NEW FILMS that matter for Jews, Palestinians, everyone

Saturday, 27 January 2007


    "Military muscle is, in short, simply as out of date, as obsolete for the solution of the conflicts in the Middle East as the bow and arrow."
     "We build massive military machines," continues international negotiator Craig Barnes, and "we are prepared to fight (wars) better than we ever did before.

     "But this is a new world and we have been preparing for the wrong war.
     "We cannot change the governmentor that is, the source of moral authorityin Iraq or Afghanistan or in Cuba or Venezuela or Russia or China, with the tools that we have been relying upon this last 50 years. 
     "They are the wrong tools. 
     "We have wasted our treasure and the lives of our young on the wrong strategy.
     ". . .we cannot win a war to convince an unwilling people in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Sudan, even in Bosnia, to change their ways, or to submit to become like us."
     Craig Barnes --pragmatic lawyer, seasoned international mediator -- is anything but naive.
     "At this time in history," he declares, "military power is the exact opposite of what will create a peaceful or a stable world. 
     "Ideas are more important than guns."

     Today, new films are communicating ideas that matter.
     Now more than ever, because the Internet is so democratic.
     View this video of an inspiring new breed of Holy Land youth of OneVoice.
     Energized, visionary Israeli and Palestinian citizens reaching out to both peoples,  finding common ground.


     Films can inspire and move us forward together.
     Film is new-found power -- people power.

                                  - L&L

Two new 2007 films
for Jews, Palestinians, everyone

     Now available to you are two new videos -- DVDs to illustrate what it looks like
                     when diverse people young and old, even enemies
                                    Connect, Communicate, and Change.

                                    The principles are universal, beginning with
                a new quality of listening in homes, institutions, communities and nations.

                                               Because of the urgency on Earth
                     these DVDs will continue to be gifted to whoever will use them.

===  1  ===

                                  DVD - 42 minutes
           A Jewish and a Palestinian exemplar model
 how to connect with the "other" beginning with personal Story.
                  Tenth grade high school students then
    engage each other in dyads with a new quality of listening.
The diverse youth speak about their new way of communicating.

                                       A 2007 film by the
             Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group
                               San Mateo, California, USA
    Request DVD at

===  2  ===
Palestinians & Jews Together at Camp

                                                 DVD - 83 minutes
        The partnership of a Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue and 85-year-old camp
                               brings together in the California mountains
   140 Muslims, Jews and Christians of all ages, including from Israel and Palestine.
They discover one another and their ability to communicate and cooperate in new ways.
              Back down the mountain, they hold a public San Francisco event to
                     tell the community about their struggles and breakthroughs.

                                                  A 2007 film by the
                           Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group
                                                 & Camp Tawonga
                                                   California, USA
                   Request DVD at

                                           Show these DVDs to others
               to creatively help films that matter spread around the world
                                                 however you are able.