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In New Jersey, a single teen high school student brought together Muslim, Jewish and Christian teens to close the distance and break the ice with Interfaith Dinner Discussion. She got her inspiration and skills from the summer program "Face to Face ~ Faith to Faith."
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In Nablus, after 2006 elections, West Bank youth come together to learn quality listening and Dialogue, and to build a new civil society, democracy and volunteerism, while preparing to enter into relationships with Jews in Israel and beyond. They call themselves Future Generation Hands Committee (FGHC).
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In Jerusalem, 58 Jewish and Palestinian youth gathered in February 2006 to enter into new kinds of relationships and democracy building, organized by OneVoice. Their blog is at:
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In Israel, Palestinian youth from Kfar Kassem establish deep relationships with Jewish peers from Petach Tikvah, while creating and performing theatrical performances about coexistence. They call themselves Peace Child Israel.
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Another Peace Child Israel collective of Arab and Jewish relationship builders and theatrical presenters gather at Kibbutz Ein Hahoresh, north of Tel Aviv for dress rehearsal and to watch the new video documentary, "Reuniting the Children of Abraham," about how Christian, Jewish and Muslim teens from Metro Detroit also came together, shared their stories about their hopes, dreams, and fears in the shadow of 9/11 and the Middle East conflict, and wrote and preformed a play about their experiences.
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Never giving up in spite of closed borders, Arab and Jewish Israelis use Internet cameras (webcams) to "meet" with their counterparts in Tulkarem, West Bank. They are part of Windows--Channels for Communication.
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With Web cameras, Gaza youth study English with Gal Springman, Tel Aviv, as part of "Language Connections" to prepare Israeli and Palestinian youth to communicate with each other with a closed community blog called SNOWblog.
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Muslim, Jewish and Christian young musicians offer The Roads to You Tour: Celebration of One World. Along the way, they conduct workshops at schools, houses of worship, organizations and house concerts at no cost. This is to promote awareness of the importance of cultural exchange to dispel mutual ignorance and create sustainable bonds between communities.
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