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"An enemy is one whose story we have not heard."     - Ms. Gene Knudsen Hoffman

Inviting members of Cleveland's diverse communities:
Studentsdotgreen.gif - 1002 Bytes Neighborhood leadersdotgreen.gif - 1002 Bytes Educatorsdotgreen.gif - 1002 Bytes Activists
Businesspeopledotgreen.gif - 1002 Bytes Clergydotgreen.gif - 1002 Bytes Everyone

Crossing Lines
Story as entry to relationship & change

An inspiring, hands-on community workshop for communicating across all lines
beginning with a new quality of listening to one another - to everyone.

Thursday evening, March 5, 2009

7:00 pm    dotgreen.gif - 1002 Bytes    Educational Exhibits
7:30 SHARP - 9:30 pm    dotgreen.gif - 1002 Bytes    Participatory Program
Free how-to videos and literature to take home

Case Western Reserve University
Peter B. Lewis Building, Room 04   -   11119 Bellflower Road   -   Cleveland, Ohio

Please RSVP to Nurete Brenner: 216-231-5166 -
or Sue Wolpert: 216-371-8787 -

Facilitators Libby and Len Traubman co-founded the 16-year-old Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue of San Mateo, California, featured on CNN. They co-produced two films: DIALOGUE AT WASHINGTON HIGH, and PEACEMAKERS: Palestinians & Jews Together at Camp. They are in Cleveland for the summit conference to design a National Peace Academy in the United States, and for this practical evening to offer modern tools of communication for your home, school, business, neighborhood, and global community.

Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue

Event information on the Web at

SEE 52 photos
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