Sowing seeds of coexistence, skilled communication

10 March 2016


"Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that

we must love our enemies -- or else?

The chain reaction of evil -- hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars -- must be broken,

or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation."

            ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.  (1929-1968)

In the dark of the moon,

in flying snow,

~ ~

in the dead of winter,

war spreading,

~ ~

families dying,

the world in danger,

~ ~

I walk the rocky hillside,

sowing clover.

            ~ Wendell Berry


The rocky hillside of (in)human separation and dismissal is starkly described by March 2016 Pew social science research --
Clover to urgently sow is in many forms -- stories of reunion, communication skills, human support, life-giving art forms that awaken the best in us.
This clover is Love.

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Sowing Clover as
Middle East Engagement
Hand in Hand Arab-Jewish School -- -- began its Haifa activity four years ago as a small private day care center.
They are now a preschool with almost 90 children, and elementary school is the natural next step.
SEE the video, to meet some of Hand in Hand's local parents and activists filmed by local high school students last year  when the parents were still advocating for municipal recognition.


Hand in Hand Bilingual Preschool in Haifa

9-min video -- 28 December 2015

To celebrate the 2016 New Year,  the Mayor of Haifa, Yona Yahav, visited the Hand in Hand Haifa Preschool to show his support and meet with local community members.
This followed his historic decision to provide municipal support to open an official integrated bilingual 1st grade in a public school in Haifa in 2016-2017.

"I've always thought that Jews and Arabs should speak each other's languages and be able to flow easily between Hebrew and Arabic.
I am excited to announce the opening of the bilingual 1st grade - an important track to have in our education system in Haifa."

VIEW and HEAR more older students on the Jerusalem campus:


Hand in Hand Bilingual School in Jerusalem

Channel 2 News (Israel) - Sunday evening, 31 January 2016

13-min video


Hand in Hand's Project Harmony Israel is the English-language Jerusalem summer day-camp program for the Palestinian-Israeli and Jewish youth.
They are now seeking local and international volunteer staff --

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Clover is Instructional
Story from Norway
In 2016, newly published in Norway is a 6-page article of Palestinians and Israelis in real-life communication -- what works, what doesn't.


Listening: An underestimated tool for peace

Norway -- 2016


The Norwegian friends remind us:

"Education alone is not enough.
We must see each other
as human beings."

"Listening is not just usual listening, it's about listening to hear to honor and respect the one who talks and let the message sink in before responding."

"Some argue that there should not be any contact between Israelis and Palestinians 'until the occupation is ceased' because the activity would act as a normalization of the situation and thus perceived as an acceptance of the conditions.
This is a devastating barricade to the goal."

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Clover is Music
from Palestinian and Israeli Youth
Seeds of Peace -- -- helps Israeli and Palestinian youth develop leadership skills, become closer, and illustrate living coexistence,
Their relationships continue leading to unprecedented creativity.
Their example inspires, and their music powers itself around Earth awaken other bridge builders.

They sing and shout out:


"I was a new seed, once upon a time,

Building bridges between your side and mine.

I was frightened by this great divide,

But you taught me to never run and hide.

Your story changed me, that was just the start.

Communication opened up my heart.

Roots run deep for you and me.

The tallest tree was once a seed."





Seeds of Peace Middle East youth-leaders

5-min video


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Clover is Muslim-Jewish
Meal-sharing of New Jersey Women
New Jersey, USA, Jewish and Muslim women continue together, finding that what unites them is greater than what divides them.
They share stories and traditional dinners featuring specialties of their Middle Eastern, Pakistani, and Indian cultures.

We came here in the interest of tolerance and peace and to learn about each others religion and culture, said Zakiya Kathawala.

During their February, 2016, gathering at Temple Rodeph Torah, the Jewish women left the sanctuary to prepare for dinner.
The Muslims stayed behind to lay out mats for their evening prayers facing the ark, which points in the direction of both Jerusalem and Mecca.

They group formed after Rabbi Shira Stern met Fatima Masood, the principal of the Islamic Center of the Bridge Academy.
In the community there was no effort to get to know each other, so someone needed to take that first step, said Masood.
The determined women are forming their own chapter of the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom --



Muslims, Jews break bread at shul event

New Jersey Jewish News -- 07 March 2016

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