New Year 2016

Tools for building relationships, diffusing war

01 January 2016



Dear Ones around Earth,

New Year's Day 2016 can be an opportunity to imagine and begin creating every-day lives congruent with our most basic reality -- all is one and totally interdependent.
How we treat other humans and Earth, we treat ourselves.

Below are tools to share and apply in our daily lives of creating a sustainable global community that works for all -- including everyone, excluding no one.
These are some of many resources discovered by colleagues and participants in our local 23-year-old Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group in California USA.
For you.

                       - L&L

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The means are the ends in the making.
"Wanting" peace implies creating human relationships.


"In all peace building, political deals struck at the elite levels of society will last

only with wide civic engagement and buy-in among citizens of each community."

        ~ Ivor Jenkins

             Director, In Transformation  (Pretoria, South Africa)

"We were together.  I forget the rest."

        -- Walt Whitman, poet

We are one earth.  We are one humanity. We are one spirit.

With Earth and Each Other

The Public Peace Process of Relatioinships

Lessons on the primacy of human relationships
from the longest study on human health and global well-being
TedTalk -- November 2015

Communication Technology
The December 2015 Season of Light Global Video Bridge

Sounds and Sights of Coming Cooperation
Here Comes Peace

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