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PEACEMAKERS: Palestinians & Jews Together at Camp
DVD - 83 minutes - 2007
Instructive - Inspiring

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VIEW Interviews of Campers and Staff (22 min)
VIEW CBS-TV news report (5 min)

vidcamp10.jpg - 71274 Bytes vidcamp02.jpg - 86313 Bytes vidcamp03.jpg - 72741 Bytes vidcamp11.jpg - 113432 Bytes         In September, 2005, 140 Jews, Muslims and Christians of all ages from North America and the Middle East live together in a resident camp in California -- Oseh Shalom ~ Sanea al-Salam Palestinian-Jewish Family Peacemakers Camp. They meet cautiously, learn to communicate, and share life together in new ways.
        With community and staff support, they eat, exchange life stories and values, confront difficult issues, study, sing, dance, recreate in nature, and experience ceremony together. Most participants change and grow closer.
        The film paints a picture of “enemies” building relatiionships with a new quality of listening, sharing life, grateful for nature and each other.
        Young and old campers transcend stereotypes to transform confrontation into collaboration and demonstrate what peaceful coexistence can and will look like.
        This DVD is the perfect tool to inspire others to break the ice, transcend stereotypes, and even create a camp-like program in one’s one community.

DVD provided and mailed free of charge
as a project of the
Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group of San Mateo County

To request the DVD, send your:
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Dialogue, 1448 Cedarwood Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403 USA

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