Why know each other?  What's good for all is good for us.

29 June 2017


"We have lived our lives by the assumption that

what was good for us would be good for the world.

We have been wrong.


We must change our lives so that

it will be possible to live by the contrary assumption, that

what is good for the world will be good for us.

And that requires that we make the effort to

know the world and learn what is good for it."

            ~ Wendell Berry


There are exemplary, diverse citizens among us.
Exerting unusual efforts to know their world and one another, becoming familiar.
Living and excelling together.
Lives worth emulating, through:

1.  Entrepreneurship
2.  Science
3.  Community
4.  Sports
5.  Education
plus Videos

= = 1 = =
Our Generation Speaks (OGS) -- http://www.ogspeaks.com -- identifies emerging change agents among Palestinian and Israeli women and men who look to build shared prosperity for the region.
This visionary training program based at Brandeis University is "building shared prosperity, values, and trust through entrepreneurship."

Sinan AbuShanab, a Palestinian from Bethlehem, is the Program Manager, and Ohad Elhelo, from Ashdod, Israel, is the Founder and Executive Director.
They get e-mail at Admissions@ogspeaks.com


Could a cluster of startups incubate peace in the Mideast?

The Boston Globe - 19 May 2017


= = 2 = =
Sesame -- http://www.sesame.org.jo -- is cooperating scientists being a spark of light in years of darkness.
They are physicists from several countries that rarely talk to one another Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Pakistan and also from the Palestinian Authority -- who are determined to collaborate.

This is the story of an impossible dream, a journey to what one of the scientists calls a parallel universe of peace and cooperation in the Middle East.
Their goal is to make light dance and emit powerful beams -- synchrotron light -- to learn more about materials ranging from  semiconductors to viruses.
They call their shared endeavor "the light at the end of the tunnel."


A Light for Science, and Cooperation, in the Middle East

The New York Times -- 08 May 2017


= = 3 = =
The Interfaith Encounter Association -- http://interfaith-encounter.org -- facilitated12 Jewish students from Amit Bar Ilan religious school in Givat Shmuel who traveled to Al-Qasemi school in the Arab town of Baqa al-Gharbiyye, where they were welcomed by 22 host Arab students for a three-hour, face-to-face introductory meeting.
The group was accompanied by four teachers from both schools.

At the end, in a powerful circle the students shared stigmas attributed to the "other" that they surrendered during the day.
"Before the meeting, I thought that that religious Jews don't want to meet and know Muslims, and that all Jewes have a dog."
"I imagined that that Arabs put less emphasis on education, and that all Muslims are called Muhammad and every Arab has a hookah."

Many of the students said how good the meeting was, and that in these circles more people could correct fear and prejudices quickly.


Arab and Jewish students meet, break stigmas in a short time


= = 4 = =
One Team United for Peace and Development Society -- http://www.oneteamunited.ca -- is supported together by Canadians Adri Hamael, a Palestinian Muslim from Ramallah, and Jewish Bernie Simpson

Their theme is "One World, One Team, One Game," as they provide "tools for creating awareness" and "the power to change the world."
Through "inclusion, equality, respect, they are modeling human participation for "promoting global peace and social change."

Hamael, the Founder, says: "...we believe that soccer has an incredible power which can be used to build bridges between cultures, strengthen communities, create long-lasting friendships and bring our global community closer together."


Soccer unites people

Jewish Independent - 19 May 2017


= = 5 = =
Hand in Hand Schools -- http://www.handinhandk12.org -- make space for both Palestinian Arab and Jewish communities to express and recognize the sorrows and hopes of each side, creating a foundation of trust for building a shared future. "
This exemplary empathy is bravely practiced every year between March and May, when Jewish Israelis mark the National Days of Holocaust Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day, while Arab Citizens/Palestinians mark Land Day and Nakba (Catastrophe) Day.


Grieving and Aspiring Together in the Holy Land


= = VIDEOS = =
We are all on the same team, the same side.
Earth has but one surface.

Let us rise to the occasion and be kinder to each other.
By being together and helping each other, each supportive act makes this world a hopeful place.


Eat Together

So much good happens when we do.

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love."

2-1/2 min video


Eating Twinkies with God

Being kinder to each other

March 2017

2-1/2 min video



A "bomb violence with mercy" anti-terror ad has gone viral in Middle East.
The video by Kuwaiti telecom firm, Zain, aired during Ramadan.
As expected in our times, public opinion was divided by this bold prescription of Islam to love in response to ignorance and vengeance.


Bomb Violence with Mercy

Zain - Kuwait - 29 May 2017

1-1/2 min video



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