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Food for the table and
the Middle East public peace process.

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Palestinian and Jewish Recipes for Peace
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A publishing first       100 pages       Illustrated
71 Recipes       25 Stories       18 Special Features       Well-indexed

Celebrating 12 years of sustained relationship building and community outreach
by the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group of San Mateo County, California

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Special recipes passed from generation to generation
in both Jewish and Palestinian families.
Our best recipes are not for "fast foods," but take time to prepare, allowing for special relationships to flourish in the kitchen and then around the table as families gather to enjoy their favorites. Having experienced that "an enemy is one whose story we have not heard," we can attest that sharing both food and personal stories are key elements to building sustained relationships, the missing part of the peace process.

Personal stories and photos of Palestinans and Jews in the Dialogue.
Short stories about Dialogue participants accompany the recipes, to delightfully illustrate and pass on to you and their children childhood memories of family and food while growing up. Narratives of these memories reveal the deep meaning of the dishes to the families in Dialogue, providing windows into the two cultures about how foods are similarly vital to celebrations, holidays, and identity for both peoples.

Inspiration and practical ideas for
the Middle East public peace process and daily living.
Special relationship-building features, how-to documents, and guidelines interspersed with inspiration throughout the book will amuse, motivate and inform you about the meaning and purpose of Dialogue at its best. Discover how to begin a Sustained Dialogue, and ideas for events, ceremonies, outreach to the public.

ISBN: 1-881529-68-1

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