Citizen Relationship-Building Projects:

A Financial Need List

The purpose of this page is. . .
to help financial donors of small or large gifts seeking to discover worthy projects that urge Palestinian and Israeli citizens to communicate in Sustained Dialogue and cooperative endeavors, to begin changing the nature of their relationships. Included here are the most leading-edge, concrete, activities that model Jewish-Palestinian reconciliation and collaboration. Many are not recipients of traditional foundation funding so would benefit greatly from independent gifts. These people and their imaginative work illusrate what life will look like not far down the road. Most of these initiatives include people on both sides Green Line.

Please send your financial help to one or more of these creative, courageous projects.
You can inspire these innovative people and make a difference.

North American summer programs
for Palestinian and Israeli youth leadership training

Sustained relationship-building activities
described at the bottom of
and at

Additional endeavors
in over 600 success stories on the Web at

or simply Google "Jewish Palestinian Success"

Please phone us
for the most up-to-date suggestions

about gifting to exceptionally worthy, exemplary projects
of Jews and Palestinians cooperating to
create inspiring films, begin youth and family summer camps,
help students communicate across physical and emotional barriers
and much more.

Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group
1448 Cedarwood Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403
Voice: (650) 574-8303 -- Fax: (650) 573-1217

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