Bay Area Invitation

An educational, participatory evening
for the
Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
young Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians, and Americans
women and men living, studying, teaching, and acting togetherv to build relationships and preserve Earth's precious environment

An Arab and a Jew:
Two extraordinary, young citizen peace-builders & Earth-savers

Mohammed Atwa (Palestinian)   &   Rina Kedem (Israeli)

     Mohammed Atwa, a Palestinian from Gaza and their Islamic University, made a life-transforming decision to study at the Arava Institute and champion coexistence and the protection of Earth's living system. He helped establish the first community garden built between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.
     Rina Kedem is Jewish and a dual Israeli and U.S. citizen, with roots in the Bay Area. A "citizen of the world," she works for Arava to coordinate and manage Jewish-Arab youth environmental programs in Israel and Jordan. Rina also served on the planning committee for Camp Tawonga's Peacemakers Camp.
     Two incredibly moving stories of cultural heroism. What motivated Rina and Mohammed to become involved with the Arava Institute? What obstacles did they overcome in becoming involved with a program that values cross-cultural dialogue? What realistic hopes do they have for our shared future?

Be inspired!     Be informed!     Help!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
7:00 pm - Refreshments and Exhibits
7:30 - 9:30 pm - Presentation and Audience participation

Among redwoods of the beautiful
San Mateo Garden Center
605 Parkside Way - San Mateo, CA
just north of the Beresford Recreation Center

(650) 574-8303   -or-   LTraubman@earthlink.net

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Driving Directions
Highway 101 toward San Mateo
West on 92 - South on Alameda de las Pulgas - Right onto Parkside Way
Highway 280 toward San Mateo
East on 92 - South on Alameda de las Pulgas - Right onto Parkside Way


Hosted by the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group of San Mateo
celebrating 16 years of talking, listening, and cooperating

Two other Arava evenings:
Berkeley - Saturday, July 12 - 7 pm - 683 The Alameda
the home of Ann Gonski and John Scott
San Francisco - Sunday, July 13 - 5 pm - 2825 Pine Street
the home of Bill Kedem and Laurel Rest

RSVP about Berkeley and San Francisco:

All evenings will include opportunities to support the Arava Institute.