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Carol Wright Kittermaster
our beautiful friend
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January 8, 1931 — January 31, 2006

"I was truly blessed to be a small part of the Dialogue community and know that Carol’s
visionary work and efforts created a world dialogue community. May her soul rest in peace.
She will be missed but her legacy lives on."

Sheila Kay, Cupertino
We are very saddened to lose such a good and long time friend.
Carol was a beautiful woman in every way. All of the world will miss her smile and the concern she had
for the earth and those living on it. We know that you, John, and the family will miss her the most.
If there is anything we can do please let us know. We all really loved her.
She now has a different view of all of us mere mortals. It was our extreme pleasure to share
some of her last cocktail hours with the both of you."
Pete and Lynda Paffrath, San Mateo
"When I was a "newbie" in the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group,
Carol made me feel so welcomed and integral because she went out of her way to talk to me.
Even after I got to know everyone, we continued our conversation from month to month as if
it had not been interrupted. I loved talking with Carol because she was so gracious, interested, and accepting.
In return, I enjoyed hearing about her many activities, her family, and her involvement in getting the group started.
A couple of years ago, we found ourselves as mutual guests at Jerry Fuchs' roast at Notre Dame de Namur University.
We greeted each other as lifelong friends. I realized how much it meant to me that she was there.
Visiting her at Sunrise Assisted Living facility last week enables me to say with certainty that
she was beautiful to the end. Carol listened with her eyes as my own misted over. She will be sorely missed. "

Miriam L. Zimmerman, Belmont
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"Carol had a big impact on my life. I used to be strictly one-sided about the Middle East.
But Carol kept working on me and helped me to see that there are two sides, two narratives."
Jerry Fuchs, retired newspaper publisher, Penryn
"Wow! You were so great to die that soon. You added a lot to the meetings
and were such a lovely person. We so specially loved you, Carol, from all of our hearts."

Raeda Ashkar, Cupertino
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"If Palestinians knew how much she loved and cared for them
they would have built her a statue in Ramallah."
Nazih Malak, Milpitas
"Our dear friend Carol, spirited, refined, passionate crusader for just causes,
strong advocate of the opposing point of view when needed and someone who could be counted on.
It struck us as interesting that Corretta Scott King passed away on the same day as Carol, since
Carol worked in the black neighborhoods of Chicago and cared deeply about all people.
People such as these two strong women are rare, and Carol will be missed."

Bob and Teri Whitehair
"Carol was a beautiful woman in all ways possible.
She was a most caring, intelligent person who reached out to all people
in her kind and willing manner, to do good and help solve problems wherever possible.
We shall not forget her! She was very special."
Hilde and Eric Gattmann, San Mateo
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"The memories of Carol that we hold in our hearts are her idealism, enthusiasm, positive attitude,
and personal warmth. Being so free of prejudice and ill will herself, she could not understand why
Jews and Palestinians could not just get along. Her loving spirit helped others become more loving.
We loved her and will miss her."

Walt and Kay Hays, Palo Alto
"Bright spirits touch our lives and move on.
The sorrow of their leaving softens as
we recognize their presence in our hearts and actions.
Carol lives on in her impact upon us. May we represent her well."
Pete and Diane Lawrence, San Mateo
"We will miss Carol's warm smile and caring friendship. She never failed to send us
her signature chocolate hearts for every birthday and special occasion.
Her memory remains sweet in our hearts."

Florence and Rolf Beier, San Mateo
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"Carol was an important member in our Seven Sisters Book Group that has been meeting
for many years. Even though we refer to ourselves as "sisters," Carol liked to think of herself more as
a mother figure due to being a bit older than the rest of us. All I can say is, Carol was a lot more relaxed and
open to many of life's little adventures than my mother would have considered proper or socially acceptable.
She gave me and our group lots to think about and sometimes shocked us with her ideas. We miss her already!"
Libby Traubman, San Mateo
"I remember Carol as one of the truly loving nurturers I've known.
She asked for little, only her prayer that we perpetuate all the relationship-building and
Earth-sustaining activities that she insisted upon and caused. Carol had special faith and
interest in the younger generation, and urged us to involve and empower them. I promised. She smiled."

Len Traubman, San Mateo
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"Carol was a very special person, we have fond memories of her.
We remember her for her gentle ways and for her the inner kindness that was always visible.
One time, we saw Carol in some advertisement and we asked her about her career and her talents.
Carol told us she could cry on cue, we put her to the test and instantly
tears welled up and rolled down her simple feat, so touching.
We will miss her, we will miss her most at dialogue group meetings where she would
wait patiently and then speak with such grace, such poignancy, and such sweetness.
Carol carry herself with the grace of a princess and the poise of a concerned world citizen, yet she
didn't take herself too seriously. Carol could catch you with a smile and reflect back to you the joy in the moment.
It is in remembering her now that the tears well up inside of us,
thinking of Carol and how her grace, poise, beauty and idealism will be missed. "
David Leventhal and Sandra Kahn
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"Carol was only 13 years old when I first met her .
She had an impact on my life that proved to be unforgettable as well as a blessing.
Her honest, open, compassionate, loving attitude will be remembered by all those who ever met her. "

Donald G. Brandeau, Crystal Lake, IL
"We will always remember Carol as the lovely, gracious,
'care for others' woman who worked with us on the west side of Chicago.
She was truly one of the 'new women.'"
Priscilla Wilson
"My brother Ed was the oldest. Carol was second. I'm the youngest.
Carol used to say that she thought I would never grow up. Well, here I am today, and I still haven't!
I don't always like to act my age. What fun is that? It's dull and boring.
It's fun to pretend to be crazy or weird sometimes.
She also used to say that I was never any trouble.
She meant I was never any trouble to my father or mother. I loved my father and mother.
I respected them. Dad worked his butt off for us. When dad said to do or not do something, I did it.
I never wrecked cars, never got arrested, never got girls pregnant, never got sued, never smoked
nor used drugs, never caused my father any trouble. Carol never caused him trouble either.
'Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.' Proverbs 22:6
She was a beauty queen in high school and college. It really hurt me to see her get old, but
she was physically beautiful except for the very end, and internally beautiful always."

Dick Wright
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"Is it any wonder that as you look through the photos and thoughts of friends and colleagues that
Carol is seen with a group? She worked with groups and teams... she catalyzed groups and teams.
And her spirit shown through whatever endeavor she undertook. She never retreated from
taking on the difficult issues of her times....and helped people see a different way.
Each of these communities will miss her being a part of them."
Don and Mary Warren Moffett
"I remember getting to know Carol in meetings and suddenly realizing that
she thought much “bigger” than I did. When she told me she got an acting job because
she could cry on cue, that did it, since tears tell the truth.
We have inherited a big responsibility she carried with no apparent effort."

Mark Moulton, President, Board of Directors, Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County
"What a lovely thing to do, arranging a "remembering" website.
Reading all these beautiful tributes to Carol makes me want to say
"amen!" to each one, or "right on!" might convey it better today. To be counted
as one of Carol's many admirers and friends is to be blessed indeed. Thanks, Carol."
Eleanor Anderson, San Mateo
"Carol,a friend with open arms and heart, always there for you. A friend that will be missed...always."
Monique Nicole Jaeger
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"From our first encounter with Carol Kittermaster several decades ago at Gloucester Pool
in Muskoka,Canada, there was no doubt that this articulate, intelligent, beautiful woman was
a good deal more than another charming, pretty face. She could always think with clarity about
a great number of issues which could severely impact mankind. Her concerns encompassed a broad range
about the sustainability of life on Earth, from continued continued depletion of resources and contamination
of the air and Earth at the present rate, to her life long concern about the isolation of people from one another,
including racist, religious and national biases and the failure of our leaders to see the results before disasters occur. And yet with such high and noble concerns this was a true friend who could turn her mind and energy to
helping so many individuals in so many ways. One such small example for us, who will always be eternally grateful, is Carol's efforts in our finding one another in a love and understanding such as she would wish for the world."
Doug Keary & Angela Newham
"Carol was a beautiful spirit woman.
What she brought to the world lives on. We were so lucky to know her."

Jim & LaVerne Phillips, Largo, FL
"I shall forever see Carol as a shining star in the evening sky.
And, as she did in life, she will forever cast her glow on those of us she left behind."
Anne Wood, Palmetto Bay, FL
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"I've known Carol since the mid-'80s,
through Beyond War, Foundation for Global Community, and
Sustainable San Mateo County, of which she was a founding member, and
Bay Area Alliance for Sustainable Communities. Carol would serve her causes
in whatever way was asked of her with grace and generosity (except for taking committee meeting minutes).
She exemplified "networking," and reminded us that the 4th E (beyond Environment, Equity, and Economy)
was Education. She understood the big picture and worked for change. But it is
Carol's personal warmth, and friendship I will cherish and miss."

Marcia Pagels, San Mateo
"We never knew Carol through any of her many activities.
She was just a friend. A beautiful, warm, caring friend who inspired us with
her quiet philosophy and wonderful example in life and, even now, continues to do so. We'll miss her."
Lesley and Allan Rankin
"David and I have a star ornament that Carol gave us one Christmas.
She gave us stars and hearts and affection beyond measure. She was a star in so many ways.
I would have liked to have spent more time with Carol. If she and John lived around the corner, I am sure that
we would have been in and out of each other’s houses all of the time. She was beautiful – inside and out.
When the Seven Sisters spent the night at our cabin, Carol woke up looking as well put together as
she would have for a photo shoot or a cause-driven social gathering. She had a great chuckle and
an inquiring mind. Does anybody remember her suggestion that we migrate to another planet?
She was always ready to talk about anything with openness and candor and a sparkle in her eyes.
She was loving and caring and, oh, so passionate about her children,
her friends and community and our precious planet."

Anne (and David) Hinckle, Burlingame
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