Learning to become closer, together

13 December 2014


"There is no them, once you know them." 

~ Dick Simon, Businessman, Global traveler

"People in communion liberate each other." 

~ Paolo Freire

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase."

~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 

    Civil rights leader, clergyman (1929 - 1968)

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Steps Toward Cooperation
with Science Training
STEP-GTP -- -- fosters sustainable, cooperative relationships by providing a shared educational experience to pairs of Israeli and Palestinian students in the same graduate program.
This STEP is Science Training Encouraging Peace.
Despite Holy Land violence, fear, and prejudice, this brave, effective activity -- worthy of your support -- has a waiting list of courageous students eager to learn together and become closer.
Visionary Director Dr. Allen Taylor receives e-mail at
VIEW the Palestinians and Jews:


Science Training Encouraging Peace - Graduate Training Program (STEP-GTP)

4-min video -- October 2014


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Stepping Across Water
with Social Media
The first Season of Light Three Continent Video Bridge -- -- took a step forward for the citizen-to-citizen public peace process.
ZOOM social media technology brought new power to citizen-driven conflict transformation and community building.

From 11 sites in Israel, Palestine, Ivory Coast, Bahrain, and California USA, diverse women and men relationship-builders intimately connected with home-to-home communication excellence.
During almost two hours, they met, spoke, and listened to one another for mutual learning and inspiration light.

Participants were part of the growing planetary family who succeed convening adversaries at the heart and mind to transform fear to familiarity, conflict to cooperation, enemies to creative partners.
The 40 on-screen Muslims, Jews, and Christians were from eight organizations.



United for Peace Against Conflict International


Hagar: Jewish-Arab Education for Equality

Hand in Hand Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel

Interfaith Encounter Association

Palestinian Peace Society

Parents Circle - Bereaved Families Forum

Sharing Life Stories & Music as Bridges


Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue


View PHOTOS --
Read INSTRUCTIONS for Zoom video-conferencing --

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Stepping Through Water
with Music


When it comes to communication, anything is possible

1-1/2 min video

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Stepping Into A Room
of Muslim & Jewish Women
The new Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom -- -- co-sponsored the history-making Muslim-Jewish Women's Conference this November, 2014.
More than 100 Muslim and Jewish women gathered at Temple University in Philadelphia on Sunday, November 2, 2014.

For the first time, a group of Muslim and Jewish women from all over the US gathered together to learn from each other, study together, build new friendships.
The women were of all ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and observance levels discovered their similarities -- all sisters of one God in pursuit of improving the world through personal engagement.
SEE PHOTOS and more:


Over 100 Muslim and Jewish Women Gathered Together to

Build Alliances and Confront Common Challenges


Similarly, Francie Wolff, an American Jewish woman in Missouri, has a passion for reaching out and dignifying the stories of both peoples.
This December 2014, she released to the world her new song of the stories she heard and people she met in Palestine and Israel.
Francie receives e-mail at


Oh, Ishmael

5-1/2 minute music video -- December 20142014

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