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The Second Midwest
Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Weekend
deepening -- building relationships -- creating a new future

Saturday and Sunday * October 1-2, 2005 * Louisville, KY

overlooking the beautiful Ohio River and Louisville

Ramada Inn Riverfront
700 W. Riverside Drive, Jeffersonville, IN 47130
(across the bridge from Louisville)
Telephone: (812) 284-6711 -- Fax: (812) 283-3686 -- Reservations: (800-537) 3612 (USA)

Dialogue Weekend space is limited.           Make your reservations today.

Dialogue Weekend Reservaton:  $75   (Students: $50)
Includes printed materials and free videos, and all meals except Saturday dinner.
Confirm your place by e-mail to:

Hotel Room Reservation:  $69/night, includes tax
Total room rate for two double beds or one king bed.
Tell reservation staff if you would like to share a room.
Make hotel reservations today -- (812) 284-6711 or (800) 537-3612
Ask for DIALOGUE WEEKEND group rate.
Fees cover all meal expenses, except Saturday dinner together.
On your own. Don't delay.
Complimentary airport shuttle.

    Your Weekend    

      Participants begin arriving at Louisville's Standiford International Airport (SDF)
      Phone the Ramada Inn Riverfront (Jeffersonville, Indiana) to request a complimentary van across the bridge.
      Early arrivals may go to religious services in Louisville, or eat together and relax.
      EARLY MORNING -- Complimentary continental breakfast.
Consider a quiet walk and river view.  Meeting room open, with music.
      9 a.m. -- First meeting. Welcome. Begin introductions with personal stories.
      NOON -- Lunch together with intentional conversation.
      AFTERNOON -- Continue introductions. Inspiring video. Principles and Process of Sustained Dialogue. Questions. Rest. River walk.
      DINNER -- Restaurant dinner overlooking the Ohio River. Continue personal conversations.
      EVENING -- Continue questions. The Process of Change -- what works and what doesn't. What changes? Who changes? End with inspiration.
      EARLY MORNING -- Complimentary continental breakfast.
Consider a quiet walk and river view.  Meeting room open, with quiet music.
      8:30 a.m. -- Assimilate personal insights from day before. Beginning and sustaining a Dialogue group. Outreach to public and media. Video.
      11:30 a.m. -- Return to room. Check out. Confirm airport shuttle needs. Store baggage.
      NOON -- Lunch together with intentional conversation.
      AFTERNOON -- Concluding session. Assimilate insights, intentions, future needs. Close with inspiration.
      3:00 p.m. -- Leave for home. Complimentary airport shuttle.
      EVENING -- Locals and others may wish to meet, eat and assimilate the weekend experiences.

More about the
Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Weekend


This will be a weekend opportunity for those who are deeply interested in Jewish-Palestinian Sustained Dialogue to finally meet face-to-face, review principles of Dialogue and outreach, consider shared challenges to Sustained Dialogue, and think together about deepening and widening the Dialogue circle, here and overseas.


Beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, the days will have structure but will respond and flow with participants' needs. We will offer during this relationship-based gathering brief, substantive presentations, with graphics and printed materials on:

1. Story as Entry to Dialogue
"An enemy is someone whose story we have not heard." Dialogue begins with Story, and with compassionate listening. The prescription is to listen to everyone - even to the "enemy" - without "yes, but." And not just when it's easy, but when the wind is blowing 100 miles an hour. Like now.
2. The Process of Social Change Through Dialogue and Expanding Identification
change needs Time. It begins with individuals - Innovators and Early Adapters, in Dialogue with others, even "enemies." One Listens compassionately to learn from the "other," to discover together a new social intelligence. Energy, once wasted "against" "enemies," is in a new, creative capacity to respond. The "action" of Dialogue is relationship-building -- widening and deepening the ever-increasing circle. With Dialogue comes discovery of a stronger faith and sense of self, and Expanded Identification to include all of humankind and life.
3. Beginning, Maturing, and Growing A Dialogue
Want to begin a Dialogue Group where you live? This is a how-to! Finding Dialogue partners. Conducting first meetings. Establishing a dependable core group. What Dialogue is and is not. Dealing with dynamics. Deciding when and how to begin outreach and public offerings. Working with the media. Widening the circle. Finding balance of Dialogue and Advocacy.

To attend, contact
Libby or Len Traubman      or      650-574-8303

Details of this meeting are on the Web at: