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2017 Global Video Bridge
Relationship Builders

To meet, speak, and listen to one another for mutual
international learning and inspiration light.
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Heard from Participants:

"In this post-industrial evolution, we need to take a direction toward community."   (Sungho Kang, South Korea)
"To learn to listen to Earth and each other, we must get close to one another."   (Hla Myo Naing, Myanmar)
"Investments of peoples' hearts is the great need now."   (Offuh James Offuh, Cote d'Ivoire)

The Participants
(partial list)

Hla Myo Naing (Myanmar)
Sungho Kang (South Korea)

Karen Abuzant (Palestine)
Elad Vazana (Israel)

Elesse Henoc Bafandjo (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Usman Mohammed Inuwa (Nigeria)
Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba (Nigeria)
Clement Awanfe Ngueto (Cameroon)
Offuh James Offuh (Cote d'Ivoire)

Aryae Coopersmith (California, USA)
Charley and Pam Rogers (North Carolina, USA)
Libby and Len Traubman (California, USA)
Janessa Gans Wilder (California USA)

Two Hours

Sunday, 23 September 2017 -- 2:00-4:00 PM GMT
6:00am California, USA   ~   9:00am North Carolina, USA
2:00pm Cote d'Ivoire   ~   3:00pm DR Congo, Nigeria, & Cameroon

5:00pm Israel & Palestine   ~   8:30pm Myanmar   ~   11:00pm South Korea

Arrive 20 minutes early to test your equipment and connection.


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For further information and support, contact: +1-650-574-8303 Skype: libbyandlentraubman

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More about the participants


South Korea
Sungho Kang    (e-mail)
Educator and Chairperson, Steering Committee of the International NGO History Forum for Peace in East Asia

Hla Myo Naing    (e-mail)
Edu-Learner and Founder of Practising English And Civil Engagement (PEACE)


Karen AbuZant    (e-mail)
Educator, Voices of Education Project
Palestinian coordinator, Seeds of Peace - Women of Action and Encompass Trust-UK - Journey of Understanding

Elad Vazana    (e-mail)
Reconciliation Facilitator, Founder of Tour for Change, maximizing travel to experiences diverse narratives and people as equal human beings


Clement Awanfe Ngueto    (e-mail)
Founder, Global Compassion

Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Offuh James Offuh    (e-mail)
Facilitator, Founder of United for Peace Against Conflict International (UFPACI)
Prolific Dialogue Initiator and Facilitator for youth, tribal, and community healing

Democratic Republic of Congo
Elesse Henoc Bafandjo    (e-mail)
Dialogue Initiator and Facilitator for alienated and stigmatized citizens, illustrated on the Web.

Usman Mohammed Inuwa    (e-mail)
Facilitator, Founder of Forward in Action for Conservation of Indigenous Species & Leadership (FACIS)
Initiator and Facilitator of interfaith healing and cooperation

Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba    (e-mail)
Educator, Founder of Creative Minds Academy and New Era Educational & Charitable Support Foundation
Co-facilitator of Muslim-Christian Youth Interfaith Dialogue in Nigeria


California USA
Aryae Coopersmith    (e-mail)
Founder, Facilitator, online community engagement of One World Lights (OWL)

Libby and Len Traubman    (e-mail)
Co-founders, Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Diaolgue
Co-initiators of several hundred outreach endeavors to help humankind connect, communicate, and cooperate.

Janessa Gans Wilder    (e-mail)
Former CIA Insurgency Analyst, Founder of Euphrates Institute, envisioning a world at peace beginning with the Middle East.

North Carolina USA
Charley and Pam Rogers    (e-mail)
Founders, Facilitators of community civil discourse with MOMENTS OF TRUTH: Building Relationships, Building Community