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We are an American family interested in expanding our identification to include and dignify all
Earth's cultures, races, nations, religions, and species.

Foundation for Global Community
         1970s: Early visions in art form and understanding
         1980s and beyond
Our Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group
         The Public Peace Process
         A Call to Dialogue
         Who We Are -- What We Do
         Most recent, far-reaching steps we've supported
         Earlier 1990s initiatives
         Our deceased pioneer members
         What Others Are Doing . . . Successfully
         THE PUBLIC PEACE PROCESS: Resources (links, articles, video, audio, how-to, inspiration)
         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue
Racial Reconciliation in Our Neighborhood
Portraits of Dedication
The Individual Citizen
Amateur Radio
About our family and genealogy


Foundation for Global Community
   Overview of our volunteer education endeavors for the evolution of culture
   History of Foundation for Global Community - Celebrating 60 Years
            Watch January 2011 Closing Ceremony video

   1970s: Early visions in art form and understanding
            Thirteen Is A Mystical Number
            Bless Man
            We Are One   (10"x10" graphic)
            Challenge to Change
            Woman to Woman, Building the Earth
   1980s and beyond
   ONE -- Our interdependence and inter-connectedness with all life  (10 min)
   Changing and moving beyond war (1982)
   BEYOND WAR AWARD videos (1983-1990)
   Breakthrough: Emerging New Thinking   (1988 epoch book - "enemies" cooperating)
   Historic 1991 Israeli-Palestinian Initiative: Framework for a Public Peace Process
            Watch 1991 first public announcement of the "public peace process"  (4-1/2 min)
            Watch 1991 TV news video  (7 min)
            Watch 1991 documentary  -  Israelis and Palestinians Building A Common Future  (56 min)
            Watch 1992 PBS TV documentary  -  JERUSALEM: The Bridge to Peace  (56 min)
   The 1993 Armenia - Azerbaijan Initiative
            Earlier 1984 Armenia visit
   Living Beyond War: A Citizen's Guide (2009 book))
   Call for Decade of Cooperation (2010-2020)   (pdf)    (doc)

Our Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group

   BRIEF HISTORY: Roots and progress of the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue    (7-min video - 2011)

                                              The Public Peace Process
                                                         English ~ Arabic ~ Hebrew

                            call-heb.jpg - 3585 Bytes   A Call to Dialogue   call-ara.jpg - 1999 Bytes

                                           Who We Are -- What We Do
                                                         (our detailed progress report)

   Most recent, far-reaching steps we've supported:   

            Life Beyond Taking-Sides: Growing from blame toward empathy and community  -- April 6, 2019
            Public Library "Living Room Dialogues"  -- September 2017
            STORIES OF CHANGE: Creating a Culture of Connection in The Citizens' Century
                 2017 Commencement Address -- Notre Dame de Namur University

            CROSSING LINES IN SAN MATEO  (Community Engagement Circle) -- Sunday, 29 January 2017
            Pre-deciding About Violence -- August 2016
            2015 Season of Light Global Video Bridge -- December 07, 2015
            2015 Parliament of the World's Religions -- October 2015
            2014 Season of Light Three Continent Video Bridge -- December 06, 2014
            California State University -- Campus Call to Dialogue -- September, 2014
                 Three Contemporary African Models of Citizen-Driven Engagement to Transcend Protracted Conflicts -- April 2014
            Dialogue Communication graphics in Arabic, Hebrew, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and English -- December 2013
            Dialogue Resources in French ~ Ressources de dialogue en français -- November 2013
            NEW documentary film -- 20 YEARS OF PALESTINIAN-JEWISH LIVING ROOM DIALOGUE (1992-2012)      
            Season of Light Evening -- Dec 2, 2012 -- San Francisco, CA
            First Screening -- DIALOGUE IN NIGERIA -- Mar 20, 2012 -- Harlem, New York, NY
            NEW documentary film -- DIALOGUE IN NIGERIA: Muslims & Christians Creating Their Future
            CALL FOR MUSIC VIDEOS -- Palestinian-Jewish Duos or Groups -- Summer 2011
            NEW 2010 documentary film for high school students -- ABRAHAM'S VISION GRADUATION DAY!      
            2nd International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication -- Oct 22-24, 2010 -- Jos, Nigeria     
            CROSSING CULTURAL LINES -- Wednesday, March 17, 2010 -- University of California, Berkeley      
            NEW, how-to 2010 documentary film -- CROSSING LINES IN FRESNO      
            CROSSING LINES: Story as entry to relationship & change -- Thursday, October 1, 2009 -- Fresno, CA      
            CROSSING LINES: Sharing stories, Creating community -- Sunday, September 20, 2009 -- San Mateo, CA      
            Changing Lives in the Holy Land: Stories of loss, vision, and hope -- Wed, May 27, 2009 -- San Francisco      
            CROSSING LINES: Story as entry to relationship & change -- Tuesday, March 24, 2009 -- Charlotte, NC      
            CROSSING LINES: Story as entry to relationship & change -- Thursday, March 5, 2009 -- Cleveland, OH      
            A CALL TO DIALOGUE for Palestinians & Jews -- Tuesday, November 18, 2008 -- Houston, TX      
            CROSSING LINES: Story as entry to relationship & change -- Monday, November 17, 2008 -- Houston, TX      
            An Evening for The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies -- Tuesday, July 15, 2008 -- San Mateo, CA      
            Steps Forward in Jerusalem -- Thursday, March 13, 2008 -- St. Ignatius High School, San Francisco     
            Fifth Palestinian-Jewish Peacemakers Camp -- October 5-8, 2007 -- California     
            Learning Each Other's Historical Narrative:
                 A NEW KIND OF SCHOOL TEXTBOOK -- Thurs., May 10, 2007 -- San Francisco     
            NEW, inspiring 2007 films -- DVDs for school, home, camp, community:
                 DIALOGUE AT WASHINGTON HIGH  (and Teacher's Guide)
                 PEACEMAKERS: Palestinians & Jews Together at Camp
            Third All Bay Area Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Season of Light Gathering -- Sun., Dec. 3, 2006     
            Fourth Palestinian-Jewish Family Peacemakers Camp -- September 1-4, 2006 -- California     
            2006 National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation -- Aug. 4-6, 2006 -- San Francisco     
            Second All Bay Area Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Season of Light Gathering -- Sun., Dec. 4, 2005     
            Second Midwest Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Weekend -- Oct. 1-2, 2005 -- Louisville, KY     
            Third Palestinian-Jewish Family Peacemakers Camp -- September 16-18, 2005 -- California     
            10,000 Kites ~ Talking Kites in the Middle East, San Francisco, and beyond   (May 2005)
            First leadership gathering of North American camps for the Middle East public peace process   (January 2005)
            Palestinian & Jewish Recipes for Peace     An inspiring cookbook publishing first !!      (Winter, 2004)
            First Midwest Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Weekend -- Sept 18-19, 2004 -- Duluth, MN     
            The new T-shirt -- Palestinians & Jews LISTENING in Dialogue            (July, 2004)
            Twelve 2004 Jewish-Palestinian camps in North America     (Summer 2004)
            "Breaking the Ice" in Washington, DC -- March 18-23, 2004     
            First All Bay Area Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Season of Light Gathering -- Sun., Dec. 7, 2003     
            Dialogue's November 2003 letter to the U.S. Department of State     
            First Palestinian-Jewish Family Peacemakers Camp -- September 12-14, 2003 -- California     
            "Day of Mutual Recognition" at University of California, Berkeley     (Spring 2003)
            Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue increasing at Georgetown University      (Fall 2002)
            National TV news coverage of Living Room Dialogue (streaming video) (Spring 2002)

   Earlier 1990s initiatives   
   Inspiring Spring Dinner and Ceremony   (1999)
   420 Jewish and Palestinian Americans Meet To Build A Common Future   (1997)
   The Middle East Schools Project we initiated  (1996)
   Jews and Palestinians Cooperate for Peace     (1996 article describing our early activity)

   Our deceased pioneer members   
   Gladys Wagman   (1921-2018)    heartsmall.gif - 911 Bytes
   Araxi Bezdjian   (1945-2016)    heartsmall.gif - 911 Bytes
   Neil Gandler   (1973-2015)    heartsmall.gif - 911 Bytes
   Carl Landman   (1920-2011)    heartsmall.gif - 911 Bytes
   Gail Weinstein   (1955-2010)    heartsmall.gif - 911 Bytes
   Maida Kasle   (1918-2010)    heartsmall.gif - 911 Bytes
   Anne Davidson   (1915-2008)    heartsmall.gif - 911 Bytes
   Carol Kittermaster   (1931-2006)    heartsmall.gif - 911 Bytes
   Nadim Hanna Zarour  (1950-2000)    heartsmall.gif - 911 Bytes

                                 What Others Are Doing . . . Successfully
                                                (over 700 encouraging human success stories)

   THE PUBLIC PEACE PROCESS: Resources    (links, articles, video, audio, how-to, inspiration)

   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue

   Others' Projects Needing Your Financial Assistance

Racial Reconciliation in Our Neighborhood
   Old-fashioned Potlucks Lead to New Friendships  (about 1980s South African model we adopted for future Dialogues)
   Our interracial meal-sharing group  (photo)

Portraits of Dedication
   The San Mateo County Women's Hall of Fame  (honoring women and young women of excellence)

The Individual Citizen
   On Idealism: One Person Can Make A Great Difference
   Earth Community as Myth and Motive  
   The Hero's Journey: The Heroic Choice
   The Song of Songs    (inclusiveness)
   Relationship with Earth    (videos)
   The Wombat   (video about interdependence)
   A Foundation of Identity
   Expanding Identification
   Responding to Crisis
   The Tree of Life (song)
   With Earth & Each Other (song)
   Everyone Wants to Be Loved (song)
   THE JOURNEY -- Its awe. Our responsiblity. (video)

Amateur Radio
   Our Ham Radio Life as W6HJK
   Russian Phrases for Amateur Radio
   The Saving of Oleg

About our family and genealogy
   LIBBY & LEN'S STORY: Their journey of cross-cultural dialogue
   Libby and Len's story as a Commencement Address (May 2017)
   THE NEST: To my children in Spring   (March 1988)
   Len's Marriage Blessing for Libby (August 1967)
   THE ORECKOVSKY FAMILY: From Russia to America   (Len's family tree book)
   Remembering Duluth   (Len's Aunt Ernestine's story about early 1900s Duluth, Minnesota)
   Bernard & Nettie Weiss Silberstein: The First Jews of Duluth  7-1/2 min video   (Len's great-grandparents)
   Duluth Temple Cook Book   (by Aunt Elsie, 1907))
   Memoirs of Alexander M. Scott (1836-1921)   (Libby's great-grandfather)
   Libby's Mother Loved See's Candy
   The Doll House
   A Complete List of Our Ancestors

Len and Libby Traubman
1448 Cedarwood Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403
Voice: (650) 574-8303 Fax: (650) 573-1217

Our childrens' births
Our family photo    Adam & Raychel marry - 1997    The next generation
Grandma Libby & Niko     Auntie Eleanor & 2-year-old Niko     Grandma Libby's Poem About Niko & Bees
Our family in Fall, 2000     Niko in the Season of Light, 2000     Aunt Ellie & Niko, 3    Our family, December 2001
Thanksgiving, November 2002     Libby on Mother's Day, May 2003
Grandparents Libby and Len with Niko, Spring 2003
Our solar electric home, Summer 2003
Raychel's nursing school graduation, November 2003
Our vegetable garden, May 2004     Our family in March, 2005    New grandson Tyler, March, 2005
Olive Tree Harvest, October, 2005     Our family in Winter 2005-2006
Family Reunion, July 2007     Baby Natalie Fay, July, 2008     Family Reunion, December 2008     Mike's Birthday 2008
Eleanor & Mike marry - 2009     (video)     (wedding page)     Mike & Eleanor's California Reception  (more photos)
San Diego Family Visit - April 2010     Niko's trip to Camp Grandpa     Libby & Len's Nigeria Journey
San Mateo Family Visit - November 2010     San Diego Family Visit - Niko at 13 - February 2011
Niko and Tyler at Grandma~Grandpa Camp - July 2011     San Diego Family Visit - December 2011
San Diego Family Visit - December 2013     Aunt Rene's 90th Birthday in La Jolla
San Diego Family Reunions - December 2015 & 2017
Tyler at 13 - 2018 Grandma-Grandpa San Francisco Weekend

Daughter Eleanor's blog -- "CREATIVE TIMES: For People Who Think Outside the Box"
VIDEO: Eleanor speaks on Blogging Technology for Building Relationships and Community
Son-in-law Mike Sorgatz: His artwork
Son Adam's editorial article about Opening Day of baseball
Adam's article: "A Guide to Kayak Fishing, Island-Style"
Niko speaks, surfs for 2011 sustainable industry documentary film -- Manufacturing Stoke.
New York Meetup -- Eleanor, Mike and Manufacturing Stoke
Niko Surfing (Dec 2013 - Surfer Magazine)
Adam's article -- Malibu Ocean Kayak: Riding History (Aug 2014)
by Adam -- North County Chefs’ Dinner (Feb 2015)
Seasickness - a 2015 short film with Niko Traubman
The Doll House of Eleanor Linn Traubman and Natalie Fay Traubman
Niko Surfing (2016)

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