Traveling Toward the Enemy:

Meeting eye-to-eye

23 January 2015


"Whatever happens now in war or diplomacy,

whatever territory is won or lost,

whatever accommodations or compromises are finally made,

Arabs and Jews will remain locked together in this weary land,

enmeshed in each other's fears.

They will not escape from one another.

They will not find peace in treaties, or in victories.

They will find it, if at all, by looking into each other's eyes."

                ~ David K. Shipler

                    The New York Times Magazine - 10 August 1986


January 1st in California, 700,000 citizens gathered together for the annual Rose Parade.
81,000,000 more around Earth absorbed the beauty and messages to live by.

"Inspiring Stories" is the 2015 theme --
This year's stories were chosen to remind us of "those who have loved unconditionally, persevered courageously, endured patiently, and accomplished much on behalf of others."

Consider these stories.
Perhaps replicate them in your own life..

                        ~ L & L

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Trying Life Without War. . . Approaching each other, seeing eyes

Inspired by real World War I events in 1914 -- 100 years ago

4-min video - 12 Nov 2014

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Traveling Toward the "Other"
to the Middle East
Tour for Change -- -- is a rising star of face-to-face education, leadership training, and relationship-building in Israel and Palestine.¦nbsp;
Tour guide Elad Vazana -- is a former IDF combat tank commander, high tech entrepreneur, and global traveler.

A husband and father, Vazana now devotes his life to connecting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to experience that¦nbsp; the “other” is a human being whose story is rich ands complex, like ours.
Vazana masterfully leads travelers to the people and places of conflicted relationships.
Participants become a part of change through telling and hearing personal life stories anew in ways that dignify both speaker and listener, giving birth to a new reality of trust and coexistence.

Mejdi Tours -- -- is another dependable provider of custom tours and authentic experiences with diverse people and places.
Aziz Abu Sarah.-- -- is co-founder and and an exquisite human being and peacebuilder.

Aziz is also Director of the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution (CRDC) at George Mason University.
VIEW his TedTalk:


For more tolerance, we need more...tourism?

Ted2014 -- March 2014 -- Aziz Abu Sarah

4-1/2 min video

TED2014 4:37 Filmed Mar 2014

Subtitles available in 10 languages

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Traveling Toward the "Other"
to North America
In Summer 2014, eighteen American, Palestinian, and Israeli teens ages 13-18 gathered at Bard College at Simon's Rock for the 2014 MiC International Youth Summit in August 2014.
Thanks to Music in Common -- -- during 8 days the visionary youth worked, lived, played, and created together.
The evolving citizen-leaders collaborated to write and record an original song.
The youth produced a music video to speak their collective voice and message, while discovering courageous face-to-face engagement, communication skills, cooperation, respect, and trust.

Their inter-cultural, multi-faith experience and commitment to working together represents their vision of a world where inclusiveness and change are possible.
Their facilitator of Music in Common is Todd Mack, receives e-mail at


The Change We'll Bring

Music in Common International Youth Summit

4-min music video - August 2014

Harmony in Tragedy: Palestinian and Israeli Teens Write a Song Together

The Blog -- 06 Sept 2014

Harmony in Tragedy -  Palestinian & Israeli Teens Write a Song Together

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