Evaluator's Form

"People become the music they hear and the music they play." ~Anonymous

Call for Music Videos
Palestinian-Jewish Duos or Groups

Music unites people who otherwise stay apart.
Fresh partnerships can create better relationships and
invent modern artistic expressions to speed humankind toward community.
Music's power can make us better people, as change begins in small circles of
creative individuals for our times — The Citizens' Century.

The  2011  Entrees

1st Award - THRU JERUSALEM - 1st Award
2nd Award - WAGIN' PEACE - 2nd Award
3rd Award - WE BROUGHT PEACE UPON US - 3rd Award


The Artists:
Joel Demir: Oud — Nic Garrison: Nay — Kurt Gramckow: Oud — Keeth "CrowHawk" Hershman: Percussion — Pamela Sheffler: Violin

The Story:
     Acham is a traditional Palestinian folk tune that has found lyrics in Hebrew as well.
     The Jewish, Arab, and other musicians live near California Polytechnic State University and are rooted in the school's Arab Music Ensemble directed by Dr. Ken Habib.
     They began playing closely together as a "tacht," a small traditional Middle Eastern group learning challenging Arabic and other Middle Eastern pieces.
     Their rendition of Acham interprets the performance of Moneim Adwan and Françoise Atlan, two musicians who bridge the Palestinian-Jewish chasm through their great love of music and humankind.
     The diverse group of musicians hopes viewers will go out and learn about other cultures, play music, and thus make the world a more cooperative and joyful place to live.

Joel Demir
E-mail: personism@gmail.com
Web: http://music.calpoly.edu/brochure/ame.html


The Artists:
The HIP HOP HUDNA, presented by Heartbeat and the Willy Brandt Center in Jerusalem
Words and music by:
Mohamed Seif, David Yablenovsky, Diar Yussef, Basti Zimmerman, Dana Herz, AaronShneyer
Yan Serov, Laura Huebsch, Guy Gefen Dekel Adin, Ibrahim Bassa, Fadi Ammous, Dave Kirreh

The Story:
     In May and June 2010 sixteen Israeli, Palestinian, and German youth musician, rappers, and poets (ages 16-21) took part in a one of a kind exploration of the past, present, and future.
     Living and creating music together for one week in Jerusalem and one week in Berlin, participants of the project explored Hip-Hop and other urban art forms as tools for youth empowerment and social change.
     Throughout their two weeks together the group composed 9 original songs, which were released on the album, True Love, and they filmed this music video for Boom Boom Boom.
     The program was implemented by the Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem and Heartbeat Jerusalem, in cooperation with Europeans for Peace and the Foundation for Remembrance, Responsibility and Future.
     Boom Boom Boom is a selection from their album, TRUE LOVE: The 1st Israeli-Palestinian-German Hip Hop Hudna - http://heartbeatmusic.bandcamp.com .
     The songs on this album are all original compositions by project participants.


Yea. Salam. Shalom. Peace!

(Dekel, Guy,& Dana / Chorus / English):

Boom, Boom, Boom!
We don't want no more of this!
Boom, Boom, Boom
Give me something different than...

(Mohammad / Arabic):

Why are you afraid?
Don't you know?
Through music we can talk and come closer to each other.
Don’t be afraid!
Rap is my obsession and it keeps me from jail.
I'll never change. I'll always stay the same.
If you are good to me, I’ll be good to you.
But if you hurt me, I'll never forget.
I live my life, far from the idea of sacrifice.
But your checkpoints are built for my misery.
Everything seems to turn against me,
and it makes me sick.

(Daffy / Hebrew):

Only death, and more death,
Shooting, and more shooting!
Only separation, and more separation,
Tears, and more tears!
Too many traumas that will stay forever.
The same people and the same weapons
are always on the scene!
Lord, can you explain me, what’s going on?
Why do people continue to lie?
Why are their answers even more confusing,
without any explanation?
Will I be able to overcome?

(Basti & Diar / German):

What every farmer knows,
As you sow so shall you reap.
We wish everyone would feel good,
because we believe in humanity.
Remember, together we can change the world!
Who decides if things could be different
or if they stay as they are?
How does the world look in our dreams?
Let's go on!
I'm changing myself as I move forward.
If you respect me, I will respect you
and no longer will it be a matter of sink or swim.
Because we'll stick together and take things into our own hands,
and we won't give up!

“Boom, Boom, Boom...”

(Yan “Bugs” / Hebrew):

For them I am just a soldier obeying orders,
But the time has come to change the picture!
I have my side, my inner truth
and at the end of every day there are people who understand me.
My mistakes don't make me a shitty person.
When every time pure hate occupies the world
I don't understand how people can keep living
making the same errors again and again.

(Don Bassa / Arabic):

You can’t change me, as I can’t you.
You love me, you hate me, I really don’t care.
From Jerusalem to Berlin,
all Arabs in the street know who I am.
With my k’fiya in the club, they love my bouncing.
I love them, but also envy them.
There is no police to stop them.
In Jerusalem we are afraid of the government.

When will I be free?
When will I live like everyone else?

(Fadi / Arabic):

If you want to change the situation,
just stop what’s going on.
You can’t sleep on the roof,
while others sleep in a bed of silk.
Stop, think, and decide!
Now is the time for change.
Please lower the heat.
Stop shooting!
I raise my middle finger for who got their finger on the trigger!
Why should we live forever under pressure and strike?
I feel like my life is a pair of dice.
Stop the war!
Hey people, stop the war!
I raise my middle finger for who got their finger on the trigger!

“Boom, Boom, Boom...”

(Dave / Arabic):

So many times you found yourself at the end of the story,
but sometimes you want to be the winner.
So many people present themselves as someone cool.
While inside they carry piles of trash,
even though from outside they look like jasmine.
Their existence is full of clashes and struggle for life.
I am a writer, as everyone can be a writer, too.
I write slogans on banners, deviated slogans.
Like a hooker, introducing herself as the Virgin Mary,
but in reality, she is confused,
and a curse on the world.
I know, I sound crazy,
But we are all human beings.

“Boom, Boom, Boom...”

Aaron Shneyer
E-mail: Aaron@heartbeatjerusalem.org
Skype: aaronshneyer
Web: http://www.heartbeatjerusalem.org and http://www.willybrandtcenter.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=558721049


The Artists:
Sameh "Saz" Zakout and Eti Castro
Lyrics: Ehud Manor — Rap text: Sameh Zakout — Music: Nurit Hirsch

The Story:
     Saz and Eti met on 2005 "by mistake."
     She was working on a track for her first EP album and looking for a Palestinian artist to partner with.
     At that time Saz was one of the most interviewed Palestinian artists in Israel.
     Once strangers, the two began harmonizing, never believing that from one track together would give birth to a full album released worldwide.
     This song is from their album, Master Peace - http://www.advitam-records.com/gb/?page_id=35 and http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001IRY82U


Here comes Peace.
Hit the road sometime yesterday,
Almost here, closer everyday
Here comes Peace.

The king of miracles in the sky
Scents the air as he passes by
Dreamers awaken on hearing his call
Breathe in deep, come alive.

His message is heard from East to West
He's knocking on the door
He won't give in anymore.

(Arabic rap)

They say one who believes in peace lives in a dream
Like a lost child it would seem

From a deep sleep he has not awakened
As every glimmer of hope is slowly dissipating
Don't let them mislead you
Your future is in your hands
Hold hope in your heart, get rid of the hate
Hey, open your eyes, the future's yours to create.

(Hebrew and Arabic)

Peace is now on its way.
Built a home here, with no delay
Sick of dreaming it's here to stay
Here comes Peace.

From the depths of the sea
And from every mountaintop
Riding the wind it sings
It is real, it is real.

(Arabic rap)

One day the situation will change
The barriers between us will break
One day you will be the boss
No one will be able to mess with your head
We want a generation that thinks of the future
We want a generation to take the lead
A generation that brings another generation
A relationship between the children of Ramallah and Tel-Aviv

(Hebrew and Arabic)

His message is heard from East to West
He's knocking on the door,
He won't give in anymore.

Here comes Peace
Hit the road sometime yesterday,
Almost here, closer every day
Here comes Peace.

Sameh "Saz" Zakout
E-mail: SamehZakout@gmail.com
Skype: al-alsaz
Web: http://www.alsaz.net and http://www.myspace.com/alsaz
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alsa
Eti Castro
E-mail: EtiCastro@gmail.com
Web: http://www.eticastro.co.il
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eticastro


The Artists:
Wisam Gibran and Eliana Gilad

The Story:
     Wisam Gibran and Eliana Gilad met at the Speaking Art conference which promotes common interests and respect among professional Israeli and Palestinian artists while allowing participants to learn from each other.
     The two internationally respected composer-artists decided to collaborate in a live demonstration of living peace and harmony.
     Eliana and Wisam spontaneously composed music together before a live audience in a 200-year-old Arab mansion in biblical Nazareth.
     Jews, Christians, and Muslims, including international tourists, experienced the man and woman, Christian and Jew, Palestinian and Israeli, two human instruments creating harmony by surrendering in service to the music — One.

Eliana Gilad
E-mail: MusicPeace@013net.net
Skype: eliana.gilad
Web: http://www.voicesofeden.com
Facebook: http:// www.facebook.com/eliana.gilad
Wisam Gibran
Web: http://wn.com/wisamgibran
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wisam.gibran


The Artists:
Nabil Abu Nicola, Samia Ashkar, Ofer Golany
and guest artists Emilian and Celine

The Story:
     Musicians4Peace was born when Germans came to Israel in 2003 with a vision.
     "Calling a Jewish musician and an Arab musician to the same stage and music, where listening and playing are simultaneous, will be a sign of peace between them, " the thought.
     Palestinians Nabil Abu-Nicola and Samia Ashkar from the Newlife Community of Nazareth stepped forward, and Jewish Ofer Golany from Jerusalem joined them.
     They write together using Hebrew and Arabic languages in every song.
     Their concerts are group prayers that catalyze the audience to sing along and often end in dancing.
     Musicians4Peace has performed in Germany, Belgium, France, Holland and Lithuania, traveling as a trio and sharing all that the road brings.
     They play to mixed Arab -Jewish groups and have opened their homes in Nazareth and Jerusalem to each other as an example of peace through sharing.
     This song is in their 2004 album, RAUCH ("wind, spirit" in both Arabic and Hebrew) at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ofer4

I accept the call to be a mensch
From the scriptures, from the heart
Do to her as you would have done onto you
Love your neighbor as yourself

Ofer Golany
E-mail: Ofer.Golany@gmail.com
Skype: ofermarion
Web: http://ofermusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/ofer.golany
Nabil Abu Nicola
E-mail: NewLifeCommunity@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=718016164


The Artists:
Palestinian and Jewish youth of the Sulhita youth leadership program

The Story:
     Immersed in music, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian youth ages 16-20 years successfully meet at the heart, in the desert and in safety.
     Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians of all religions and origins, create a young community in the spirit of Sulha.
     In Sulhita, 80 boys and girls experience listening circles, workshops, interfaith prayer, cooking, dancing, playing, and making music together.
     The young citizen-leaders create relationships and music, and discover new feelings for each other.
     In circles and face to face, hearts are opened, questions are answered, a better future is born.

The Desert is Talking

The desert is talking and
Tells you to be happy
Tells you that
everything is flourishing
Inside your heart

Earth and Sky

Earth and sky
Heat of fire
The sound of the water
I can feel it in my body
I can feel it in my soul


Show me the way
I will walk and not be afraid
Until I will find inside me
The one

Nabil Raj
E-mail: RajNibal@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.sulha.com
Duli Gruder
E-mail: Duli_Gruder@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.sulha.com
Elad Vazana (Facilitator)
E-mail: Elad@havayati.co.il
Skype: eladvazana
Web: http://www.havayati.co.il
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eladvazana and


The Artists:
Noor Athamneh — Ibrahim Boulos — Nabeel Haik — Mais Hreish — Shira Legmann — Amit Landau
Feras Machour — Majd Machour — Ola Nassar — Anat Nevo — Mahdi Saadi — Yaman Saadi — Jereis Saleh
Director, Conductor: Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar

The Story:
     polyphony — the convergence of a number of largely independent voices and melodies that harmonize with each other

     Music has a power beyond its own sounds, transcending cultural and social boundaries to educate both performers and listeners in the art of listening.
     With this principle in mind, the newly formed Polyphony Foundation seeks to provide underprivileged Arab-Israeli youth a unique and dynamic pathway to equal opportunity and full participation in the building of future civil society.
     Polyphony's programs of education though music bridge the divide between Israel's Arab and Jewish communities, facilitating cultural exchange, dialogue and partnership

Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar
E-mail: Nabeel_Abboud@hotmail.com
Skype: nabeel.aboud.ashkar
Web: http://www.polyphonyusa.org


The Artists:
Sousaphone: Udi Raz — Brass & Groove: Marsh Dondurma — Kanun: Safi Swaid — Darbuka: Hani Asad — Viola: Emmanuel Witzthum — Drum Kit: Uriel Sverdin
Mpc & Turntable: Guy Mar — Dahul: Ittai Binnun — Baglama: Tomer Katz — Biovon: Amir Bolzman — Oud: Loab Hammoud — Guitar: Ophir Even Odem
Guitar: Lazer Lloyd — Violin: Michael Greilsammer — Vocal: Shimrit Greilsammer — Saxophone: Yarden Klayman
Videographer-Editor: Kutiman   ~   commissioned for the Jerusalem Season Of Culture

The Story:
     This musical collage unifies a wide array of images and sounds of local musicians who live and create in Jerusalem.
     Videographer-editor-animator Ophir Kutiel (Kutiman) journeyed for weeks visiting Jewish and Palestinian musicians in their homes and rehearsal rooms, and in the open air of Jerusalem's distinctive landscape, to record the diverse artists and their cultures.
     The emotional journey alternates between optimism and despair, between the future and the past, between the new and the ancient, and ends with a mantra of harmonious and emotional prayer.

E-mail: ThruYou2@gmail.com
Web: http://www.kutiman.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/kutimanm

Zaman El Salam ~ Zman Le Shalom

The Artists:
The Yuval Ron Ensemble
Vocalists: Najwa Gibran (Arabic) and Tami Machnai (Hebrew)

The Story:
     Israeli music scholar-composer-performer Yuval Ron and accomplished Arabic vocalist Najwa Gibran met in 2000 in Los Angeles.
     They continue endeavoring to help others alleviate national, racial, religious, and cultural divides by uniting the music and dance of the opposing peoples of the Middle East into a unique mystical, spiritual, and inspiring artistic celebration.
     The Yuval Ron Ensemble includes Israeli and Arab - Muslim, Jewish, and Christian - artists who continue creating musical bridges between people of various faiths and ethnic groups worldwide.
     This song performance was videotaped at a concert at Brandeis University in Boston, MA and includes gifted Israeli guest artist Tami Machnai.
     The song composed by Yair Dalal was recorded by the Yuval Ron Ensemble for their album, Seeker of Truth - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/yuval9

There is time
I do know when from a distance arises longing

Like a lone star in the rain
Up in the heavens
Between the lightning
Will appear the rainbow

And I will know, that this is the time.

Time for Peace
Time for Peace
Time for Peace

God willing

Yuval Ron Ensemble
E-mail: info@yuvalronmusic.com
Skype: yuval.ron
Web: http://www.YuvalRonMusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=558721049
Tami Machnai
Web: http://www.tamimachnai.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=611085196


The Artists:
The Adamai Ensemble
Shlomo Gronich: composer, pianist, arrangement, vocals — Lubna Salame: vocals — Emad Dallal: oud — Michal Adler: harmonica
Doron Picker: keyboards — Gilad Ephrat: bass guitar — Albert Piamenta: clarinet, saxaphone — Gadi Seri: percussion

Lyrics: Melisse Lewine-Boskovich — Hebrew Version: Dan Almagor — Directors: Dana Wagmann & Ishay Hinkis — Producer: Melisse Lewine-Boskovich

The Story:
     The Adamai Ensemble has grown from a sustained process since 2000 when Shlomo Gronich and Lubna Salame met for the first time while recording We Brought Peace Upon Us, the anthem of Peace Child Israel.
     Arab-Jewish bands have been formed with the east-meets-west formula, but none like Adamai, since the outset of the 2nd Intifada when cooperating and rejecting violence were not fashionable.
     These cross-cultural, interfaith artisans of music and relationship building remain dedicated to musical excellence, with an eye on changing hearts and their Middle East home.
     Too Absurd is an animated, musical film to crystallize the dilemmas of peace-building in a conflict-zone, and the absurd world as seen through the eyes of a young traveler.

Doubts and depression day after day.
What kind of peace will it be anyway?
Questions unanswered that won't go away.
Sometimes it seems too absurd.

Where is the proof - give me facts - just a few.
Prove that we'll live here in peace, me and you.
Is making excuses the best you can do?
Our future is a dying bird.

Some say we're traitors, some say naïve.
How can I sing when I know others grieve?
So many questions that just never leave.
Living reality blurred.

Ice-cream, movies,
Hiking and streams,
Taken for granted in children's dreams
Candy, carnivals,
Basketball teams
Little girls squeal in soprano screams

No end in sight, and skies looking grey
Where is the hope for the kids born today?
Why keep pretending? It won't go away.
Sometimes it seems too absurd.
Sometimes it seems too absurd.

Melisse Lewine-Boskovich
E-mail: mlb.lychee@gmail.com
Web: http://www.mideastweb.org/peacechild/voladam/adamai.htm
and http://www.myspace.com/adamaiensemble
and http://news.change.org/stories/music-for-peace-adamai

Three Carnations

The Artists:
Vanya Green Assuied and Naser Musa

The Story:
     Naser and Vanya met in Los Angeles in 2006 after she moved from Israel.
     They have been playing music and collaborating on projects ever since.
     Naser is Jordanian of Palestinian descent, while Vanya is a Jewish American with South African heritage.
     Their friendship is based on a mutual appreciation of Middle Eastern Jewish and Arabic music, and a shared sense of humor and spirit.
     They do not play music together to make a statement.
     They create music together for the joy of it, and because they both believe in a middle path free of dogmatism and full of creative energy.
     This rendition of Tres Clavinas is a Sephardic song in Ladino sometimes titled Minnus Minnus.
     It is interwoven with two other songs - one in Ladino, Majo y Majo, and an Iraqi song in Arabic, Foug Alhakhil.
     This informal performance was filmed at The Levantine Cultural Center, a Los Angeles gathering place for Middle East-related activity.

Majo y majo y majo
Agua en el mortero
Ajidiavox dama
Ke so un foratero
Tres Clavinas en un tiesto
Una blanca y otra ros
La de en medio colora'o
Empesijo del amor
Aman minnus minnus
Avram minnus minnus
A la mar yo me voy a echar
Un pescado voy a ferrar
Siete novias voy a quitar
Yo a ti voy a tomar
A los cielos voy a subir
A las siete tabakas
Flecha de oro voy a echar
Onde cae el mi mazal

I grind water in the mortar
Let us go from here my love
as I am a foreigner

Three stems in a vase, one white and one pink,
the one in the middle is colored.
The beginning of love
Aman minnus
I will throw myself in the sea
I will find a fish
I will take seven girlfriends and you, I will choose
To the heavens, I will ascend
To the seven levels
I will shoot and arrow of gold where my fortune falls

Naser Musa
E-mail: Naser@nasermusa.net
Web: http://www.nasermusa.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001163045688
Vanya Green Assuied
E-mail: Vanya@vanyavoice.com
Web: http://vanyavoice.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=611085196


The Artists:
Seeds of Peace youth-leaders from the Middle East and United States

The Story:
     Seeds of Peace helps Israeli and Palestinian youth develop leadership skills to advance reconciliation and coexistence through facilitating dialogue at the Seeds International Camp in Maine.
     Their relationships lead to unprecedented creativity and social outreach.
     Their video Wagin' Peace is a remix of Wavin' Flag by Somali artist K'naan, written and produced by members of the Seeds community who chose to return to Maine for a second summer of dialogue.
     Their return signifies their determination to successfully engage with those considered to be their enemies, and turn confrontation into cooperation.
     Their lyrics in English, Arabic, and Hebrew broadcast that similar transformative and unifying experiences are close at hand for their communities back home and people all around Earth.
     "The Seeds of Peace take on my song Wavin' Flag really moved me," said K'naan.
     "It shows that it's less about our starting points, and much more about the belief that no matter how tiresome and long the race may be, by staying the course we can change our world."


There are conflicts, there is violence
We are here to break the silence
See the campers, their excitement
We come together, we're united
In the dialogue, emotions mixing
By the end, our heads are lifting
Negotiation, it surrounds us
Every nation, all around us


Welcome to Seeds of Peace
This is the way life should be
The journey has just begun
Together at the end of the day
We all say


Though we are younger
Now we are stronger
Let's get together
Let's make a stand for peace

The way life should be
Ze efshari
Hatha halmi (Arabic)


Seeds come here from every nation
For a peaceful collaboration

Anashim mi'medinot shonnot (Hebrew)
Ba'imm le'kan k'dei shalom la'asot (Hebrew)

Ihna gena mun kol al alam (Arabic)
Ed b'ed, ni'mal salam (Arabic)

We are the Seeds, stand together
Where we are from doesn't matter


Welcome to Seeds of Peace
This is the way life should be
The journey has just begun
Together at the end of the day
We all say


Though we are younger
Now we are stronger
Let's get together
Let's make a stand for peace
The way life should be
Ze efshari
Hatha halmi (Arabic)

Graduate Seeds Verse

I was a new seed once upon a time
Building bridges between your side and mine
I was frightened by this great divide
But you taught me to never run and hide

Your story changed me, that was just the start
Communication opened up my heart
Roots run deep for you and me
The tallest tree was once a seed

Ashleigh Zimmerman
E-mail: Ashleigh@seedsofpeace.org
Web: http://seedsofpeace.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/seedsofpeace


The Artists:
Jewish and Arab youth of
Beresheet LaShalom (The Beginning of Peace)
Lyrics: Michael Jackson
Text about Masks: Dana Saady and Edna Calo Livne
Video by: Ibraheem Ashkar and Dana Saady

The Story:
     Ibraheem and Dana are 18-year-old volunteers with Beresheet LaShalom where Arab and Jewish youth meet, learn to communicate, and create theatrical presentations to dramatize how they drop their masks and defenses while learning and cooperating together.
     In youth Dana and Ibrahim were Beresheet performers, and are now living in a field school in Northern Israel as part of a voluntary year of national service.
     The two, with other Arabs and Jews, work with 800 children of various backgrounds and religions, as well as at risk children.
     The youth learn Hebrew, Arabic, English, art, dance and theatre.
     These bridge builders understand that theatre and arts are universal languages, and they and are determined to touch hearts and minds to create new, successful social engagement across the state and beyond borders beginning with the youth.

There comes a time
When we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
And it's time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all

We can't go on
Pretending day by day
That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
We are all a part of
God's great big family
And the truth, you know love is all we need


We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me

Send them your heart
So they'll know that someone cares

And their lives will be stronger and free
As God has shown us by turning stone to bread
So we all must lend a helping hand


We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me

When you're down and out
There seems no hope at all
But if you just believe
There's no way we can fall
Well, well, well, well, let us realize
That a change will only come
When we stand together as one


We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day

(Concluding text about Masks)

We are trying to free you from the mask that is covering your face
Stare fearlessly in the mirror
Reveal to yourself and those around you who you really are

Don't be afraid to say
"I want to be loved"
Don't be afraid
To say "No" without fear
To accept " others who are different from me
To give all of myself for a dream

Express yourself through following
Your soul, Your heart
Your thoughts and your body
Live and cope with what is around

We are more beautiful and happier without a mask
The scent of life is more intense without the mask

Taste is sweeter
Music is louder
Hands are warmer
And your perception is deeper and wider

Dana Saady (age 18)
E-mail: Danzana24@hotmail.it
Web: http://www.masksoff.org and http://www.beresheetlashalom.org
Ibraheem Ashkar (age 18)
E-mail: ibrahem_ash@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.masksoff.org and http://www.beresheetlashalom.org
Edna Calo Livni
Artist and pedagogic director
Beresheet LaShalom Foundation
E-mail: Edna@ksasa.co.il
Artist and pedagogic director of Beresheet LaShalom Foundation


The Artists:
Shlomo Gronich, Zehava Ben, Lubna Salame, Nivine Jaabri, Elias Julianos, Eli Luzon, Lea Shabat and Samir Shukri
Jewish and Palestinian youth participants from the Peace Child Israel workshops in Ramle and Lod
Elementary schools students from Ibn Rudg (Qalansua) and Elementary School for the Arts (Tel Aviv)
Drums: Doron Rafaeli — Bass: Alon Nadel — Percussion: Gadi Seri — Guitar: Shmulik Budagov
Oud: Mikhail Marun — Piano: Shlomo Gronich — Darbuka: Bishara Nadaf — Flute: Amir Milstein
Nai: Alfred Hadjar — Violin: Bashir Assad — Clarinet: Chanan Bar-Sela
Hebrew Lyrics: Ehud Manor — Arabic Lyrics: Majid Abu Rokun — Music and Arrangement: Shlomo Gronich

The Story:
     Eight Arab and Jewish professional performing artists answered the call of composer-pianist Shlomo Gronich to transform this Peace Child Israel anthem We Brought Peace Upon Us into an anthem of community healing after the traumatic events of autumn 2000.
     This is one of the extraordinary examples of volunteerism, vision, and courage in a time of regional crisis and fear.
     Teenagers from the Peace Child Israel workshop in Ramle and Lod, and elementary school students in the Tel Aviv and Qalansua communities where Peace Child Israel was active, also participated in the project.
     Texts, from which the lyrics were derived, were written by 10 different Peace Child Israel groups during the previous spring.
     With the initial support from Hed Arzi Records, "Volunteers for Peace" evolved into a combined human cooperation with ZAZA Recording Studios, New Generations Productions, and JCS Post Production to produce a CD and video.
     The example of Jewish-Palestinian cooperation set by the professional musicians, the teenagers, and the youngsters, and supported by the professional services of the participating companies, provided unprecedented inspiration and models of collaboration for other youth and adults across the land.

We have connections
That our parents never dreamt.
We have conversations
That were never heard before.

We are here for each and everyone.
We are the bridge and the ladder.
For those who are dreaming.
For those who have dreamt.

And still in our lifetime,
And still, before the end of our days.
We will sing with our voices:
We have brought peace upon us.

If your feast becomes mine,
Your faith and your dreams too,
Then we can build a new world
Of love and peace.

When the intention becomes clear
All people turn to be human,
We all become a family of love.

A family drinks from the same cup.
The cup of peace.

We have nothing more beautiful than peace,
Nothing sweeter than peace.

Yes, our parents ate unripe fruit of yesterday.
And the day before that.
But yet, our teeth, you'll be surprised
Have not decayed til now

Together, our hearts will meet.
And together we broaden our minds
The children of peace.
The children of dreams.

(Arabic & Hebrew)
We have brought peace upon us.
Nothing sweeter than peace.

Melisse Lewine-Boskovich
E-mail: mlb.lychee@gmail.com
Web: http://www.mideastweb.org/peacechild

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"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."
~Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy (1844-1881)
and from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

"Use what talents you have;
the woods would have little music
if no birds sang their song except those who sang best."

~Reverend Oliver G. Wilson

"Music will save the world."
~Pablo Casals (1876-1973)

Sponsored by the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue of San Mateo, California, USA
in July 2011 celebrating 19 years and 231 meetings of listening, learning, and cooperating

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