New citizen-diplomacy book in print!

Sustained Dialogue to
Transform Racial and Ethnic Conflicts

by Dr. Harold H. Saunders
Former U.S. Ass't Secretary of State
Negotiator of Camp the David Accords
Director of International Affairs, Kettering Foundation

328 pages        St. Martin's Press, New York        February 1999



  Many of the deep-rooted human conflicts that seize our attention today are not ready for formal mediation and negotiation.
  People do not negotiate about identity, fear, historic grievance, and injustice.
  Governments can negotiate binding agreements and enforce and implement them, but only citizens can change human relationships.
  Governments have long had their tools -- diplomacy, mediation, negotiation, force, and allocation of resources.
  This book provides citizens outside government with an instrument for transforming conflict.
  Harold H. Saunders outlines a systematic approach for citizens to use in reducing racial, ethnic, and other deep-rooted tensions in their countries, communities, and organizations.


Former President Jimmy Carter: "Hal Saunders worked closely with me in the Arab-Israeli peace process and at Camp David, and he is now a member of the International Negotiation Network at The Carter Center. In this book he draws upon his extensive experience to explain how ordinary citizens can help overcome deep-rooted obstacles to peace and make genuine contributions to a process that often cannot be concluded by governments alone."

Former Senator Bill Bradley: "The course of a continuous dialogue presented in this book offers citizens useful tools in reaching racial harmony. I highly recommend it as a method to build better understanding among all races."


    A Personal Essay: The Human and Intellectual Roots of Sustained Dialogue
    The Challenges of Conflict and Peace in the Citizens' Century
The Peace Process: A Conceptual Framework
Changing Conflictual Relationships
Citizens' Politics in Civil Society
International Relationships across Permeable Borders
The Dialogue Process
Sustained Dialogue -- A Public Peace Process
The Inter-Tajik Dialogue
Baton Rouge: Dialogue on Race Relations   (by William Jefferson Day, Jan Bernard & Fred Jeff Smith)
Bridging the Abyss: Palestinian-Israeli Women's Dialogues   (by Galia Golan & Zahira Kamal)
Evaluating Sustained Dialogue
Sustained Dialogue -- A Public Space for Learning

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