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The Traubman family resides in San Mateo, California. Len, a pediatric dentist, retired after 35 years in his practice of dentistry for children in San Francisco. Libby, a retired clinical social worker, was a trustee of the Foundation for Global Community - formerly Beyond War - which we helped launch in 1982. Libby and Len shepherd the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue, established in July 1992, whose principles of living together apply universally to relationships between diverse citizens and with Earth herself. Our children, Eleanor and Adam, in their mid-40s, have left the nest and married, and now we love three dear grandchildren.

[Building A Global Community]
[Dentistry for Children]
Building A Global Community Dentistry for Children

Creating a Culture of Connection in The Citizensí Century

2017 Commencement Address

Post-Election Community Engagement

In California's Severe Water Crisis
two steps reduce our home water use by 45%

Memorial Day
Mankind needs to end the wars
that have ended so many lives

By Lionel Traubman

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