Additional Jewish-Palestinian Peace Links

   Abraham's Vision
        The one-year Unity Program brins together U.S. Muslim and Jewish high school students to understand
        one another, their faiths, and the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. Their Unity Program travels with U.S.
        Jewish and Palestinian university students to global areas of conflict to better comprehend and
        transcend their own differences.       (Mosque Dialogue training)       (2009 Unity Program graduation - PHOTOS)
        (2010 Unity Program graduation - VIDEO)
   Ada Aharoni's Home Page
        Dedicated to Jews and Arabs who "pave peace" with shared poetry, literature, and culture through
        IFLAC: TheInternational Forum for the Culture of Peace.
   All for Peace radio
        This grassroots Israeli-Palestinian radio station broadcasts in Arabic, Hebrew and English on 107.2 FM and
        on the Internet 24 hours a day.
   All Nations Cafe
        Beginning 2003 in the Jerusalem area, Palestinians and Jews continue meeting face to face "open their hearts
        to each other, and allow for small miracles to happen." Their perpetual gatherings include adults as well as youth
        in camp-like atmospheres.
   Arab-Jewish Dialogue Group of Silicon Valley (Calif.)
        After a year and a half of Dialogue and discovering the others' humanity, in early 2003 they labored side-by-side
        to create their idea of a viable written agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. They also created a Web site to
        communicate their ideas.
   Beyond Words
        Arab and Jewish students, early childhood educators, community leaders and parents are trained and empowered
        to become advocates and leaders for Coexistence and Peace in the Middle East.
   Camps that support the Middle East public peace process
        There are now over a dozen North American summer camp programs that bring Palestinian and Israeli youth, and
        others, together in a safe place to discover one another and hope to communicate and cooperate in new ways.
   Chefs for Peace
        This group of 25 very special people are professional chefs of the highest caliber. Their personal lives testify to their
        commitment to co-existence and caring for their brothers and sisters, whether Arabs or Jews, Christians or Muslims.
   Compassionate Listening Project
        As the focal activity of MidEast Citizen Diplomacy, this U.S. based initiative has led citizen delegations to Israel,
        the West Bank, and Gaza since 1990, learning through first-hand experience, and demonstrating the power of
        Compassionate Listening to transform conflicts. They have built respectful and trusting relationships at every level
        of Israeli and Palestinian society. Upon returning home, many participants initiate Palestinian-Jewish face-to-face
        dialogue in their own communities.
   Crossing Borders
        Jewish, Palestinian, and Jordanian high school and university students determine content and editorial policy for this joint
        Hebrew-Arabic, color publication. Subject matter crosses and challenges ideological and political boundaries. There are
        30,000 copies of each issue. The editorial peer meetings themselves are the essence of the project.
        Contact the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace ( at Givat Haviva Institute.
    Encounter - Musadafa - Encuentro - Mifgash (EMEM)
        This exceptionally useful Internet meeting place allows Palestinian and Jewish peace activists of good will to
        share information and coordinate events. Their goal is to build a new Palestinian-Israeli community dedicated to
        expanding communication between their two peoples and to creating joint projects dedicated to fostering trust and
        improving living conditions. They communicate on the EMEM forum and at periodic face-to-face meetings.
        Tamar Yaron ( ) is a moderator.
   Givat Haviva
        One of the oldest and largest institutions in Israel to advance Jewish-Arab rapprochement, cultural and
        religious pluralism, democratic values, and peace in the Middle East.
   Hagar School
        Hagar School in Be'er-Sheva, Israel, from 2007, has 49 Arab and Jewish students, equally, in pre-school and kindergarten,
        co-taught by Jewish and Arab teachers side-by-side in Hebrew and Arabic concurrently and equally. Everyone's holidays
        are celebrated and explained.   (2008 year-end update)    (March 2008 update)
   Hand in Hand: The Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel
        Hand in Hand is bringing a revolutonary vision to Israeli education: integrated, bilingual schools where Jewish and
        Arab children learn together, helping their families and communities live together.
   HeartBeat Jerusalem
        HeartBeat Jerusalem began in 2007 to utilize the power of music to build understanding and trust between Israeli and Palestinian
        youth and amplify their voices to build trust and create change in the wider community. Original funding was from a U.S. State
        Department's Fulbright Award and from MTVu.
   Hope Flowers School
        In Bethlehem, an indepedent K-12 school for Muslim and Christian girls and boys. They initiate Israeli-Palestinian
        student and staff exchanges across the border. (Also see an excellent second Web site.)

        The Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information, dedicated to creative solutions for all.
   Interfaith Encounter Association
        The Interfaith Encounter Association creates peace in the Middle East through interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural study.
        Religion, rather than being a cause of the problem, becomes a source of the solution for conflicts in the region and beyond.
    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Transformation network -- IPCTnet
        Palestinian Noah Salameh and Israeli Edy Kaufman maximize the resources of The Center for Conflict Resolution &
        Reconciliation (CCRR) Bethlehem, and The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace,
        Jerusalem, to gather a growing community of individuals and non-governmental organizations to exchange creative ideas
        and learning experiences to resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflicts without violence.

      Just Vision brings you on the Web the finest single source of stories about Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers.
      Since 2007, this Web platform has helped Middle East peacemakers converge to meet new people, share photos and creative
      ideas, join or start groups, display videos, and begin blogs without waiting for governments to change.
   MidEast Web
        MidEast Web for Coexistence is a non-profit Internet site founded by Israelis and Palestinians to promote
        dialogue and peace education. There is a reference list of dialogue groups and other relationship-building initiatives.

   Open House
      This place of meeting, dialogue and cooperation between Jews and Arabs in the Ramle-Lod area of Israel also provides
        needed educational and social opportunities to Arab children and their families. This exemplary model of coexistence
        is housed in a residence prevously occupied by an Arab, then a Jewish, family -- before, then after, 1948 -- then given
        by the owner to serve both peoples. There are also supporters, Friends Of Open House.

   The Palestine Center for Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation
        Noah Salameh, Director of CCCR in Bethlehem, has partnered with Israeli Edy Kaufman to co-create the emerging Israeli
        Palestinian Conflict Transformation Network (IPCTNet). The network welcomes Palestinian and Israeli individuals and
        NGOs -- including other supporters -- dedicated to practices of conflict transformation and resoluton based on principles
        of non-violence, symmetry and equality, and trust-building between diverse groups within each society or between the
        two peoples. Since April, 1988, citizens from the occupied West Bank town of Beit Sahour have hosted Palestinians and
        Israelis for grassroots dialogue. The idea is not to convince each other of one's point of view, but to get to learn more about
        the other person and side, and to discuss and overcome stereotypes, prejudice, and fears. They help change relationships,
        thus preparing the region for peaceful solutions and cooperation.

   The Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People - Beit Sahour
        Since April, 1988, citizens from the occupied West Bank town of Beit Sahour have hosted Palestinians and Israelis
        for grassroots dialogue. The idea is not to convince each other of one's point of view, but to get to learn more about
        the other person and side, and to discuss and overcome stereotypes, prejudice, and fears. They help change
        relationships, thus preparing the region for peaceful solutions and cooperation.

   The Palestinian-Israeli Environmental Secretariat
        People-to-people activities, based on a commitment to environmental protection and to joint activism that brings together
        different sectors of the civil societies, especially youth, teachers, journalists and adults. Environmental education and
        activities are used as a means to develop shared discourse, reorientate attitudes, and teach acceptance of the "other."

   Peace Child Israel
        Jewish and Palestinian-Arab high school students in Israel promote coexistence and dialogue between Arab and Jewish
        youth and their parents through school drama presentations. The exuberant zest of these young people for peace is
        documented in photos, letters and song. They are distinctive in that these youth and parents never leave each other in
        times of crisis.
;   See an excellent descriptive stream video.

   PeaceNow in Israel
        Israeli youth and adults cooperating to break the endless cycle of violence and create a real peace of
        dialogue, coexistence and democracy. Founded in '78 by 348 reserve officers of the Israel Defense
        Forces, PeaceNow is Israel's largest grassroots movement in history.

   Potlucks For Peace
        Women and men, Jews and Arabs, living in Ottawa , Canada , come together on a monthly basis to share food, engage in
        dialogue and develop initiatives that, they hope, will contribute to the possibility of peace in the Middle East .

   San Diego (Calif.) Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue
        Some participants of San Diego's eight thriving Dialogues offer an online audio and visual documentary of their process,
        and other useful resources.

   Seeds of Peace
        For 12 years teens from the Middle East have been brought to a summer camp in Maine to turn hate and distrust
       into communication, understanding, empathy, cooperation, and hope. There are over 2,000 Seeds of Peace graduates.
       Former Secretary of State Christopher said of them, "By developing new friendships, they are demolishing old
       prejudices." And they are doing what no governments can, "sowing the seeds of peace among the next generation
       of leaders."   (view trailer of film, SEEDS)    (information about 12 other camps)

   WINDOWS: Channels for Communication
      Opening windows into the minds of young readers and correspondents, a Junior Editorial Board of 50 youth,
      Palestinian and Israeli, equally, collaborate across borders to create WINDOWS: Magazine for All Children, a
      beautiful bi-monthly publication, in Hebrew and Arabic together. It reaches thousands of children to help dispell
      misinformation, stereotypes, and prejudices. Based in Tel Aviv, they arrange summer junior correspondents'
      workshops and sponsor "My Habitat," a touring exhibitiion by Israeli and Palestinian children. Sponsors Ms.
      Rutie Atsmon and Mr. Salman Natur can be reached by e-mail at .

   ZEITOUNA Arab-Jewish Women's Dialogue
      Since 1992 six Arab women and six Jewish women in Ann Arbor, Michigan, continue to discover their shared humanity.
      They chose the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as their focus and the dialogue process as a means of personal transformation
       leading to socio-political transformation, as they bridge the gulf between their two communities with increasing
      effectiveness, including with their new film - REFUSING TO BE ENEMIES..

Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group
1448 Cedarwood Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403
Voice: (650) 574-8303 -- Fax: (650) 573-1217

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