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Palestinian and Jewish Recipes for Peace
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      International response to this November 2004 publishing-first is far beyond what we ever imagined in our small, dedicated Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group in California.
      Despite being self-published with only grassroots means of announcing it, after only six weeks already 581 cookbooks were in 98 cities, including 25 states and 6 countries.
      By 2006, over 1,000 cookbooks were in 160 cities worldwide.
      We're so encouraged that it's symbolism and usefulness mean more to people than we dreamed.

"I love the book.
This week we are going to have the campers make Baba Ghannouj and Challah.
They will eat them together on Friday."

Bonnee Binker, Director
Camp Jernee, Miami, FL
"This is more than a cookbook!
Good Cooking recommends this book
both for its message of peace and understanding
and its multi-cultural recipes . Some of them are
as simple as can be and others require some cooking skills.
It is worth opening your senses and mind to the new and the traditional."

Chef John J. Vyhnanek -- GoodCooking.com
"Cookbook brings Israelis, Palestinians to the table"
Published in The San Francisco Chronicle -- Friday, Nov. 26, 2004

"Weekend America" public radio link to the book.
"This is much more than a cookbook.
As you go through it, it's a fascinating -- an impressive document."

Terry Doland, publishing executive, Mountain View, CA
"It's such an important book.
It shows how two peoples can
live and eat together. . .right now!"

Elias Botto, San Mateo, CA
Palestinian garment manufacturer
"Middle East peace talks go on"   (about the cookbook and the Dialogue)
Editorial page -- The San Mateo County Times -- Thursday, Dec. 2, 2004

"Cooking Up Peace" An Arab's blog about the book
"We're enjoying the cookbook very much.
It turned out very nicely, with lots of good
recipes and more than food -- pictures and stories.
Thanks for the all the loving and creative energy that went into putting
it together. We've already tried the beet borscht, and it was outstanding!"
Laurie White, Zeitouna Arab-Jewish Women's Dialogue, Ann Arbor, MI
KQED Forum Winter 2004 Reading List
"I received the recipe book. It's gorgeous."
Ann Gonski, Camp Director, Camp Tawonga, California
Oseh Shalom~Sanea al-Salam Family Peacemakers Camp
"The books just arrived. This is a magnificent work.
"I'd like to buy one for everyone I know."

Dr. Sharon Joy, Moores School of Music
University of Houston, Texas
Selected among the top COOKBOOKS WORTH GIVING "in the spirit of
harmony for the holidays. . .to provide a window into the two cultures to
show how food plays a prominent role in identity and celebration."
Carolyn Jung, Food Editor, San Jose Mercury News
"I love it. This books shows what two peoples
at odds have in common in the kitchen and
daily lives. If the negotiating table doesn't
work for now, for sure the meal table can."

Fanny Botto, Palestinian homemaker, San Mateo, CA
"Maybe your book will help put out a few fires in that
corner of the World. I have included your link on my Web site."

Buzz Baxter, The Gutsy Gourmet, Florence, OR
At www.thegutsygourmet.net
"What a wonderful idea! I've been saying for years
if Israelis and Palestinians would meet in the kitchen,
it would save a lot of bloodshed."

Judy Bart Kancigor, Fullerton, CA
Creator of CookingJewish.com
"I am glad to read the stories and recipes,
and have some unique gifts for my friends."

Sara Segal, San Francisco
"I'm going to give this out to everyone I know this year!"
Elissa Tivona, Fort Collins, CO
"What a wonderful contribution
to our world, our people, and peace!"
B.J. Abraham, Arab Storyteller, Atlanta, GA
"I have just received the cookbook (and am very
tempted to start to prepare dinner for tonight!)"
Eetta Prince-Gibson, Jerusalem
"The cookbook is delightful. Quite an undertaking.
A lot of work, but providing much pleasure."

Adrienne Harber, Boulder, CO
"They are beautiful."
Lora Lucero, Albuquerque, NM
"Getting the recipe book and reading. . .gives me courage that there is
a lot of hope. . .for my people, the Palestinians and the Israelis.
They both are my people. I am an Israeli and I am Palestinian.
I want to order another package to send to Nazareth to my
family and friends. People need to have that great book."
Raeda Ashkar, Cupertino, CA
Recipes for Peace
Feature article in The Daily Journal
FOOD FINDS, by Nino Marchetti, San Mateo, CA
"It's a great idea and looks lovely."
Oryana Kaufman, Journalist
Australian Jewish News
"I'm looking forward to cooking some favorite recipes with my mum,
having spent the better part of my youth in the Middle East."
Liza Reavis, San Francisco, CA
"Seems youíve touched many people Ė itís amazing what FOOD can do!
(Much better than fighting!!) Iím going to fix one of the recipes tonight!!"

Elaine Pasquini, Novato, CA
"Love the cookbook! Way to go!"
Sheila Sonnenschein, Lakewood, KS
"Cookbooks are in hand - or rather in the hands of the lucky recipients.
Thanks so much for your great work. I'm eager to try these recipes. Yum! "
Elissa Tivona, Ft. Collins, CO
"I enjoyed reading through the cookbook -- it was a wonderful idea.
I am sharing them with family and friends. Thank you."

Lila Hollman, Law student, Univ. of California, Davis, CA
"What a great book you have made!! It came today. I hope soon it will be in hardback,
and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so everyone in the world can buy it. I will order more."
Helen Hanna, Santa Rose, CA
"Everyone in Zeitouna (Women's Muslim-Jewish Dialogue) has a copy
and we have given a number of copies to friends. It is so much
more than a cookbook: the human aspects of describing and
adopting foods, the many heartwarming stories that accompany
the recipes and their histories, and all the photos and
materials about dialogue make it a truly valuable
companion. Thank you so much for initiating this."

Irene Butter, Ann Arbor, MI
"I am fascinated to find a source of denominated
Palestinian-American recipes, since in my ethnic cookbook
I had to put together Syrian/Jordanian/Lebanese/Palestinian
cooking as "Arab-American." and. . .I couldn't fine enough sure-thing
Israeli-American recipes either. . .So I can't wait to read the cookbook,
not to mention try some mujdarrah, turkey schnitzel, or whatever you have."

Mark H. Zanger, Author, Jamaica Plains, MA
The American History Cookbook -- www.historycook.com and
The American Ethnic Cookbook for Students -- www.ethnicook.com
"I am giving the books to all my family
as part of their Chanukah presents."
Judy Bloom, Hillsborough, CA
"That is great news, mazel tov.
We plan to run the recipe for Mujadara. Many thanks!"
Libby Goldberg, Editorial Assistant, Hadassah Magazine
"It's wondeful. Am looking forward to trying
some of the recipes, and I enjoyed the stories. I bought
one for my two daughters, my daughter-in-law, and my niece
who lives in Bristol, England and promotes Jewish/Arabic dialogue."
Norine Dresser, Los Angeles, CA
Writer, speaker, teacher
"The cookbooks arrived today and they are so impressive!
I look forward to trying some of the food and philosophical recipes."
Sharon Reisman Conway, Director
SNEC Young Emissary Program ó West Hartford, CT
"Our daughter is very active
. . . and it is a present for her.
The the other one is for a Palestinian
we met on one of our recent trips to Israel."
Barbara Dworkin, Niskayuna, NY
"The wonderful book arrived today! Thank you so much for handling this so quickly.
I am so impressed with the entire book. The recipes sound delicious and the stories
make everything more special. The Living Room Dialogue group is
such a great way to develop understanding."
Karen S. Kirkwood, Apple Valley, MN


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