BEING CLEAR: Human relationships enable treaty-making

03 March 2018


"No one should be fooled by (politicians') empty rhetoric, because

peace will not be reached without their publics support and engagement."

~ Professor Alon Ben-Meir (Senior Fellow, NYU Center for Global Affairs, and World Policy Forum)

in Overcoming The Israeli-Palestinian Psychosocial Barrier

" I am convinced that men hate each other because they fear each other.

They fear each other because they don't know each other, and

they don't know each other because they don't communicate with each other, and

they don't communicate with each other because they are separated from each other."

~ Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

King Chapel, Cornell College

Mount Vernon, Iowa -- 15 October 1962

"The best way to change mindsets

and to foster ideas of self-determination,

ending the occupation, and peace is through dialogue,

cross-border activities, and physical interactions."

~ Ron Pundak (1955-2014)

in More Relevant Than Ever: People-to-People Peacebuilding Efforts in Israel and Palestine

Palestine-Israel Journal - Vol. 18 - 2012

The Citizens' Century of these 2000s increasingly clarifies that evolution toward life-giving choices for excelling together on Earth will be primarily citizen-initiated.
This "trickle up" change defies the divisive forces and momentum of old-thinking, dependency on "leaders," and limited identification with only one's own tribe or nation.

See how we humans grow closer -- more trusting and creative -- after facing one another, beginning through our he(arts).

1.  The Art of Music Being Together in the Holy Land   
2.  The Art of Story Sharing Bringing Us Together Everywhere             
3.  The Art of Humor with Education Appreciating Traditions and Bringing Jews and Muslims Closer             
4.  The Art of Poetry Healing a Split Society      
5.  Enrichment --  "Together We Can"           

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The Art of Music
Being Together
in the Holy Land
February 14, 2018, in Haifa, 3,000 diverse citizens who hadn't met before gathered in to sing in perfect harmony -- in English, Arabic, and Hebrew -- during their very first Social Involvement Week. 
It was a shared experience of great meaning -- of "singing is believing."

The event was created by Koolulam -- -- newly founded in 2016 to begin gathering diverse people for a few-hour musical, social experience -- to simply sing, together.

Co-initiators and technical producers were the creative staff of the Beit HaGefen Arab-Jewish Cultural Center --

The shared moment of community allowed otherwise-separated people to take part in co-creating and feeling the sounds of their cooperative chorus -- of living and being as one, strengthening trust, awakening optimism.

Koolulam receives e-mail at

Communicate with Beit Hagefen through
SEE and HEAR what happens:


One Day

By Matisyahu

22 February 2018

5-min video



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RANA: Arab-Jewish Women's Choir
-- and -- is Jaffa-based and made up of twenty Muslim, Jewish and Christian women.
Created in 2016, they have been called "the embodiment of co-existence, friendship, peace and the spirit of the Jaffa community."

RANA is described at and receives e-mail at


I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier

Rana Arab-Jewish Women's Choir - January 2017

2-min  video

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The Art of Story Sharing,
Bringing Us Together
Noa Baum -- -- was born and raised in Jerusalem.
Then as an adult she unexpectedly formed a friendship with a Palestinian woman for the first time.

Within their relationships, she realized the importance and power of listening to the story of the "other" -- even if that other is the enemy.
Noa discovered that storytelling transforms perceptions and heals relationships.


Beyond Labels:

Bridging Differences Through Storytelling

Noa Baum

TEDxWilmingtonSalon: Fireside -- December 2017

17-min video

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The Art of Humor with Education
Appreciating Traditions and
Bringing Jews and Muslims Closer


Halal and Kosher Food

in humor and fact

to bring us closer

30 November 2017

2-1/2 min video

Prayer in Judaism and Islam

in humor and in fact

to bring us closer

14 December 2017

2-1/2 min video

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The Art of Poetry
Healing a Split Society
IN JERUSALEM during Summer 2017 diverse women and men gathered in public poetry reading and dialogue, in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
Poems were from the anthology "Before There is Nowhere to Stand" by Palestinian and Israeli poets seeking to awaken the peoples. 

Poetry was divided into three parts: what unites us, what divides us, and to what we aspire.
Each poem was read in English, Arabic and Hebrew, with pauses for participants to write and assimilate what touched them, what had meaning for them.
To conclude, attendees divided into small circles to share experiences.

Hosts were the Jerusalem YMCA -- -- and the Interfaith Encounter Association -- -- which oversees 68 different interfaith circles of engagement.
PHOTOS and the STORY in Arabic, Hebrew, and English are at
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IN CHICAGO, Poetry Pals
-- -- is part of the Olive Tree Arts Network.
They have brought together over 2,500 youth from diverse faith communities for partnership, expression, and familiarity through poetry, spoken word, rhythm, music and art.

Their public service together is building bridges and relationships among participating schools, parents, and communities through dialogue, education, performance and outreach.
To find much MORE, search for "peace poetry" and "peace poetry projects".

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Together We Can

Produced by Mama Jan Smith

with 108 diverse singers                                                                                          

4-1/2 min video - Atlanta, Georgia USA

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