Two peace projects:

Ishmael & Isaac, in Cleveland and on Mt. Everest

Friday, 04 July 2008


     July 4, 2008 here in the U.S.A. is Independence Day.
     Yet today's great need seems to be for inter-dependence.
    Citizens who are diverse yet "family."
     Engaged and cooperating, to assure the best for self and "other" equally.

    "With Love to Isaac and Ishmael" - - was written in 1994 by Gary Gordon, Duluth, Minn. USA.
     It closes: 

Imagine the Middle East as the center among civilized nations.

                   A path for the prophets of the future.

                                 Take this opportunity

               to exist alongside each other in collective pride.

          In time there will be trust, and one day love will follow . . .

          as an artifact cleared and awakened by desert winds.

The Everest Peace Project

     "Alongside each other" were Palestinian Ali Bushnaq and Israelis David (Dudu) Yifrah and Micha Yaniv.
     They were among an international, interfaith team that endeavored to ascend to the world's highest place together.
     Physically not all of them succeeded.
     Spiritually they triumphed.

     Everest: A Climb for Peace - - was the first joint Israeli-Palestinian journey toward the summit of Mt. Everest.
     Lance Trumbull ( ) is an exemplary citizen who continues demonstrating the power of one's person's creativity and determination to create The Everest Peace Project and shepherd people to new places together.
     Then to tell the story on film to inspire yet others worldwide to ascend to a higher place of cooperation.
     SEE film gallery, some of may short video excerpts on this rich Web site:
     See men and women of diverse cultures and faitha working well together.
     Ordinary people becoming heroes.

Ishmael & Isaac

     In Cleveland, Ohio, Ishmael & Isaac - - promotes the reconciliation of Israelis and Palestinians through collaboration with American Jews, American Arabs and others who share this vision.
     Created in 2002, their biggest single succes came early - in 2003 - while raising $130,000 given equally for pediatric cancer unit at a Palestinian hospital and a needed ambulance for an Israeli community. 
     That has been followed by other smaller yet inspiring acts of assistance and goodwill toward both peoples as equally as possible.
     Dedicated Anita Gray is National President ( ), while Samir Mohammad and David Goldberg co-chair their national board.  

     The participants of Ishmael & Isaac see it this way:

     The Jewish and Arab American communities are linked to Israelis and Arabs in the Middle East by cultural, religious and family ties.

     At this moment in history, when the relationship between the Israelis and Palestinians are at their lowest levels of trust and the prospects of peace seem the most remote, small steps of cooperation are important.

     Ishmael & Isaac (I&I) believes that both peoples desire to live peacefully, side by side, with full acceptance and recognition.

     READ newspaper headlines that offer the public needed human success stories and reflect their vision and outreach into their community.

  Ishmael Isaac - A Bridge to Healing & Peace

September, 2003 - Al-Shafa

  Walking hand-in-hand; Palestinian-Jewish group takes aid, hope to Mideast

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 - The Plain Dealer

  Seeing eye to eye with Ishmael & Isaac

 Friday, December 12, 2003 - Cleveland Jewish News

  Palestinians and Israelis give pace a chance at children's clinic

Sunday, April 3, 2005 - New York Times

  Israelis, Palestinians seek reconciliation not revenge

Friday, June 29, 2007 - Cleveland Jewish News

     Finally, LISTEN to the 2006 4-minute radio interview of Arab and Jewish participants - Ishmael & Isaac on WCPN-FM, Cleveland

Ishmael & Isaac Brings Humanitarian Action