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Wednesday, 14 February 2007



     The first ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN COMEDY TOUR just swept through five performances for mixed Arab-Jewish audiences in East and West Jerusalem
     The Syndrome, popular West Jeruslem nightspot, was "packed to the rafters" only two weeks after announcing the tour, wrote Palestinian American comedian, Ray Hanania ( ) and East Jerusalem's Old Colony Hotel was "standing room only."
     After one high school assembly performance, Hanania discribes:  "The Palestinian students surrounded me and repeated a message I hear far and wide in my community: 'We're tired of the old losing ways, the hatred, the anger, the back-stabbing, the divisiveness and the failure to do something positive.'"
     Read the whole story:

Published by Israel21c -- Sunday, 11 February 2007

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Showering Israel with humor

By Ray Hanania

     Search Google -- --  for "Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour" to reach their site and streaming videos, and other reports.


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     REFUSING TO BE ENEMIES: The Zeitouna Story -- --  will have its world premier tis Sunday, March 18, 2007.
     The new documentary on women and the power of Dialogue is expected to be sold out at the Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor.
     With 1,600 seats, two screenings may be needed to meet the demand for tickets.
     "REFUSING TO BE ENEMIES: The Zeitouna Story" is a 58-minute documentary about six Arab and six Jewish women who struggle to overcome their prejudices, fears, and anger through dialogue and community outreach together.
    Watch the touching video trailer at .

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     PEACEMAKERS: Palestinians & Jews Together at Camp
(DVD - 83 min - documentary)
        140 Jews and Palestinians -- Muslim, Christian and Jewish adults and youth -- live together at a California Jewish summer camp.
        They discover new ways to communicate and become more human together.
        PROVIDED AT NO COST to citizens worldwide who will use them for education and community building.
        Ordering information is at

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  (DVD - 42 min - documentary)
        A Jewish and a Palestinian exemplar model how to connect with the "other" beginning with personal Story.
        Tenth grade high school students then engage each other in pairs with a new quality of listening.
        The diverse youth and their teacher then speak about their new way of communicating.
        PROVIDED AT NO COST to citizens worldwide who will use them for education and community building.
        Ordering information is at

      RADIO SALAAM SHALOM: Muslims and Jews Talking Together -- -- broadcasts in English 24/7 from Bristol, United Kingdom.
     This is a brand new combination of diverse, quality of music, with stories and conversations of parallel cultures and faiths.
     News about peace-building, relationship-growing citizens is heard by diverse women and men program hosts.
     This station is also distinctive by its invitation to listeners to record their own 28- or 56-minute programs and submit them for possible broadcast.

    RADIO ALL FOR PEACE -- -- broadcasts 24/7 in the Holy Land on 107.2 FM .
     It is in Hebrew, Arabic and English.
     The grassroots Israeli-Palestinian station features RAINBOW, the English-language interview program.
     Daniel Estrin ( ) is the new, creative host of Palestinians, Jews and others who spend their lives building a new life together.
     Hear RAINBOW every week:
        Tuesdays and Thursdays
                        21:30-22:30 (9:30-10:30 pm)     New Delhi       
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        RAINBOW is on Radio Citta Futura -- and 97.7 FM
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