The Song of Songs

There is one who sings the song of his soul,
discovering in his soul everything -- utter spiritual fulfillment.

There is one who sings the song of his people.
Emerging from the private circle of his soul -- not expansive enough,
not yet tranquil -- he strives for fierce heights, clinging to the entire community of Israel in tender love...

Then there is one whose soul expands
until it extends beyond the border of Israel,
singing the song of humanity... his spirit spreads,
aspiring to the goal of humankind, envisioning its consummation...

Then there is one who expands even further
until he unites with all existence, with all creatures, with all worlds, singing a song with them all.

There is one who ascends with all these songs
in unison -- the song of the soul, the song of the nation, the song of humanity,
the song of the cosmos -- resounding together, blending in harmony, circulating the sap of life,
the sound of holy joy.

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook
Chief Rabbi of Palestine
20th Century Kabbalist

From THE ESSENTIAL KABBALAH: The Heart of Jewish Mysticism
by Daniel C. Matt, Ph.D., HarperCollins Publishers, New York, 1995

NOTES: Born in 1865, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook was the Chief Rabbi of Palestine until his death in 1935. A brilliant scholar and mystic, he is remembered for his ability to bring together battling religious and social factions, making harmony out of seemingly irreconcilable differences. He has been called "Shepherd of Jerusalem."

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