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PEACEMAKERS: Palestinians & Jews Together at Camp

Released in February, 2007, DVD sets of the first two films have gone to over 5,000 individuals
representing 1,957 institutions in 1,233 cities, 50 states, and 79 countries on every continent.
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"Last week I facilitated an interesting Dialogue session.
After watching 'Dialogue at Washington High'
participants were passionate that the film can
help Rwandans to Dialogue and transcend ennemity between groups.
They will display the film in 25 schools in Rwanda's Southern Province."
Jean de Dieu Basabose
Professor of Ethnic Studies
Shalom Educating for Peace
Kigali, Rwanda
"Like you did in the movies you sent to me, I am 95% starting to work on it.
Now, initially I am trying to build mutual understanding of the rich to street children education around my neighbors.
Yes sure!!! They are really telling their personal stories like from your DVDs."
Hla Myo Naing
English teacher
University of Foreign Languages
Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)
(see photos)
"The Listening exercise with my Ethnic Studies classes has been a great experience for all involved.
Recently, I tried it with inmates at the Maguire Correctional Facility in Redwood City.
Let me tell you, the Listening exercise went over like gang busters!
Beyond my expectations, you could see the look in the inmates' eyes."
Rudy Ramirez
Professor of Ethnic Studies
College of San Mateo
San Mateo, California, USA
"After watching the two CD given to us on dialogue for new listening
we became also empowered and decided to incorporate that in our activities.
We also believe that there are more to learn from you. Please, kindly send to us
more copies of the film so that we can establish this kind of dialogues groups
in the 20 local government areas in Bauchi State. We re also committed to bringing
change in our northern Nigeria so that people can re-learn how to live as brothers again."
Usman inuwa, Founder
Shalom Educating for Peace
Forward in Action for Conservation of Indigenous Species & Leadership (FACIS)
Bauchi State, Nigeria
"Dialogue at Washington High communicates so well about the positive challenge and
then the delight and self-discovery that come about through interfaith dialogue.
I'd like to put it on our website as a tantalizing invitation to interfaith dialogue."
Rev. Mark E. Hoelter
The InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington
Washington, DC
"I am using the resources I get from you to prepare the weekly radio shows
Jean de Dieu Basabose
Shalom Educating for Peace
Kigali, Rwanda
"When I teach our Approaches to Managing Conflict class, I show portions of one or both DVDs
and have found them to be very effective in giving students a feel for what dialogue is and how it can change attitudes.
I congratulate you...both in creating and sustaining your own dialogue and
in providing materials to help others learn about what dialogue can do."
Ellen Kabcenell Wayne, JD, MS
Assistant Professor, Negotiations and Conflict Management
University of Baltimore
Baltimore, MD
"I am absolutely thrilled to facilitate a Crossing Lines workshop
for a parenting group that meets at my son's speech therapy clinic.
I am nervous and confident all at the same time. :)
I have already handed out two sets of the flyers and DVDs
with the promise to facilitate whenever they are ready!"
Mica Gadhia
Charlotte, North Carolina
"I plan to discuss at least first having our community watching the films
and then hopefully going on to create a dialogue."
Nora Kancelbaum
Shaker Heights, Ohio
"I use the process and DVD to teach my Beyond War course at Portland State University.
I particularly recall a young woman from Turkey and an African-American woman so very pleased and surprised
to find out how much they had in common, in spite of their assumptions otherwise. They were grateful that the process
"forced" them to take their dialogue to a place where they could discover that.
The wonderful looks on their faces is what I remember about this day."
Debbie Kaufman
Instructor, Urban & Public Affairs
School of Community Health
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon USA
"I have just watched "Dialogue at Washington High."
I was so touched by the way you have elevated dialogues into an art form.
My immediate reaction to the film is a wish for Intercultural Journeys to
show the film at our events...and spread the message and screening opportunities."
Ohad Bar-David
The Philadelphia Orchestra
Intercultural Journeys: An artful approach to breaking barriers
"I was tremendously moved and encouraged by the DVDs and
can see the infinite worth such dialogues would have in the Rwanda Great Lakes region
in particular...listening clubs in universities...high schools in South Africa..."
Cori Wielenga
Shalom: Educating for Peace
Pretoria, South Africa
"I sat and watched both DVDs the other day and was very moved.
I look forward to sharing them with others."
Carole Powell
Pace e Bene Australia
"I used your Dialogue at Washington High as well as some other sources in my graduate core course on
culture and gender. Crossing cultural barriers and reconciliation work is a big theme of this course.
I had an amazing group of students who took this class to new heights in their dialogue and writing.
Thanks for your inspiration and resources!"   Download the syllabus.
Carol Witherell, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Graduate School of Professional Studies
Lewish and Clark College
Portland, OR
"I just watched the two videos and they are really wonderful, to see the Palestinians and Israelis
together talking to each other face to face with no borders.
You are doing a great job."
Zakaria El Hamel
President and Founder
Youth for Peace and Dialogue Between Cultures
Oujda, Morocco
"I have just watched the Jewish Palestinian Dialogue DVD...very fascinating.
I am wanting to take these principles into high schools and colleges in Australia."
Ben Teefy
PeerPower: Empowering teachers, transforming students
Queensland, Australia
"I'm very excited about using the stories method that you describe in your Teachers Guide
in my current class in Peace and Justice Studies, and in the Keys to Global Peace class.
The students seemed to really enjoy the process, and getting to know their fellow classmates better.
One even commented how she'd gotten to know her suitemate much better through their exchange. . ."

Frances Delahanty, Ph.D.
Pace University Psychology Department
Pleasantville, NY
"The DVDs are very understandable. The speakers speak clearly.
It is important for me as I'm not a native English speaker."
Peter Pfandler
Debrecen, Hungary
"My professor was really happy about seeing these videos.
She is interested in showing the movies in her class about intercultural dialogue."
Simona Novinec
Ljubljana, Slovenia
"I watched the two DVDs together with my wife. Honestly both of us were
in tears most of the time as we listened to participants tell their own stories.
I was particularly inspired by events at the "Makom Shalom" -- The Place of Peace.
I am already thinking of starting something similar here in Nigeria. I was also inspired
by the dialogue by the students. I was particularly moved by the students' idea of a "Dialogue Club."
Since I coordinate a National Interfaith Youth Forum here in Nigeria, I am also
considering the idea of introducing "Interfaith Dialogue Clubs" in schools here.
The DVDs have taught me a new and better way of doing Interfaith work."
Emmanuel Ivorgba
Creative Minds International Academy
Jos, Nigeria, West Africa
"Thank you so much for your outstanding DVDs of the camp and high school dialogues.
They are very high quality in substance and style, and the message is, of course, very powerful.
I am hoping to use both in my class this fall at the U of Michigan."
David Schoem, Ph.D.
Director, Michigan Community Scholars Program (MCSP)
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
"I wish all the Palestinians and Jews would see these films.
The knowledge will change their opinions and attitudes towards each other.
If we know each other and sit together, we will reach to a mutual understanding."
Ms. Ehsan Rapaya (age 22)
Jenin, West Bank, Palestine
"Our students do not often have access to those instructive and inspiring materials such as you provide.
I do hope to. . .let our students know what the others are thinking about and why."
Yanling Zhang
Shanxi University of Finance & Economics
Peoples Republic of China
"The program is awesome...the participants at the camp were awesome...the students at
Washington High experienced a life changing event...and that is what this is all about!
In conclusion: I watched, I listened, I learned, I cried and I am moving forward."
Frank Tripicchio
Sister Cities International, Board of Directors
President, Rotary International - Bakersfield South
Bakersfield, CA
"Thank you. Your DVD has captured some truly exemplary moments."
Sereima Lumelume
Fellow, Institute of Education
The University of the South Pacific
Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji
"I watched the DVDs - and laughed and cried. I've been an educator for 40 years.
Your materials go so far beyond what's been available to us so far.
You show what really works!"
Joy Harmon, Executive Director
Swan Educational Center
Weaverville, NC
"The DVDs were very inspiring. I am travelling to Lebanon to conduct training for
facilitators for a summer camp on peace education. I see myself conducting similar
gatherings for the different communities in Lebanon. The war has created so many enemy
images that most people have stopped seeing the humaneness in others."
Jean-Paul Chami
European Peace University (EPU)
Burgenland, Austria
Wow....very powerful.
Bonnee Binker
Director, Camp Jernee
Miami, FL
"Today I could see and listen and almost smell the phantastic work you all have done,
and feel how it feels when people listen and hear the other. I was deeply moved and
I am convinced the message will pullulate (breed freely and abundantly)."
Renate Becker
Bad Homburg, Germany
"Truly inspirational. I've lent them out to several people. . . a Jewish friend really interested in
setting up a Jewish-Muslim dialogue. . . and a couple of Palestinian solidarity activist friends who
work with schools (around citizenship)hoping to show the high school DVD to teachers to use as a resource.
It's heart warming to know that people are engaged in positive, life changing actions - from ripples to waves."
Elham Gheytanchi, Associate Professor of Sociology
Santa Monica College
Santa Monica, CA
". . .very moving and very interesting films, with important techniques for listening,
and messages about our shared humanity across divides (whether Israel/Palestine or others).
I look forward to utilizing them with students in my courses at the university."
Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science
The University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"I had a chance to view your films on the plane. They were so inspiring."
Allen Taylor, Ph.D.
Director, Scientific Training Encouraging Peace
Tufts University
Boston, MA
"Very well filmed and compelling.
I see so many great ways DIALOGUE AT WASHINGTON HIGH can be used.
It fits so well into the time allowed for most educational settings (42 minutes)."
Craig Wiesner, Co-founder - We're Educating for A Change
Micah's Call
Daly City, CA
"It was realy wonderful to see the Palestinians and Israelis
together talking to each other face to face with no borders or walls."
Majed Tubeileh
The Future Generation Hands Association
Nablus, West Bank, Palestine
"I just watched the two videos and they are truly powerful and effective."
Ari Alexander, Co-Executive Director
Children of Abraham
New York, NY
"I was touched by the people in the panel and by THE KIDS.
What you are doing is ESSENTIAL! I will contact the temple here.
I also have some Muslim friends I will speak with.
This is what ALL peoples need, not just the Middle East."
Joy Harmon, Executive Director
Swan Educational Center
Weaverville, NC
"I will use these materials during instruction in my Foundations of Conflict Transformation course.
Thank you so very much for all that went into the production of these valuable resources. "
Candice C. Carter, Ph.D. Editor, Journal of Stellar Peacemaking
College of Education and Human Services
University of North Florida
"I was able to personally preview both Dialogue DVDs in their entirety.
I will be recommending that these two titles be added to the San Mateo Main Library's collection. Thank you."
Ben Ocůn
City Librarian
San Mateo, CA
"I already used the one about the Family Peacemakers Camp in one of my club's meetings.
The conversation benefited from using the DVD to visualize the experience, and
hear the voices and reflections of actual participants."
Aviva Joffe, Co-president
Students for a Peaceful Palestinian-Israeli Future (SPPIF)
Washington University
St. Louis, Missouri
"Your student DVD has helped me greatly.
Yes, we all have a narrative within us, if someone will only listen.
I was amazed at the thought that the Palestian/Jewish conflict would be used as a role model
for the rest of the world to work out solutions with new thinking and how to communicate in a time of conflict."
Hilarie Roseman
Metung, Victoria, Australia
"I will use your DVD in every way and at every occasion where I can find a way.
Surely your work is part of what is a new day of peace arising on earth's planetary horizons."
Rosemarie Stallworth-Clark, Ph.D. Co-Chair, National Youth at Risk Conference
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
College of Education, Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA
"I love Dialogue at Washington High to use
at our annual Multicultural Camp at College Misericordia.
It brings together high school juniors and senior citizen, this year
reaching out to migrant workers for 5.5 days helping them all become
"Ambassadors for Change" and learn to listen to each other's stories."
Susan Levinson
Dallas, PA
"I had some journalist colleagues over to watch it - simply to see an instance of
peace/citizen journalism and also have an understanding of the Israel-Palestine issue."
Aditi Bhaduri, Journalist
Kolkata, India
"The DVDís arrived. I particularly like the one about the camp experience.
Iíll be able to use them in class and elsewhere."
Julianna D. Padgett, LCSW, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Social Work
Southern University at New Orleans
"I received the disks yesterday and watched them today. They are amazing.
This weekend for my graduate class I will show two small segments to illustrate some
important points on dialogue: true listening, non-judging, and the connections that develop. "
Kae Gerhard
Public Affairs Specialist
U.S. Department of State
and Ph.D. candidate
Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR)
George Mason University
Arlington, Virginia
"I found the Camp video especially touching."
Rabbi Melissa Weintraub, North American Director
ENCOUNTER: Transforming conflict through face-to-face understanding
Brooklyn, NY
"I am currently designing a 2-day workshop for youth.
I received the DVDs and am delighted with them.
I have been looking for this type of material for a long time."
Wal Cusworth
Riddells Creek, Victoria, Australia
"Not only did the films have a profound effect on our feelings, but we were impressed with the methodology.
After years of working (or trying to work?) with groups, we know that what looks easy to the observer is
backed up by experience, wisdom, and love of humanity -- spiritual, intellectual, and psychological-emotional depth.
Thank you for your magnificent work. Congratulations to your campers for their openness. How you all inspire us!!! "
Ann and Hans Zulliger
Zurich, Switzerland
"Dialogue at Washington High is a magnificent film. I can think of
many ways I might use it in my work. The kids' reactions were really extraordinary.
I am working in the Twin Cities now, creating Jewish-Christian-Muslim congregationally-based dialogue programs."
Amy Eilberg
Conservative rabbi
Minneapolis, MN
"The films are awesome! I had to hold back tears several times. You are doing a phenomenal job.
I plan on sharing the DVDs with many people. Shalom-Salaam."
Kent Mankins, Ph.D., M.Ed.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Pastor, Southridge Community Church
Otis Orchards, WA
"I am impresed with your work with Palestinians and Israelis.
The DVDs will be available in our documentation center for all people who
are working on peace education programs, and at schools in the Basque Country."
Karmele SoliŮo Queiruga
Peace Research Center - Gernika Gogoratuz
Gernika-Lumo, Basque Country, Spain
"The camp DVD was so moving!"
Evelyn Curbelo
Center for Religious Tolerance
South Florida
"The movies, especially PEACEMAKERS, were really inspiring and
I believe can make a lot of difference in the world. I will definitely see how and
where I can show these videos, (like at our) Muslim-Jewish interfaith conference."
Rochdale, United Kingdom
"The classroom footage was such a reminder of the miracle of true dialogue.
I expect that the kids will remember it for many years,
if not for the rest of their lives.
Washington High rocks."
Tirzah Agassi
Family therapist, writer
Great-granddaughter of Martin Buber
"I was impressed by the simple - in a positive sense - approach of bringing people together on the one hand,
and by the professional conflict management and peace tools you imploy on the other hand."
Father Christian Rutishauser, SJ
Director of Education, Lassalle-Haus Jesuit Retreat
Bad Schonbrunn, Switzerland
"I just watched the DVD from Washington High School. It's excellent!
Those students were really engaged. I'll take 6-8 DVD sets with me to Ramallah."
Joy Totah
Berkeley, California
"I watched the DVDs. You are planting seeds to
raise an orchard to feed humanity in the near future.
I will give them to my colleagues."
Sunday Orun
Ankara, TURKEY
"You uplift my spirit with these great events."
Maher al-Farraja
Palestinian educator and journalist
Pacific Grove, CA
"I will be using PEACEMAKERS: Palestinians & Jews Together at Camp
in a unit on reconciliation after conflicts. The video vividly demonstrates
the power of dialogue in helping people move toward reconciliation."
Nancy Roberts
Professor of Defense Analysis
Naval University
Monterey, California
"You should get a great response from the school counseling community.
These are important conversations!"
Carol A. Dahir Ed.D.
Counselor Education
New York Institute of Technology
"I just viewed your DVDs, and they are wonderful, as is your vision."
Steve Olweean
Director, International Conference on "Engaging the Other"
Dearborn, Michigan
"I was particularly moved by the school film and wish that every student could
have a dialogue experience on a regular basis. How quickly we could change the world.
I am passing these on to the Youth Director at my church and to the Social Action chair."
Lillian Barden
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
San Mateo, CA
"The DVDs arrived safely and look wonderful. Thank you!!!
We gave it first to the principle of our high school because we see him as
a leader, who can help us approach the students and the parents.
We hope to start a new dialogue group next school year. "
Ella Margalit
Mother, Peace Child Israel
Misgav, Israel
"Really inspiring !"
David Dolev, Co-Director
The Center for Jewish-Muslim Relations
Watertown, MA
"They were so excellent and so on the healing path.
Really I just could not help watching both of them in one sitting, back to back.
I am so grateful for your kind contribution to humanity and to healing among the Palestinians and Israelis."
Ibtisam Barakat
Palestinian educator
Author, "Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood"
Columbia, Missouri
"I loved your film (Dialogue at Washington High) and
the approach it takes to opening students up to each other.
The criticalness of listening, really listening, is of course
essential to any genuine breaking down of barriers. I am going to
have the students who will be leading the break-out sessions in our assembly see your film."
Joyce Block, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Diversity Educator
John Adams High School
South Bend, IN
"Like a child, I couldnít wait for Sunday morning
to find a big chair, a quiet corner to view both of them.
I was not disappointed in finding myself smiling, crying and learning.
We will show both in our Living Room Dialogue.
Shalom Ė As Salaam Alaikum"
Irma Sulaiman
JAM - Jews, Muslims, Christians and All Peoples
Delray Beach, FL
"They are touching and inspiring.
I've been away from Dialogue and
seeing these has me excited to refocus my attention to do my part."
Ms. Robbie Franco
Jewish Israeli-American
San Carlos, CA
"Thank you for sending your DVDs to the Dudley Knox Library.
They will reach a wide range of officers and civilians from U.S. and Allied nations . . . military libraries worldwide.
It is important that your efforts be shared with the widest audience possible."
Eleanor S. Uhlinger
University Librarian
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA
"How hopeful!!! It definitely needs to be shared."
Rosemarie Pace, Ed.D.
Director, Pax Christi
New York, NY
"I believe they would make very good educational tools
for community organizations, dialogue groups and classrooms."
Scott Dwyer
Program Director, KQED-TV
San Francisco, CA

      "I have viewed Peademakers and was absolutely overcome.
      With Jews from Israel and USA, and Palestinians from Israel, the West Bank and USA they did a Family Cluster!
      They did the body tracing, the music, the dancing, the 'Who Am I' exercises, the listening exercises.
      They keep on saying that 'Our enemy is one whose story we have not heard.'
Some highlights for me, were listening to what the words terrorist, right of return, Jerusalem, Jew, Palestiaian meant to various people.
      And it all ended up with the most wonderful personal history lesson. Each group gave dates, and then what happened to their great-great grandparents, their great-grandparents, their parents and themselves on those dates.
      Quite awe inspiring.
      I was taken by one man who looked into the camera and said we have to work on what we have in common - 'forgiving - rather than be hateful. Let love prevail over hate.'
      I just thought I would tell you how good the documentary is, and how helpful I think it would be to show in our communities."
Hilarie Roseman
Victoria, Australia

Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group
1448 Cedarwood Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403
Voice: (650) 574-8303 -- Fax: (650) 573-1217

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