Sulhita 2009 - Ninety Israelis and Palestinians

live beyond war four days in the desert

Sunday, 11 October 2009



     Person by person, a new breed of human being is choosing to build a world beyond war.
     You may be one of them.
     Their newness is a DNA-like change of attitude and understanding of daily life on Earth.  
     The foundational knowledge and personal implications of life beyond war are described at .



1.  War is obsolete.

2.  We are one on this planet.

3.  The means are the ends in the making


1 . I will resolve conflict. I will not use violence.

2.  I will maintain an attitude of good will. I will not preoccupy myself with an enemy

3.  I will work together with others to build a world beyond war.


     In recent weeks, there was no better example on Earth than 90 Israeli and Palestinian youth and adults who successfully lived, listened, and grew together.
     Their Sulhita is described below.
     You can do this wherever on Earth you live.

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Painting a picture of life beyond war

     The Sulha Peace Project - - in the Holy Land is citizen peace-builders inspired by the indigenous "sulha" process of face-to-face engagement then mediation to rebuild trust and restore dignity beyond  political agendas.
    September 24-27, /2009 was their powerful Sixth Youth Sulhita in the Holy Land desert.


"At first I was very angry that there were Jews and Arabs together. Its impossible to describe how the Sulhita has changed me...its infinite. I want to keep in touch with my Sulhita friends because they symbolise love and friendship and they are so special."

                Palestinian girl, 16, Hebron


"The uniqueness and power of the Sulhita lies in the hominess, the beating heart and the connection of the two sides through simple, human dialogue. When Im in the army Ill treat Arabs with humanity and Ill make listening circles with them. I accept Arabs more as people I can live with. You are doing holy work!"

                Jewish boy, 18, Kfar Aaron


     Living side-by-side were 90 participants and staff -- Bedouins, Druze, Arab and Jewish Israelis, including from Sderot, with  40 Palestinians from across the border and for whom there was 100% success in getting permits.
     The 60 youth and 30 volunteers -- facilitators, kitchen and film staff, and more -- from Israel and Palestine cooperated and learned during four days of sharing life stories, pain, and hopes.
     Envisioning their shared future, they further became leaders for authentic, peaceful relationships and unprecedented creativity together.
     The powerful days of courageous, successful trust-building surprised many participants, especially in the shadow of recent, traumatizing death in Gaza and southern Israel that increased stress and mistrust.
     Sulhita 2009 was the fruit of a four-month process of confidence-building between two citizen-teams from Palestine and Israel who chose to cooperate and work as equals in planning,
facilitating, and funding.
     The exciting results filled everyone with hope and the promise of doing more together for lasting peace.
     For more information, contact Elad Vazana ( ).
     SEE PHOTOS and VIDEO, and READ more about these inspiring days and youth responses:

Palestinian-Israel Planning Team Story  (3.3 MB)

Illustrated 9-page Sulhita 2009 story, with youth responses  (1.6 MB)

Beautiful 15-page PowerPoint description  (1.7 MB)

More Sulhita 2009 photos


and perhaps most inspiring of all, be sure to watch the

Powerful 9-minute youth-created VIDEO with music

by 18-year-old Ala Salman, a Palestinian participant from Beit Safafa, East Jerusalem

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