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FLYING KITES FOR PEACE in Seattle, Washington
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10,000 Kites ~ Talking Kites
A Middle East Peace Process First

San Francisco - Sun., May 22, 2005 - Marina Green - 1-5 pm
(see photos on the beautiful waterfront grass, between the Presidio and Fort Mason)

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Come fly your kite to

support 10,000 Palestinians and Israelis flying their kites

across borders and barriers of all kinds

this week in the Holy Land.

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Bring your kites, friends, picnic lunch, and blankets

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      Join Bay Area families and thousands worldwide -- side by side, Palestinians, Jews, everyone -- in a safe, child-friendly place. We will meet in good spirit and fly kites for freedom and security for all in the Middle East. We will send a message of strong support for the 45,000 Israeli and Palestinian families who have already registered for this action to fly tens of thousands of colored kites painted with messages of peace soaring on May 20th into the Holy Land skies -- north to south, east to west. IMAGINE 10,000 kites, and add yours.
      10,000 Kites~Talking Kites is on the Web in Israel/Palestine (in Arabic, Hebrew, and English) at , and in North America, at Read even more about 10,000 Kites~Talking Kites on the local host Dialogue Group's Web site, then see some fine photos of children flying kites.

How do I get a kite?

1. Make one
Search with Google for "how to make a kite"

2. Buy one
at a kite or toy store.
Half Moon Bay -- Lunar Winds -- 330 Main Street -- 650-726-9212
After 25% discount for 10,000 KITES participants, easy-to-fly kites cost, including tax:
2 ft. kite~$13 -- 4-1/2 ft. kite~$17 -- 5-1/2 ft. kite~$20 -- 9 ft. kite~$28
You may order kites by e-mail or phone from event hosts, below
Berkeley -- --510-235-5483 -- Mobile kite store
North end of Berkeley Marina -- Thur-Fri/5:30-7:30 -- Sat-Sun/1:30-7:30
San Francisco -- Chinatown Kite Shop -- 717 Grant Avenue -- 415-989-8217

Get the famous Olympic Dove Peace Kite -- -- 877-522-5483
Jackite, Inc -- 2868 West Landing Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 --

Other Questions?

E-mail: -- Phone: 650-574-8303
Newest kite/picnic information on the Web at

Sponsored by the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group of San Mateo
celebrating 12 years of talking, listening, and cooperating