free

in service to this glorious and wounded world."

            ~ Rev. Canon Charles Gibbs


"Today, if we have no peace, it is because

we have forgotten that we belong to each other. 

That man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister."

            ~ Mother Teresa

Meet some youth and adults who are serving.
Remembering each other.

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Home - Ha Bayit - Al Bayt -- -- broadcasts a strong vision from its new community of Palestinians and Israelis -- Muslims, Jews, Christians, others -- in Jerusalem.

"The golden trail towards peace will begin from the People.
Our initial goal is The Humanization of The Other."

"Cleaning the Hate" for the streets of the land is their theme, while meeting to "take self-responsibility" for creating "unity between the people who live in this land."

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In STORY and PHOTOS, a woman participant of Home - Ha Bayit - Al Bayt publishes how "right wing" and left wing" are flawed and inadequate, and "the best path towards peace is the humanization of the other" -- returning home to each other.


Looking beyond pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli affiliations;

Let's choose to be Pro-Human instead

Jerusalem Online - 21 August 2015;-lets-choose-to-be-pro-15400

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Two high school seniors -- a Muslim and a Jew -- inspired their faith communities to converge and pray in public together at the State House in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
Their interfaith prayer was to show that Jewish and Muslim communities in Rhode Island are committed to having productive dialogue.

Jewish August Kahn said: "We want to show that there's a group of people who are willing to foster and promote interfaith dialogue and come together to understand each other."
Danish Azam, 17, said the two got the idea after watching a video online that showed a small interfaith group praying in Los Angeles, and their goal was to draw a larger group to a public space.
SEE "Ramadan in Los Angeles" at

This STORY and PHOTOS are at:


Jews, Muslims worship together in Providence in

interfaith service organized by two Wheeler students

Providence Journal - 16 August 2015

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August 2015 concluded dedicated summer programs that unite youth and young adults around principles of interdependence and communication excellence.
Some of many are:

Creativity for Peace (New Mexico) --
Hands of Peace (Illinois and California) --
Kids4Peacwe (US) --
Kids4Peace (Canada) --
Kids4Peace (Jerusalem) --
Seeds of Peace (Maine) --
Parents Circle - Families Forum (Palestine-Israel - 2013 video) --
Building Bridges (Colorado) --
Legacy International (Virginia) --
Disabled Children Camps (Israel - article) --

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New social research identifies a set of four counterintuitive principles that are critical to collaboration success and offers insights for how citizen-driven can ensure collaboration impact dramatically greater than the sum of the individual people or circles.

1.  Mission before organization growth
Focus primarily on the sacred mission and high principles, not on short-term expansion

2.  Manage through trust, not control
Build partnerships based on inclusiveness that dignifies everyone and inspires creativity, while surrendering control and micro-managing.

3.  Promote others, not yourself
Affirm with humility other people and the larger family of global endeavors, while surrendering celebration and elevation of only oneself and specific project.

4.  Build constellations, not stars.
Network in common vision by sharing resources to build small circles of interconnected partners, rather than garnering resources for being the star or center of the universe.

Based on a decade of research developing detailed case studies of a range of successful networks, the authors have identified this common set of counter-intuitive factors that are essential to effective networking for maximizing intended outcomes.

READ the full report in PDF format, available for you at:


Four Network Principles for Collaboration Success

Jane Wei-Skillern

University of California at Berkeley and Stanford Graduate School of Business

Nora Silver

University of California at Berkeley

in The Foundation Review - 2013

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