Faces + Stories help end wars

28 November 2014


"An enemy is one whose story we have not heard." 

            ~ Ms. Gene Knudsen Hoffman

"Social media is an amazing tool, but

it's really the face-to-face interaction that

makes a long-term impact."

            ~ Felicia Day

In 2000, "The Enemy Has a Face: The Seeds of Peace Experience" was published by the U.S. Institute of Peace -- https://bookstore.usip.org/books/BookDetail.aspx?productID=51280
Author and social entrepreneur, John Wallach, championed and documented Palestinian-Israeli people-to-people reconciliation.

In December 2003, a different "The Enemy Has a Face" was published by award-winning author, Gloria D. Miklowitz.-- http://www.eerdmans.com/Products/5261/the-enemy-has-a-face.aspx
She urged Palestinian and Jewish youth readers -- everyone -- to look beyond stereotypes to humanize one another.

Show Our Faces
See Their faces

In 1956, C.S.Lewish published TILL WE HAVE FACES.
Lewis insisted we must live and reconcile face-to-face with our fellow human, who "must be speaking with its own voice" -- revealing one's true face  -- "not any mask."

Days ago
-- November, 2014 -- some Palestinians and Jews created a film to remind us.
Faces matter.

Remaining distant and invisible, the face of the other fades.
Without a face, our humanity diminishes.

To restore our humanity, we need to meet face-to-face.
Magic can result.
The opportunity is in our hands.


This Is My Face

2-minute video -- 27 November 2014




Dramatic Examples of
Middle East Stories
from one actor's lips
and experiences

Great artists of stage and film have animated stories to inspire and awaken us to our humanity.
Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Dustin Hoffman, so many to thank.
Name your own favorites and their performances that affected you forever.

For the Palestinian-Israeli relationship, a performance that excels to acknowledge and respect the diverse narratives and people is WRESTLING JERUSALEM -- http://www.wrestlingjerusalem.com
No actor-writer is more compelling
, awakening, and helpful than Aaron Davidman in this world-class one-person stage performance

Davidman's theatrical expression of the vast spectrum of Jewish and Palestinian narratives about the Middle East is perhaps the most informative, powerful, inclusive, and fair from one person's mouth.
Equally impressive is how he has lived his life -- discovering people's parallel but different life experiences and world views not only by reading textbooks and opinions but by meeting people face-to-face here and overseas.

For your campus, conference, or community, hosting WRESTLING JERUSALEM could be your most informative, creative step toward improving communication and relationships.

VIEW a video excerpt:

Wrestling Jerusalem

2014 -- 2-min introductory video


Face-to-Face, Side-by-Side
Jews & Palestinians Sharing
Song & Their Common Home

The Jerusalem Youth Chorus of the Jerusalem International YMCA empowers youth from East and West Jerusalem -- http://www.jerusalemyouthchorus.org
Life-changing experiences of high-level music-making and personal engagement creates leaders for cooperation and good communication in their communities.
For more information contact their director, Micah Hendler -- Micah.Hendler@gmail.com
HEAR and SEE their musical story:



Sam Tsui & The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus

4-1/2 min video - 07 October 2014


Your Story plus
My Story

The History Project in India and Pakistan -- http://www.thehistory-project.org -- helps school students appreciate sometimes-conflicting stories of historical events in their nations shared history and heritage.
Co-founders Qasim Aslam and Ayyaz Ahmad met as youth at the Seeds of Peace summer program -- http://www.seedsofpeace.org

They were inspired to shine light on the global history textbook pandemic.
More than 2 billion young impressionable minds are learning history through textbooks whose narratives are often biased and from a narrow perspective, contributing to planetary intolerance.

Led by international youth, the initiative has reached over 1,000,000 young minds and has changed countless lives.
Youth now learn to identify biases and stereotypes by juxtaposing contrasting textbook history narratives and by making history education fun.

They are also working in Israel-Palestine.
HEAR Qasim Aslam and Ayyaz Ahmad share their journeyroots of their idea, how they're bringing it into schools, their dreams to de-stereotype the future.


Pakistan-India History Project

Co-founders Qasim and Ayyaz

4 min video - June 2014


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