Tourism, Hummus, Religions, and Pins

for Loving One Another

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


"There are some things only governments can do, such as negotiating binding agreements. But

there are some things that only citizens outside government can do, such as

changing human relationships."

            ~ Dr. Harold Saunders, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State

               and Negotiator of the Camp David Accords

"Could we not allow ourselves the opportunity here and now to be together, to think together,

in a way that goes beyond the pain and fog that we traditionally carry around leading people

past that natural defenses into genuine contact with one another?"

            ~ William Isaacs

            in Dialogue: The Art of Thinking Together  (2008)

"The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating.

The paths are not to be found, but made. 

And the activity of making them changes both the maker and their destination."

            ~ Johnn Schaar

"We are all at once both a composition and a composer. 

We have the ability not only to compose the future of our own lives, but to

help compose the future of everyone around us and the communities in which we live.".

            ~ Maya Angelou

In the Holy Land and around Earth, war's killing, exploding, starving, and refugee creation cannot help us...or them.
No power-over, no technology, neither distance nor walls, can provide the security we desire.
Only love will succeed -- acts of goodwill, and ongoing human relationships and communication excellence beginning with a listening that inquires, dignifies, equalizes, familiarizes, and closes distances.

Here are some of today's initiatives of every-day citizens.
They  move people toward one another to change human relationships and compose the future.

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Creating Tourism
for Inclusiveness

Modern Holy Land citizen tour guides are becoming messengers of listening and empathy.
Contemporary travelers who hear various - sometimes conflicting - life stories from widely diverse people and neighborhoods are challenged to expand, to hear all the equally human voices as one. . .to see with empathy the larger story, Our Story.

With thousands of daily tourists comes hope for a rise in understanding, heart connection, and compassion that dignifies everyone and creates community.
Some of the cultural innovators are:


1.   Tour for Change

2.   Mejdi Tours

3.   Tiyul-Rihla-Trip

4.   Masa-Massar-Journey


These tourism opportunities are described at

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Creating Safe Space, Quality Hummus, and
Generous Incentives for Changing Relationships

During current, devastating Israeli-Palestinian violence, one hummus restaurant is not robbed of its imagination, participation, or generosity.
They are paying Jews and Arabs to sit down together for a meal.

On Oct. 13, Kobi Tzafrir, owner of the Humus Bar in a shopping mall in Kfar Vitkin, north of Tel Aviv, advertised a 50 percent discount to Jews and Arabs who eat together on his restaurant's Facebook page --


"Are you afraid of Arabs?

Are you afraid of Jews?

By us there are no Arabs, but also no Jews.

We have human beings!

And real excellent Arab hummus! And great Jewish falafel!"


His post was shared more than 2,000 times with over 8,000 likes, and news of the deal has made headlines around the world.
Business is up 20 percent.

Tzafrir, an Israeli Jew, is a latecomer to hummus and a true believer in its powers.
Growing up in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, he ate mostly packaged  hummus from the supermarket.

When he was about 20, he tried his first bowl of freshly ground chickpea paste, served hot, at an Arab restaurant and he became an evangelist.
"If you eat a good hummus, you will feel love from the person who made it," he says.
"You don't want to (harm) him."


Hummus Diplomacy: Israeli Cafe Discounts Meals Shared By Jews And Arabs

NPR - 23 October 2015

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Palestinian-Jewish Experiences
Inspiring the  Changing World's Religions

Hosted a resource booth for the Parliament of the World's Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah, to engage thousands of global faith-based citizens and gift how-to DVDs and other tools for communication success

Every five years the Parliament of the World's Religions gathers in one place nearly 10,000 citizens from all continents to cultivate face-to-face engagement and harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities.
The 2015 Parliament was in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.

Earlier meetings were in Melbourne (2009), Barcelona (2004), Cape Town (1999), and Chicago (1993).
In October, 2015, participants of the 23-year-old Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue -- --  traveled from California to create a resource booth for five days of mutual learning and exchanging life experiences.

The four person team engaged many hundreds of global travelers and gifted to attendees how-to, inspirational Dialogue guidelines and a thousand DVDs of its instructive documentary films.
Included on the team was Charles Obiorah Kwuelum, to represent the Dialogue's outreach into Nigeria, greater Africa, and all continents.

Palpable this year was the decline of "religion as a box" and increase of religions as paths "home" to one another and Earth.
Many wept and had renewed inspiration to see so many examples of successful, living relationships where they thought non existed.

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Creating Love Your Neighbor Buttons
for Changing Spirit

Carol Wolman, is a California physician and experienced psychiatrist who knows a lot about people -- relationship, reconciliation, and healing.
A few years ago, she was praying for the peace of Jerusalem, moved by Psalm 122:6 -- "Pray for peace for Jerusalem: May those who love you be at peace."

Carol -- unaccustomed to numinous experience -- then received a vision that Holy Land reconciliation will come only through "The Law of Love Your Neighbor."
She created a "Love Your Neighbor" button
in English, and now newly tri-lingual in Arabic, Hebrew, and English with generous translation help from Palestinians and Israeli Jews.

Carol writes: "It's my prayer that people all over the world will order and wear these, so that the love of our neighbors will replace the endless war and hatred now ruining the planet."
She describes the pins on her site --

To order pins for your community, go to Wacky Buttons --
Click on (1) Order then (2) Order By Design Code 5132919 -- the most popular in Arabic, Hebrew, and English.  The English-only pin is Design Code 1025346 . Usual pin sizes are 2-1/4", sometimes 3".

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