The Nest :
To my children in Spring

Six or seven years ago
I hung a box, and not too low
Behind our house, so birds could rest
And feel quite safe, and build a nest.

They'd often visit, and explore
Look inside, but do no more.
Every Spring, they'd come and go.
Why no nest? I didn't know.

What is this longing, feeling, urge
To co-create, to help life surge
Ahead in all its mystery
That fashioned birds and you and me?

Do Russians awe at birds that nest
And hatch their chicks, and do their best
To feed and teach their young to soar
And let them go to something more?

And do all my brothers on Earth's sphere
Feel the thrill when life is near
Like nesting birds that God did bring
Behind our house this special Spring?

When Eleanor had left our nest
To try her wings and meet the test
And set her face into the light
Wide awake and in full flight.

And Adam, waxing strong and smart
Full of life, a man of heart
Forged his views of life on Earth
Of what's a man, of what has worth.

And this same Spring, as eggs abide
In the box I hung outside
The Russians and we grow closer and talk
Like the eggs are hatching above our walk.

And just below the surface of wars
Drugs, pollution, and much more
People, one by one, now see
A shared, fantastic destiny.

They see that image Earth from space
That says, no doubt, we share this place.
It's not I win, and so you lose.
We both must win! It's Life we choose.

Since the beginning of time, God had a plan
For the triumph of life, and gave it to Man
To build and to bridge, with excellence, our best
To treat life with care, like the bird builds its nest.

Like that bird, we've been building a nest, as you know
To hatch a new world, and to finally show
Our brothers and sisters across the land
Our ancient dream is close at hand.

The longing we share to watch birds birth
And see that life continues on Earth
Combined with hard work, the truth and right spirit,
Is giving our children a world to inherit.

A world we can't exactly know
Except that it will surely show
The fruits of those who heard God's plan
And gave their souls, minds, hearts, and hands.

My children, know that this is so.
Be all you can, and when you go
Keep your awe of life and bring
A birth of hope to Earth, like Spring.

With love from your devoted Dad.
March, 1988

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