Being Together:  Antidote for war - Creator of community

28 August 2018


"What I have learned from years in the classroom...

As a public policy advocate...a peacebuilder...

Counter to almost everything I was taught...

Has less to do with the quality of the argument I make...

More to do with the relationships I build."

~ Charles "Chip" Hauss

   Senior Fellow for Innovation

   Alliance for Peacebuilding, Washington, DC

"Day by day and night by night we were together,

All else has long been forgotten by me."

~ Walt Whitman

               from the poem "Once I Pass'd Through a Populous City"

1.  Being Together:  Antidote to Deep Conflict
2.  Being Together:  Palestinians & Israelis Creating a New Story
3.  Being Together:  Eight Years of Minority & Refugee Inclusiveness in eastern DR Congo
4.  Being Together:  Muslim & Jewish Young Adults in Los Angeles USA
5.  Enrichment

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Being Together:
Antidote for Deep Conflict
Being together --  practicing inclusiveness -- is humankind's best cure for Deep Identity that can divide us.
Much of our Deep Identity is learned before age seven, with origins long-forgotten and inaccessible to our immediate memory.

Content of one's Deep Identity includes:

1. Ethnicity and Culture, including Religion

2. Race

3. Class

4. Language

5. Gender


African-American educator Shariff Abdullah describes how Deep Identity can distance people into "us" and "them" to create "others" and contribute to Deep Conflict -- the source of the hundreds of big and small wars that ravage our homes, neighborhoods, planet.
Abdullah concludes:  "Practicing inclusiveness is an antidote for Deep Conflict."


Deep Identity

Shariff Abdullah

Finding Common Ground -- 07 August 2018

48-min video

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Being Together:
Palestinians & Israelis
Creating a New Story
For nine years, New Story Leadership has gathered courageous, outspoken women and men from Palestinian and Israel for a summer of face-to-face living and learning together in ways that strengthen communication skills, mutual dignity, determination to create a new, shared future.

VIEW and HEAR them describe their inclusive identification and determination --


Israelis, Palestinians tell their stories to Bethesda audience

Washington Jewish Week -- 28 June 2018

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Being Together:
Eight Years of Minority and
Refugee Inclusiveness in
Eastern DR Congo
Overcoming a history of violent suffering, a creative minority of citizens -- including massacre survivors --have fashioned ways to bring together traditionally alienated women, men, and youth in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
Meeting and listening in new ways, they continue finding new ways to humanize each other and outline their new agreements and ways of living together.


Step-by-Step Ethnic, Religious, and Tribal

Healing and Community Building in eastern

Democratic Republic of Congo (2013-2018)

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Muslim & Jewish
Young Adults in
Los Angeles USA
NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change -- -- helps willing young adults pour themselves into some of the hardest conversations and relationships in their lives -- moving beyond Deep Identity.
what being together looks and sounds like:


Curiosity First:

Four Jewish, four Muslim teens sit down together to ask questions

NewGround - July 2018

1-min video

Making MAJIC: Moving Through Discomfort

New Ground - July 2018

6-1/2 min video

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Five Reasons to be Optimistic About the State of the World

Pachamama Alliance - 2018

3-min video

Voices of Hope Children's Choir

How Far I'll Go -- August 2018

5-min video

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