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DVD - 43 minutes - 2007
Instructive - Inspiring

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vidschool02.jpg - 69386 Bytes vidschool03.jpg - 75322 Bytes vidschool06.jpg - 92014 Bytes vidschool10.jpg - 69702 Bytes         Fifty 10th grade students become more human and grow closer in their California classroom.
        In pairs, they learn to tell their personal stories, uninterrupted and heard with a new quality of deep listening for the sake of learning.
        In the beginning, a Palestinian and a Jew from a local 13-year-old Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue serve as exemplars by telling their own stirring personal narratives, and reflecting back to each other.
        The students reveal their hopeful amazement at having experienced a new way of communication for life.
        The 43-minute film is a perfect tool to help students begin to dispel incorrect stereotypes and assumptions about the “other,” freeing their energy for better learning and building healthy relationships together.
        Although the exemplars focus on the Palestinian-Jewish relationship, the principles demonstrated in this film are universal and for all ages and places.

DVD provided and mailed free of charge
as a project of the
Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group of San Mateo County

To request the DVD, send your:
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Dialogue, 1448 Cedarwood Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403 USA

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